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how to take hcg drops under the tongueHCG Drops work well when its put under the tongue. The Point here is not to get the HCG Digested. There is nothing better than getting the drops directly to the bloodline. If you were wondering how it would get directly into the bloodline, Think about chewing tobacco, Nicotine products etc. You don’t actually Swallow the tobacco in chewing tobacco.

The Tobacco is placed between your lips and your front teeth and the liquid does the job of getting into the bloodstream efficiently. Though many people do take in tobacco (as in consuming it), the effect is best when left between the lips. The same is the formula for HCG drops too.

The Drops are left under your tongue for a minute and if you are not comfortable swallowing it, feel free to spit it out. Consuming is considered a no waste solution and people find it hard to keep the solutions for more than a minute anyways with excess saliva deposit after a period of time.

Diet Drops Under Tongue?

It’s not just HCG but a range of other products are also put under the tongue. The under the tongue drops is derived from the homeopathic practice. The homeopathic medicines which have been approved fully by the FDA, By the way, is the diluted version of Allopathic medicine and is found to be very effective. In homeopathy, the drops are usually put under the tongue for the body to absorb the liquid directly through the tongue. Efficient and effective, The Drops under the tongue concept is prevalent among many other practices.

You can see that many diet drops under tongue process are coming up these days. For instead the Raspberry ketone diet drops are also used under the tongue.

Why Take HCG Under The Tongue?

It is not just the HCG but many other medicines are also taken under the tongue. The big question is WHY?
The area under the tongue and our cheeks are blessed with numerous capillaries on the mucus membrane that can get the absorbed fluid directly into the bloodstream. It is also absorbed faster.

All the medicines must ultimately reach the bloodstream to be taken to their target sites. But the usual route takes time. Moreover, it has to pass the digestive system and clash with the digestive enzymes and survive them too.
HCG is a hormone that must be in its shape and formula to do its duty. The best way is to deliver it directly to the blood. Since the best method of HCG shots is painful the next possible way is sublingual where there are the capillaries that can take the hormone directly.

This way the HCG stays intact gets faster to the sites and is also painless by all means. The HCG diet drops placed under the tongue is kept there for a while and allows it to be absorbed by the capillaries.

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How to take HCG drops under the tongue?

There are a few things you need to know before you take the HCG diet drops under the tongue.

  • It requires you to sit upright than standing or lying down. Also make sure that you have a few minutes to spare, at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Shake the HCG diet drops bottle well before each administration. Take the required quantity of liquid in the dropper that is provided.
  • Sit upright on a comfortable chair and place the required number of drops of the HCG diet drops under the tongue.
  • Sit in this position for 5-10 minutes. Tilt the head slightly forward so that the liquid is not ‘accidentally’ swallowed.
  • Wait for a good 5 minutes or extend it further to your limit or ideally until the liquid is completely absorbed by the capillaries.
  • Although many of the HCG diet drops bottle label mentions that the remaining liquid may be swallowed, there is no real use for this.
  • Do not drink or eat anything for the next 15-30 minutes. Even water is not allowed for the next few minutes. The traces of the liquid might still be under the tongue and it needs time to be absorbed completely. Why waste even a drop of HCG?

HCG Sublingual Vs HCG Injections

The HCG drops are taken sublingual. This is the easiest way of administration and painless as well. The other popular mode of HCG administration is HCG injections that are painful and has other drawbacks. But the best mode is the injections. Then why do people prefer the HCG drops over the injections? Obviously, the ease to consume and it comes ready to use.

The HCG drops are taken 3 times a day in smaller quantity while the HCG injections are once a day. The sublingual administration can allow only smaller quantity at a time to be effectively absorbed into the system.
While the HCG drops taken under the tongue delivers the HCG hormone into the bloodstream, the HCG injections deliver the hormone directly in the vicinity of the body fat making it much more effective.

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Pros & Cons Of Taking HCG Diet Drops Under The Tongue

The Pros

The advantages of taking the HCG diet drops sublingual is that it is easy to take. It is easier to count the drops than having to carefully mix the dried HCG with the water and then take required amount to inject AND to find the fatty muscle to take the shot.

HCG drops sublingual is easier and faster. It can be carried anywhere no matter where you do. You don’t have to carry the plethora of needles and other equipment not to mention finding a refrigerator to keep the HCG vial.

The Cons

The disadvantages of HCG diet drops sublingual is that it must be taken 3 times a day. Once a day will not do as the quantity is very less each time. If you happen to forget one dose, it might be difficult later.

HCG injections are the far better option than HCG diet drops when it comes to the purity of the HCG. HCG is the purest with the pharmaceutical grade HCG injections.

Chances are that the HCG drops dropped under the tongue is not completely absorbed and are swallowed later. It makes the HCG go waste. With the injections, there is no fear of this and the HCG is completely utilized into the body.

The Conclusion

Like all other matters, the HCG diet drops taking under the tongue has its ups and downs. But none of the down factors seems to make the customers away from it. They still love it and like to continue with its use as they are equally effective in helping with weight loss. When taken in the right manner HCG diet drops under the tongue is as effective as the HCG shots.