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The Phase 1 of HCG is all good. You eat all the healthy fatty food and a lot of carb. I love this phase and would have continued it if it cold help me lose weight! But then the phase 2 is coming and you know that as much as I do. The Phase 2 diet program usually is 21 days. The first few days are the worst. You cannot seem to not thing about food. Food is on your mind all the time. Hungry! Always hungry! But then that time will pass. The 5th day to 10th day is usually slow. Its manageable (if you get there).

You are eating your 500 calories every day and you feel a bit of urge to eat sometimes but it can be easily controlled. This time is one of the best for me. You feel a lot normal. You want to eat when you see food. This is normal. It’s not so hard to control yourself, because you are now trained in the past 5 days. It cannot go bad for many people, but this is one phase where people cheat. Mind you, Cheating has its consequences. Apple day is not fun and you don’t want to eat just 6 apples a day with lot of water. I hate apples after the second time I cheated and would starve rather than cheat!

That one Pie, a piece of cake or an ice cream would be the spoiler and it usually happens during this time. The 5th to 10th day is sometimes a tester for most people. It’s more like “I know I am in control, So I can make the mistake and get away with it” mode.

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From the 10th day to the 15th, I find that most people don’t cheat. Its normal. You are satiated with what you eat and you don’t need to eat any more. Food doesn’t usually tempt you as much as it did the last few days. You have gotten over the fact that you can be lured with food. Nope! That doesn’t happen anymore. Unfortunately, for most people this is the time they tend to lose energy. You don’t feel like doing much. Your energy level Is way too down and you feel you cannot get up from bed. This is hard. And for most people, this would be the only reason to quit. It’s not the food, it’s not the craving, They are not tempted. It’s just that they are tired. Physically and mentally, the hcg diet could take a toll on you. But be sure that this phase will pass too. You will have the tired feeling for a few days, but then your body will know how to utilize the most of the food which is available to you and soon you will see a steady loss of weight. The 10th to 15th day is one of the best periods, when it comes to losing weight. Its effortless as long as you keep on with your daily schedule.

The last few days of HCG diet is the time when most people find it difficult to keep up with even the 500 Calories. You don’t like the food and usually feel a lot full. Your body is on hyper burn mode, but then it is also telling you that it can run with very little fuel. But if this happens, you would be out of the HCG diet in the next few days and will consume more than 500 calories. These will be stored up instead of being burned. This is the reason why people gain weight after the HCG diet.

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Its important that you stick on to the 500 calories. Going below 500 calories per day is starvation mode and this is not recommended. On the contrary this is really bad. The consequences could be anywhere between going really thin leading to other medical conditions (kidney stone, anybody!!!) . Focusing that you do indeed, consume your 500 calories throughout the entire hcg program and sticking to your 1200 Calories maintenance diet even after the program is key.

Failure to consume the 500 calories VLCD (very low calorie diet) during the program and the 1200 calories after the program usually will lead to people gaining more weight once they break the program or come across medical conditions, if they go below 500 calories for a long time.

The HCG diet program is a proven diet. Sticking to it is important and its very important that you maintain the minimum 500 calories. Do not go below 500 calories on any particular day.