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What is an Apple day on hcg diet? There are times in your hcg diet where you stall. The professionals call it a weight loss plateau. If you do not lose weight for up to six days consistently while on a diet and if you have not cheated, it would be considered a plateau. It usually means that you are not losing any weight. There could be a range of reasons for this to happen.

It could mean that your diet is not working now as it used to. Your body is absorbing more water (as you are on a diet, you are on limited carbs, protein and no fat). The only logical ingredient your body is absorbing to maintain the weight would be water than it used to before to maintain the Body mass.
While on a diet, if you are hit by a plateau, chances are you feel down. You are morally and emotionally let down. You don’t want to go further on the diet because you think its not working. Chances are that the diet needs a tweak and that’s when an apple day comes in. An Apple day usually starts at noon. You have your normal HCG breakfast but skip lunch and dinner altogether and also the next day’s breakfast. You can fill in the lunch, dinner and the next day’s breakfast with 6-7 medium sized apples. The key here is that you drink very less water. 85% of the apple is water already and there is little reason why you would feel thirsty anyways. If you do feel thirsty, you are allowed a sip at a time and not more. Unlike the other hcg days, an apple day will limit you to the amount of water you consume.

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How Does The Apple Day Work On HCG Diet?

While on an apple day, you are limiting your water content. The fact that you will see your weighing scale move after a few days stall is because you have lost water over the past 24 hours. You are dehydrating yourself. Though this may not sound healthy, it is helpful in two ways.

  1. It’s a morale booster. People see that they lose weight and continue with the diet again.
  2. You are losing water which was retained, which was (probably) due to your high sodium level. You don’t lose anything. Instead you feel much lighter.

Sodium level could be one of the few reasons to water retention in your body. Apples have no sodium in it. You could have had a banana day or a strawberry day but most fruits have sodium levels which are considerably higher than apples. Also, apples are low in calorie, high in fiber and contains enough water to keep you going without drinking extra water.

How Much Weight Will I Lose After HCG Apple Day

The results of a HCG apple day vary from person to person. While some people see a notable difference of up to 3 pounds loss in a day, there are others who see half a pound in difference. It depends on how much water is retained in your body and has nothing to do with the amount of fat.

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How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Apple Day HCG?

Again, this varies from person to person. If your body contains more water and if you are suffering from water retention, your body may lose up to 1 pounds of water in a day. Considering your activity levels it may go lower or higher. There are times when you lose up to 3 pounds in an apple day and that is if you are having a very hot day or if you have worked out (walking, climbing stairs and sweating out normally counts as workout on a hcg diet) over the day. There are some people who have lost less than a pound. It’s rarely noted that a person does not lose any weight at all on an apple day.

How Many Apples Can You Eat On HCG Apple Day?

6-7 medium sized apples are allowed over a 24 hour period. It’s not the number of apples that count (though you are not to exceed 7) but the amount of water you drink that matters. Limiting the quantity of water you drink will make all the difference in your hcg diet.

Before We Part…

So, you did cheat and you want to make it up with an apple day. While most of the specialists online will not recommend an apple day after you cheat, there are times when you would want to do it. If you cheat, you are jeopardizing the entire diet system. You may stall, increase weight the next day or nothing happens at all. Before you go on an apple day make sure that you have indeed hit the plateau. Cheating on the first few days of your diet is a strict no and if you did cheat, then you need to do everything in your control to correct the situation.

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