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Triumph HCG by HCG Diet

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About Triumph HCG Diet Drops

Triumph HCG Diet Drops are simple, efficient and a long-lasting method to lose weight. It is designed to provide you with a firsthand weight loss experience through the power of human chorionic gonadotropin. Other ingredients added in this formula include Tyrosine, Arginine, Phosphatase, L carnitine, and Lysine.  All these components are highly effective and are known to speed up the weight loss and fat burning process.

Triumph HCG Diet Drops benefits

  •    Firstly, with the help of this diet supplement, you can get back into shape easily.
  •    HCG Diet Drops is a safe and a natural method to lose weight.
  •    It helps you to attain the ideal body weight.
  •    Burns more calories and fats.
  •    This supplement is approved by FDA and equally the quality of the formula is proven.
  •    You can lose the unavoidable weight by following the different diet plans (which comes with the formula).
  •    Besides, the individuals suffering from thyroid have found the product very useful.
  •    The drops target the extra fat and help you attain the right weight.
  •    It makes use of the hormones that are artificially produced in the laboratory and also helps the excess fat to break down easily.
  •    This formula can help you to overcome your unhealthy eating habits. However, your cravings for unhealthy food will be automatically reduced.
  •    It is a free caffeine free product.
  •    Natural and safe for both men and women.
  •    With less time at the gym, you can shed kilos permanently.

Triumph HCG Diet Drops dosage

It is advised to place 8 to 10 drops under the tongue 3 times per day. Allow five minutes to absorb. Remember that not to drink for ten to fifteen minutes before or after taking these drops.

Triumph HCG Diet Drops precautions

  •    Consult your health expert before this product, in the case of pregnancy or nursing.
  •    Store them in a cool, dry place.
  •    Do not use if tamper resistant seal is broken.
  •    Keep out of reach of children.

Triumph HCG Diet Drops ingredients

  •    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  •    L-Carnitine
  •    Calcatea Carbonica
  •    Arginine
  •    Phenylalanine
  •    Tyrosine
  •    Glycine
  •    Phosphorus
  •    Ornithine
  •    Ammonium Carbonica

Inactive ingredients include

  • USP Purified water,
  • USP Kosher Grain alcohol (20 % by volume).

Triumph HCG

  • Drops
  • Hormone & Hormone free option
  • Free delivery
  • Buy One Get one Free
  • deit plan and support


L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is a popular amino acid that is favorite amongst the bodybuilders. They love this amino acid for its ability to metabolize the fatty acids and use them to produce energy. Besides, Carnitine also has anabolic features which help in building up the healthy mass. Another major benefit is that it lowers blood cholesterol levels, protects your heart and vessels and reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Arginine: Increases the level of muscle nutrition, takes part in cell division process, stimulates the healing of wounds and helps at eliminating the bodily waste products.

Ornithine: Plays an important role in the process of bodily wastes excretion. Equally, stimulates your immune system, lessens possible fatigue, lowers stress and enhances the quality of sleep.

Calcatea Carbonica: This is a homeopathic ingredient, made from the seashells. It is well known for its ability to boost metabolism and stimulate the immune system.

Ammonium Carbonica: Promotes extra energy and helps your immune system to deal more effectively.

USP Purified water, USP Kosher Grain alcohol: These ingredients serve as a base that binds together with all other components.

How does Triumph HCG Diet Drop for weight loss works? – Is the product effective?

There are three kinds of fats present in the body namely the structured fat (fat located between the organs and the bones), normal fat (fat is seen all over the body) and the abnormal fat (stored fat resulting in obesity). Triumph HCG Diet Drops will trigger hypothalamus to instruct the fat to come out from its storing location. This kind of hypothalamus activity allows your body to release thousands of calories per day. It helps at releasing the stubborn fat and resets the metabolism in the body. This is the reason why individuals lose 1 to 2 lbs of weight each day using this HCG diet solution.

Components present in the Triumph HCG kit include

  •    First of all, a supply of the HCG diet drops for the period availed.
  •    Essential vitamin B12 complex to supply nutrition to your body.
  •    HCG diet manual for knowing what you can or cannot eat.
  •  HCG diet protocol which is beneficial to follow the right schedule of the program.
  •    Recipes to cook the meals conforming to the diet.
  •    Tips to get accustomed to the program.

Types of Triumph HCG Diet Drops

  •    HCG Triumph 26 Kit – up to 25 lbs
  •    HCG Triumph 40 Kit – up to 45 lbs
  •    HCG Triumph Refill – Additional Rounds

Triumph HCG Diet Drops side effects

So far, there are no side effects associated with this formula. Equally, this Triumph HCG Diet Drops contains no caffeine content, which is another advantage for people who are highly allergic to stimulants.

HCG Triumph 26 Kit

This is a hormone-based formula that helps you to lose 25 pounds. It follows the protocol scheduled for 26 days of intake of hormones.

  •    Includes 1 Ounce HCG Diet Drops Blue (good for 26-day supply)
  •    Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex
  •    Oral syringe
  •    Measuring Tape
  •    Official HCG Triumph Guidebook

HCG Triumph 40 Kit

This 20 kit is similar to Triumph 26. But it is specially designed for people who are committed to a long-term weight loss plan.

  •    2 Ounce HCG Diet Drops (good for 52 days)
  •    Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex
  •    Oral Syringe
  •    Official HCG Triumph Guide Book
  •    Measuring tape

Triumph HCG

  • Drops
  • Hormone & Hormone free option
  • Free delivery
  • Buy One Get one Free
  • deit plan and support

Triumph HCG Diet Drops Pros and Cons


  •    With the help of this product, you can experience the fastest belly loss of your life.
  •    The included HCG hormone only unleashes its full power when the dieters stick with a very specific low-calorie diet.
  •    These drops are completely safe and will keep your body at its peak health.
  •    Offers great weight loss results.
  •    Helps the users lose weight with an incredible speed.


  •    This is not a miracle cure.
  •    You have to wait for a week or two to view the results.

HCG Diet Drops v/s HCG injections

HCG Diet Drops are an easier method of getting this hormone in the body. It helps the HCG component to absorb quickly into the bloodstream and supports the real function of weight loss. While the biggest disadvantage of injections is that it is difficult to be accurate. Often, people who choose to inject themselves may have the problem of where to inject exactly. Moreover, HCG injections can have some side effects due to the usage of the needle, like irritation or bruise at the injection site.


Triumph HCG Diet Drops reviews

Triumph HCG Diet Drops is one of the best weight loss solutions available in the market. The customers rating are quite high for this product. Individuals who have used this product have recorded a rapid weight loss. Some customers are saying that it helps them to lose up to 2 lbs every day. Overall, there are 91 % customer rating available online and is highly popular in many news and TV networks.

My personal experience

I was quite impressed by the results obtained. This formula attacks the abnormal fat, stored in the body. I have lost 17 pounds in 21 days, then 4 more during the 4th week. It was unbelievable! My arm sleeves became looser and also my clothes were too big…

“I had tried everything to lose the weight after my pregnancy. But was completely unsuccessful. Then my mom and sister recommended this HCG Diet Drops. After having them I am back to my size again. It has done wonders on me. Love it…”

“I began my journey at 347 and was able to lose around 28 lbs.”

“Met with a big success! I have lost 10 lbs in 10 days.”

“Thank you, HCG drops. I got a huge success in using this product. Also, it has made my blood pressure down. Now I am, recommending this to all my friends.”

Where to buy Triumph HCG Diet Drops? – Triumph HCG Diet Drops for sale

You can buy these drops from its official website at It is available at a cheaper rate with many discount and coupon offers. Further, you may look into their website for more information on this weight loss solution.

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Are you in search of an effective weight loss remedy? Do you wish to lose your extra pounds? Then, Triumph HCG Diet Drops is an ultimate product for weight loss…

Weight loss was a frustrating journey for me. I was dealing with obesity and wasn’t happy at all. So, on February 2nd, I began a 4-week journey for weight loss. I had a year of exercising, running, regular gym classes and counting calories. But, it couldn’t give those magical results. Meanwhile, my health care professional kept me reminding to give it time, slow and steady… Finally, I decided that I needed a kick start to get some real results. So, I asked on my Facebook page if anyone had tried any quick weight loss supplements and that’s where I got an answer on HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone) Triumph diet drops.

Triumph HCG drops are oral drops, made from the key bioactive components. It is a safe hormone therapy for the treatment of obesity in many patients, which works by stimulating the hypothalamus to induce the release of the stored fats present in the body. Further, read on to learn more on Triumph HCG Diet Drops Reviews. Check out, other major details like how it works, ingredients, dosage, benefits, side effects and much more…

Triumph HCG Diet Drops Amazon

Yes, Triumph diet drops (40-day kit) is available at popular online destinations like Amazon. The formula has worked for most of the users and thus they have rated it with 3 stars out of 5.

Triumph HCG Diet Drops – Frequently asked questions

I was gaining more and more weight. After using this Triumph drops, I have started feeling empty as the fat cells have gone.

Can I take this product when I am having the birth control pills?

Triumph HCG drops have not been shown to interfere with the birth control pills. But, it would be good that you consult a doctor before having them.

Who can use these drops?

The formula can be used by both males and females. There are no age restrictions. But, you should avoid them if you are pregnant or nursing.

Do Triumph HCG drops work for me?

Yes, of course. It can be really beneficial for you if you use them according to the right instructions guided by the physician or the manufacturer. Further, you may check into many reviews on this product, mentioned at various other sites.


In conclusion, Triumph HCG Diet Drops is a great supplement which can help you stay away from serious health issues like obesity, coronary disease, and diabetes. Overall it’s good for leading a healthy, fit life. So, try them at the earliest and see the magical results within a short period of time…
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Good luck on your weight loss journey