Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes can really cause a drastic effect on your health let alone consuming it on your hcg diet. If you have the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, then this article is for you.

One of the common questions asked by many is if chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes can affect the hcg diet. While the original HCG diet created by Dr. Simeons does not say anything about smoking or chewing, it does say that the users should follow an organical diet by avoiding any artificially flavored foods that can hinder the diet except for Stevia.

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This has thrown everyone on a confused state whether you should incorporate chewing tobacco or smoking in their hcg diet. When you are taking a medication or in this a hormone, it is better to avoid such habits as you are really putting a risk on your health. However, we all know that it is an unhealthy habit and if you want to change to a better life it is better to give up.

So the real question should be ‘will chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes hinder weight loss’? You should consider two things at this moment, (a) have you stopped chewing tobacco or smoking tobacco before taking on the diet and (b) are you taking nicotine gum to compensate for the space that tobacco has left you. While stopping the former is a good sign and does not mess with your HCG diet, the latter can really interfere with your hCG diet. In fact, there are many users who have posted on a certain website page if they can have nicotine gum instead of chewing/smoking tobacco just to get the nicotine kick that can calm their senses. The only answer is nicotine gum contains sugar and carb additives that can play with your hCG diet and can slow down your weight loss.

There are many people who switch to nicotine patches. Nicotine patches are a good alternative and helps you to cut down a lot on smoking. As a matter of fact, many types of research show that people who use nicotine patch are likely to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. However, you need to note that the patches still have an amount of nicotine but in lesser quantities and absorb at a slower rate than smoking. But they are not at all addictive and can be very helpful to stop smoking. We, however, do recommend to stop smoking completely for better health results as there is no submitted report if nicotine patches can hinder weight loss when used with hcg drops or not.

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Bottom line, the answer to whether you can chew tobacco or smoke ciggy is still inconclusive. It is mainly because the original HCG diet does not give a flat-out answer to this query. However, logically, if you want to lose weight and maintain a good health, giving up tobacco can play an important factor to have good health. You canĀ Buy HCG online from a range of vendors today. Your choice isĀ unlimited.