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For those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively won’t find a better product than Trim Contour HCG Drops.

Get slim and toned body with Trim Contour HCG Drops that will offer you great weight loss results. Read on to know more about Trim Contour HCG Drops, ingredients, side effects and much more.

What is Trim Contour HCG Drops for weight loss?

Based on her own weight loss struggle, Trim Contour owner Deirdre Stephens created weight loss supplement – Trim Contour HCG Drops and other supplements.

Weight gain or obesity can not only be a physical but emotional turmoil as well. Statistics has it that obese and depression are two of the common health problems in the USA.

Using HCG drops in conjunction with Very Low-Calorie Diet (800 calories) can deliver you weight loss results. It also gives you the control to indulge in emotional binge and enlighten you on how food can impact you emotionally.

With VLCD program and Trim Contour HCG Drops, you can manage to change your dietary lifestyle and improve your overall health risks dramatically.

Manufactured in the USA, Trim Contour HCG Drops are available at your nearby physician. A clinically tested and formulated product, it has undergone good QC that has deemed it safe and powerfully potent to give you impeccable results.

How does Trim Contour HCG Drops really work?

Trim Contour HCG Drops comes with real HCG hormone that will help you get rid of abnormal fat seen in particular body areas such as thighs, arms, stomach etc.

If you have tried everything from exercise to crash diets to weight loss supplement powders, then Trim Contour HCG Drops is best recommended. Manufactured using real HCG hormone derived from pregnant women, the product will utilize all the excess fat in the body and convert them to energy.

It breaks down the excess fat, boosts the metabolism which in turn gives you the energy to keep you through the day. As a result, you will feel less hungry even in low calories. HCG also works on the hypothalamus in making you feel fuller even with small amounts of food.

You will not only feel satiated but also feel more refreshed and in control of your emotions and willpower in eliminating unhealthy foods.

Choose the diet program which works for you and kick-starts your weight loss journey.

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Trim Contour HCG Liquid Drops for Weight Loss ingredients & benefits

Stating the obvious, the key ingredient is HCG hormone that is potent and powerful. It converts the chubby fat without losing the muscle mass. Within a week, you will start seeing weight loss results in the body.

HCG hormone has many benefits on the body which include –

  • Promotes even weight loss
  • Boosts the energy levels
  • Is safe and effective on the body
  • Easy to use sublingual HCG drops
  • Will lost up to 0.5-1 lb a day
  • Cheaper than HCG injections
  • Comes with real HCG hormone
  • Gets absorbed in the body easily

Trim Contour HCG Drops dosage

Trim Contour HCG Drops dosage varies from individual to individual. It can be personalized as per your weight loss plan after consultation with a physician.

Trim Contour HCG Drops side effects

Trim Contour HCG Drops seems to be a safe product that works without side effects. However, being a weight loss supplement, you cannot completely ignore the possibility of side effects.

Possible side effects of HCG include –

  • Nausea combined with vomiting or diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Irritative behavior
  • Headaches

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Trim Contour HCG Drops reviews

The only reviews available for Trim Contour HCG Drops are available on the official website. There are before and after pictures of Trim Contour HCG Drops with people reporting weight loss after using HCG drops.

There are no Trim Contour Diet Reviews anywhere else.

Where to buy Trim Contour HCG Drops

The product is available at local HCG clinics near you. You can contact Trim Contour HCG Drops customer care at (877) 446-5803 or email them at

As per manufacturer’s claim, Trim Contour HCG Drops is available at literally every physician in the USA.

You can also use the “contact form” through which the Trim Contour customer support will contact you about the nearest HCG clinic who offer Trim Contour HCG Drops.

Other products of Trim Contour

  • HCG Weight loss gel – as in the name, Trim Contour weight loss gel needs to be applied to the chubby areas while following the VLCD program. This is a new concept that works by breaking down the fat tissues and meet the energy requirements of the body to boost weight loss.
  • HCG weight loss Cream – you need to apply HCG weight loss cream on the fat layers of the skin to stimulate weight loss. Make sure to follow the recommended diet of 800 calories to lose weight effectively.

Trim Contour Vitamins

Trim Contour Vitamin Capsules can be used in sync with HCG drops that helps in fighting any nutritional deficiency during the weight loss. You can also use it outside the HCG program.

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, regular use will give you healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trim Contour HCG drops


  • Boosts energy levels
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Increases the stamina and builds endurance
  • Curbs unwanted hunger pangs
  • Comes with Real HCG Hormone
  • Keeps you active and energetic
  • Stimulates weight loss by utilizing all the existing fat from the body
  • Available at any physician near you
  • No side effects reported so far


  • No consumer reviews available online (except for images on the official website)
  • Ingredients are not available on the label

The Final Verdict

Trim Contour HCG Drops is a genuine product that delivers weight loss results. The diet is an absolute must which will give you great results. The ingredients and the details are available at doctor’s office. You can also contact the customer support which will help you in clarifying any queries. Trim Contour is not a scam company as it is located in Irvine, CA. So if you are skeptical, you can just visit the office and find out the details yourself.

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