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Best Weight Loss Product – XHCG Drops

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

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HCG Drops is a 100% natural formulation drop which is hormone free and non homeopathic. These drops are distributed in Australia and are very cost effective. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced from the cells of the placenta during pregnancy.


One of the best weight loss product available in market is XHCG Drops. This removes excess abnormal fat. If you follow the HCG diet plan properly, you can maintain a healthy look.

This hormone has weight-loss properties. The HCG Drops supplement makes use of the properties of this hormone but contains no hormone. It is used to lose weight by getting rid of excess fat. It is useful for overweight and obese people. This system works by removing only abnormal fat deposits. It does not affect regular body fat and muscle tissues. Since the XHCG supplement targets only the excess fat areas of the body, it does not make the people undergoing this weight loss program looking tired. The body instead, gets an attractive look.

All HCG products are manufactured in FDA registered and regulated facilities in the USA. They include only the best of the approved ingredients, extreme formulations, energy from B12, no hormones and are all natural.

It has B12 supplements to supply energy during the weight loss program. It helps maintain weight loss even after the program is over. HCG does not use HCG hormone in its formulation, since it is not permissible to sell this hormone in Australia without a prescription. It uses natural ingredients which has the same properties and acts exactly or better than the HCG hormone. This also reduces the cost of XHCG.

How XHCG Drops works

During the diet program, the HCG drops have to be taken thrice daily. There is also a recommended food restriction of 500 calories daily. The HCG drops suppresses the normal appetite. Additional energy is provided from the fat reserves of the body. Hence unlike regular diets, the muscle tissues remain unaffected. The HCG hormones, which are used for weight reduction require expensive daily injections with a doctor’s prescription whereas XHCG drops are easy to use and cost only a fraction of the HCG hormones.

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