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Trileana’s HCG weight loss drops claims to be one of the advanced and reliable weight loss solutions in the market today. The company offers real HCG hormone drops in various clinics all over the USA. If you are looking to lose weight with Trileana’s HCG liquid drops, then know how it works for you before you buy.

What is Trileana’s HCG liquid drops?

Trileana’s HCG liquid drops are manufactured by Global Weight Loss Services with its headquarters located in Irvine, California. The company offers real HCG hormone drops to various HCG clinics in the US.

There are other products such as Trileana weight loss gel and weight loss cream but we will be focusing only on HCG drops in this article.

Trileana’s HCG liquid drops are among many other US HCG brands in the market that claim to offer real weight loss results. But is it really worth the money?

The biggest advantage of Trileana’s HCG liquid drops is the fact that it is prescription-based. Prescription HCG drops is definitely effective than HCG-free weight loss drops that give you basically no results. If you are obese and planning to lose a lot of weight, then Trileana’s HCG liquid drops will definitely help you in cutting out that chubby fat from the body.

How do Trileana’s HCG liquid drops really work?

Just like any other prescription-based HCG sublingual drops, Trileana’s HCG works in conjunction with the HCG diet program. You need to follow 500 calorie diet program with Trileana for optimum results.

HCG targets the chubby areas where fat deposits. It uses this fat and converts it to metabolism. This, when combined with the 500 calories, make up the energy level that will keep you active throughout the day.

You can work out the calorie restriction with your medical practitioner. For instance, if you are an active person who tends to travel a lot, then you may need more calories (say 1200-1500). If you are a regular office-goer such as IT developer, then 500 calories diet is sufficient for you.

Unlike what many think, HCG drops can be used by both men and women for losing weight. When you follow proper instructions that come with Trileana’s HCG liquid drops, you will lose 0.5-1 lb a day.

As per manufacturer’s claims, there are many positive reviews received from the dieters. There are thousands of clinics who have seen dieters use Trileana’s HCG sublingual drops and get faster and effective results.

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What are the ingredients of Trileana’s HCG liquid drops?

The company uses real HCG hormone derived from pregnant woman’s bodily fluid. This makes the product highly potent and powerful. Trileana’s HCG weight loss drops have been well-researched and carefully formulated. It has also undergone several tests and QC before being delivered to consumers.

Benefits of Trileana’s HCG liquid drops

  • Trileana offers you real and genuine HCG drops which include the following benefits.Will promote healthy weight loss
  • Control the hunger pangs
  • Boost the energy levels
  • Keeps you active all through the day
  • Helps you achieve your weight loss quickly

What is the dosage of Trileana’s HCG liquid drops?

Work out a dosage by consulting with your medical practitioner. It all comes down to how the body works, the pounds you want to lose, and the diet program package the company offers. For instance, if you have less than 15 lbs to lose, you can go for the 21-day program.

Side effects of Trileana’s HCG liquid drops

Being available only at HCG clinics, there are no side effects reported or available online. However, being an HCG hormone, we cannot ignore the possible side effects. While some may feel any side effects, others may not.

  • Headaches
  • Nausea with vomiting and diarrhea
  • Irritative mood behavior
  • Increased hunger levels
  • Weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness

Note that these are common side effects are usually fade away once the body is accustomed to a low-calorie diet and HCG drops.

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Trileana’s HCG liquid drops Reviews

Since the product is available at HCG clinics, there are no reviews available. Though the company says that there are thousands of satisfied customers, there is not much available online to corroborate this fact.

However, one user who is taking Trileana’s HCG liquid drops reported that she takes .25 a dropper and do not see any ingredients, dose of HCG in the bottle. This can be frustrating to the consumer if he/she is not aware of what they are using in their body. The user also claims that she felt irritated only for a few hours of HCG and then she would feel “crappy” and irritated.

That being said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Trileana’s HCG liquid drops.


  • Helps you lose weight easily
  • Carefully formulated and well-researched weight loss drops
  • Doesn’t have much side effects
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Alleviates hunger pangs
  • Keeps the mood level active and positive


  • No reviews or user testimonials available online
  • Possible side effects cannot be ignored
  • Available at HCG clinics only
  • Price not mentioned
  • Not much information available at the official website
  • Ingredients label (in the bottle) does not mention the complete ingredients (nor is it available on the official website)
  • Frequent tour to HCG clinics is expensive than the online purchase

What is the cost of Trileana HCG Liquid drops?

The price of Trileana’s HCG drops (and other products) is not mentioned online.

What is the customer support phone number of Trileana?

You can contact Trileana at (877) 446-5803

Where to buy Trileana HCG drops online?

Trileana’s HCG Liquid drops are available at HCG clinics only and can be purchased only after a prescription from a licensed physician.

Trileana Vs. Releana HCG Drops – Which is the best?

The main advantage of choosing Releana is that the HCG drops are available only. There are two HCG programs which you can choose based on the pounds that you want to lose. The price of Releana HCG drops is expensive but overall worth since you can save a lot on HCG physicians. You will be also saving a lot of time and energy from frequent visits.

Releana offers online medical practitioners who will review your medical history and consider if you are fit to undergo the HCG diet or not. They are licensed medical practitioners who will guide you at every step.

The main factor that makes Releana stand out from Trileana is that it is the only patented Sublingual HCG weight loss drops available in the US. In fact, clinical studies show that people who undergo low-calorie diet will lose 28% more weight than those on placebo diet alone.

There are user testimonials available online which makes it easier for anyone across the country to check what other HCG dieters have to say.

What we Recommend

With technology being so advanced that everything available online, why visit HCG clinic to lose weight? There are many US brands that offer real HCG hormone drops manufactured at an FDA-registered facility. One such product is Nuimage Medical that offers prescription-based HCG drops at a better price. The customer testimonials are excellent and we assure you that you will only benefit with this product.


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