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SlimLife was one of the first companies that offered the HCG diet drops for weight loss. They share the similar status of the African Mango pills as well. The HCG and the African mango extracts have been the rage as natural weight loss agents.

The SlimLife HCG Drops And Other Products

SlimLife offers HCG drops and other supportive products as part of the weight loss program. There is the HCG drops for the weight loss period, maintenance drops that keep the fat away during the maintenance phase that comes right after the weight loss-HCG diet period. Then there are the other supportive weight loss supplements like Africa Mango extract, diet shakes, and the fat burner products which can be part of the HCG weight loss program.

Slimlife HCG Drops contains HCG and other proprietary ingredients that cause fat burning and thus weight loss per day. This is to be used for the Phase 2 of the diet program where the calorie intake is only 500 calories.

Slimlife HCG Maintenance Drops is for the maintenance phase where the body weight is maintained for 3-4 weeks. These drops contain certain ingredients that can keep the fat off and steady the body weight.

The African mango extract keeps the calories off and maintains or help lose weight easily.

The fat burner is a thermionic fat burner that increases the core temperature of the body. This increase causes a rise in the metabolism that enables to burn more amount of fat in a shorter period.

The Diet shake is low sodium and contains no additives to sabotage the weight loss program. It contains only 050 calories per serving, use it as a meal replacement or as a snack.

All of these products come in a bottle or container that lasts for 30 days of use. The diet shake is an exception that is for only 14 servings.

SlimLife HCG Drops Ingredients

The Slimlife HCG drops reviews say that they are prepared using the proper protocol to prepare HCG drops.

Slimlife HCG drops contain –

  • HCG, L-Arginine,
  • L-Carnitine,
  • L-Ornithine,
  • L-Lysine,
  • Vitamin B12,
  • Magnesium Phos. Cell salts,
  • Nat-Phos. Cell Salts.

Slimlife HCG and Triumph Hcg have the highest concentration of homeopathic HCG in the market.

Slim life HCG drops contain the vitamin B12, 4 amino acids, and cell salts that will help sustain your bodily functions during the HCG diet. The ingredients have different functions.

The L-Arginine in Slimlife HCG drops help to strengthen the body’s immune system. L-Carnitine will help to carry fatty acids into the mitochondria to be converted into energy. L-Ornithine in the Slimlife HCG drops help to build muscle and to reduce excess body fat. L-Lysine can convert the fatty acids into energy. It is also an essential amino acid for the formation of many protein chains and hormones.

The vitamin B12 is an energy booster that increases the metabolic rate. The fat metabolism is increased that releases much energy molecules to have the body feel like bursting with energy. Without enough vitamin B12 the HCG is not as successful as it can be.

Triumph HCG

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Magnesium phosphate is a cell salt in the Slimlife HCG drops which is found in the brain, spinal cord, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, heart, liver, lungs, spleen, nerve and muscle cells. The Magnesium Phosphate can regulate the involuntary activity of the cells. The muscles, nerves, and bones are strengthened by this.

Natrum Phosphate is a cleanser or detoxifier that assists in the elimination of the toxins released from the fat cells. This helps in faster fat burning and weight loss. It is also helpful for the proper functioning of the liver. It is also useful to maintain the pH balance of the body and increases the digestion and metabolism. The best part is that it is a huge success with fluid retention which is a major problem for many. The fluid retention stalls the weight loss process.

SlimLife HCG Drops Dosage

Daily, take about 1 ml of the Slimlife HCG drops which would amount to about 36 drops. Slimlife HCG drops must be taken under the tongue. Drop in the required number of drops and keep it there for a while. The HCG drops are not supposed to swallow.

This can supply you for 30 days. The recommended dosage of HCG has to be taken to get the best results. The Slimlife HCG drops is not recommended for women during pregnancy as HCG would already be present in the body and it would just disrupt the HCG count.

Do not eat or drink anything 20 minutes before or after taking the HCG drops. Brushing the teeth should also be done prior to this time period. The mint in the toothpaste can reduce the effects of HCG.

Slimlife HCG Drops Diet Protocol

The protocol in the Slimlife HCG drops diet plan is a must if you want to lose weight as you are reducing the extra input of calories to burn away the existing calories. The Slimlife HCG drops will directly release the stored fat into the bloodstream and this will burn up as energy.

The Slimlife HCG drops reviews say that regulating the intake of calories will help hold back further fat build up and thus fat will be prevented from depositing in the body.

What Do You Get With Slimlife HCG Drops

Slimlife HCG drops can help you lose 1 o 2 pounds per day! You get the product shipped on the same day if you place an order before 5 pm. When you order Slimlife HCG drops in the member’s area download, you get a full diet instruction manual, 130 HCG delicious recipes eBook, Plateau breakers eBook, Daily calorie calculator, HCG diet shopping list, and a Daily diet tracking sheet.

The Conclusion

Slimlife HCG Drops is an effective natural way to lose weight. It does not have any side effects as like the injections. The lack of enough supportive information has been a problem with this product that it does not reach the customers as it should be. The dosage of the HCG taken is the same as the injections- 150 iu. The money back guarantee by the company is also an added advantage. It does not cost you much so there is no harm in trying it.