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What does it mean by 100% Pure HCG? 100% Real HCG means pure, legit, authentic, and original HCG. Pure HCG drops is different from the diluted and re-diluted HCG drops found in some of the HCG products that will have no effect on anyone and will just leave the person feeling dumb and with a uselessly empty stomach.

Knowing the fact that there is plenty of HCG drops available in the market today, it is essential that as a buyer or a user, you need to have a clear cut idea of what Pure HCG drops or Non homeopathic and Homeopathic HCG drops are.

When buying HCG for weight loss or for any other purpose, it is highly recommended that you buy it from HCG manufacturers within United States. This is mainly because of the strict guidelines that U.S. manufacturers should follow in providing a 100% real HCG product.

Low quality HCG drops do not contain pure HCG and consuming it causes various side effects. So it is important to choose HCG drops by knowing its ingredients, for eg: A pure HCG must contain at least 4500 IUs of HCG hormone for a 30 day cycle. Some of the best HCG drops available in the market include Nu Image HCG, HCG Complex etc.

Features of Pure HCG Drops

Pure HCG drops is the HCG that contains actual HCG hormone with proven results. Many other benefits of HCG Drops are mentioned below:

  • It contains Pure authentic HCG hormone
  • Highly potent HCG Drops
  • Pain free solution
  • No doctor visit required
  • Affordable pricing
  • Effective dosage
  • Proven results

The role of HCG hormone is that it works with the hypothalamus in the brain to regulate carvings, metabolism and energy. HCG drops is one of the effective solutions for rapid weight loss as it offers a painless, convenient and fast way to shed large pounds of weight in a short time period.

The Pure HCG drops program works in a simple and unique way. It targets the root cause of obesity unlike other HCG options that attacks the symptoms of obesity leading to artificially enhance your energy levels. It also boosts your metabolism and reduces appetite through straight biochemical reactions with the brain. This exclusive attribute is found only while using this hormone. It is to be taken daily on regular basis and experience miracle by losing weight.

The Different types of Pure HCG drops

Only once you come to know the differences between Pure HCG drops and non homeopathic HCG drops, you can select which diet to follow. This will also help you to understand which HCG drop you need to buy as each requires different diet. What HCG drops do is that it reaches into all the unwanted packets of troublesome fat packed in our body and breaks it up for energy.

Pharmaceutical HCG is one of the purest forms of HCG available and it works effectively in women and men. There are a few things to be followed by the person undergoing the diet and that includes compiling a very low calorie diet which would mean around 500 calories per day. This may sound impossible to many but it is made very much possible by the Pure HCG drops. You can lose up to 1 pound a day (not Spam, it actually happens). As long as you are careful, there will be no side-effects.

Homeopathic HCG drops can be purchased online. Though most of the HCG drops are homeopathic, non homeopathic Pure HCG drops too are available. Both homeopathic and non homeopathic HCG drops are available for sale online. The best place to buy homeopathic HCG drops is online. Alcohol free HCG drops are also available in the market. Customers should look for 100% pure and authentic HCG drops which are of good quality.

When you compare both of the pure HCG drops and non-homeopathic HCG drops, it is evident that HCG drops and not homeopathy drops have been showing more effective results. Before buying them, double check whether they are authentic, original and 100% pure and that too make sure, the HCG drops that you buy are manufactured within US.

Remember that only HCG drops are legal, as non- homeopathic HCG drops are banned in US. And another point to keep in mind is that do not buy HCG Drops from any other country except US as HCG from other countries is considered to be illegal and might carry infection.

The important points to look for before buying 100% Pure HCG drops

  • 100% Pure HCG means pharmaceutical grade HCG
  • HCG manufactures should be from United States
  • HCG manufactures should follow the guidelines by the cGMP (current good manufacturing policies)
  • The manufacturing process of HCG should be approved by FDA.
  • 100% Pure HCG with a strong, dedicated, and strict HCG diet always gives the best results for weight loss.

First, we will discuss about homeopathic HCG drops. Homeopathic HCG drops are HCG drops that are diluted between 60-120 times for consumption. The manufacturers say that homeopathic HCG are an extracted form of the drop, but how far does it contain the actual hormone is a big question.

Homeopathic HCG contain a very little of the HCG hormone in their bottle which is not effective to produce results. It is required to have at least 125 IUs each day in the treatment process to find the satisfied results. And this is where homeopathic HCG drops fail.

Pure HCG diet drops & HCG Diet – How it works

HCG drops works really only when people who consume it with good care and use it with the correct method to consume. HCG drops work only when the real product which is taken in and is consumed with proper diet.
The diet plan suggested by the different manufactures differs. So, one should thoroughly go through the instructions provided in the manual. Diet suggested should be followed to have a good result. If not there will be difficulty in achieving the result that one dreams off. Online manuals and instructions are readily available with most of suppliers.

Taking HCG drops in combination with HCG diet is compulsory to attain unbelievable results. HCG weight loss program is divided into three distinctive phases. Every phase contains the definite list of instructions to follow, to make the most of HCG drops and overall improvement in your health during this weight loss program.

Phase one

Phase one is the loading phase of HCG diet that is for minimum 2 days. This Phase requires you to eat plenty of fat foods till your capacity to allow mobilizing the stored fats within your body. This is an important phase of HCG diet, to be religiously followed before taking up Phase two. Phase one allows your body to store enough fats that will require by your body while you will be on very low calorie diet i.e. phase two.

Hcg Diet Phase two

Phase two of the HCG diet is the actual starting of very low calorie diet phase where you have to eat considerably very less food. You will have to monitor your food intake and eat the right food that is allowed to eat in HCG diet. Pure HCG drops in reality boosts your metabolism directly, and reduces your appetite so that you don crave for food. HCG drops and phases two of HCG diet allows you to easily go through this phase and drastically reduce calorie diet. For more than 50 years ago, Dr. Simeons had originated HCG and HCG diet, he recommended following a 500 calorie per day program. Today while using modern process you are allowed for 700 calories per day. This new method reduces up to 0.5-2 pounds per day weight and also this is done naturally.

Phase three

Phase three of the HCG diet is the maintenance period. After attaining the desired result i.e. the perfect weight for which you dream of, now you can stop using the Pure HCG drops provided you had used this hormone for at least 23 days before discontinuing it. You are now back to routine, however you have to keep attention towards maintaining the weight you lose in the long term. Phase three is also prescribed with a diet plan, but it is reasonably unorganized. In phase three of HCG diet you can eat up to 1500-2000 calorie per day diet, and also have to stay away from an extensive range of processed foods.

Now the time has come for you to go back to your regular foods. Using the techniques of the HCG diet along with the pure HCG drops, you will not find it difficult to lose weight and retain the same for long term. There is no serious restraining dieting rule or alike for you to follow after you reach to your weight loss goal. The entire HCG diet program is comparatively easy and simple to follow till the phase three, and above all, the HCG extensively boosts overall weight loss.

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Pure HCG Drops Usage

Pure HCG Drops is simple and easy to use. You just need to place the recommended amount of drops under your tongue and allow the HCG Drops to get absorbed into your bloodstream.

To measure the effective value of HCG drops, you need to check in terms of IU. Another interesting fact is that FDA considers homeopathic HCG drops as illegal and they shouldn’t be prescribed within US. As a dieter, if you are looking for something that can really make a difference in your weight, it is better to go by the safe side. And that is where HCG drops stay with you.

Like the HCG injections, HCG drops will help you in delivering at least 125 IUS (the above mentioned benchmark) per day. Compared to HCG injections available in the market, Pure HCG drops are less expensive and pain free.

HCG Diet Instructions

To make you succeed in losing weight with HCG diet, carefully follow every step of the process as instructed. Using this widely accepted HCG drops and HCG diet you can achieve unbelievable weight loss outcome. The detailed instructions for each phase are mentioned below to help you achieve weight loss goals. Before going into instructions, please understand when and how to take HCG Drops along with HCG diet?

  • No eating or drinking allowed for 30 minutes before and after taking the drops.
  • Put the recommended dose of HCG drops under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds or more if you can and then swallow.

The HCG diet detailed instructions for each phase are:

Phase 1: Loading Phase

This phase of HCG diet allows you to eat your favorite food in plenty without any limitations. For some of you, it might sound strange but yes this phase is very important as after 2 days you will have to follow strict very low calorie diet and this phase helps your body to store sufficient amount of energy which can be used in future.

Phase 2: Starting the Very Low Calorie Diet

This phase will be difficult for many of you to follow but rest assure that you will definitely find this phase worth after you lose weight. Important instructions for phase two of HCG diet:

  • Eat up to the exact calorie intake of 500 per day
  • Drink lots of fluid in a day, include at least two liters of water

Break you eating habits for three times a day and eat only approved foods and as per the following instructions.
The Food and fluid Rules also includes:

  • Only one snack per day allowed
  • You can use fresh seasonings as flavor for your food, but do not use sugar, salts or oils
  • Water, tea and coffee are Approved drinks
  • You can eat 2 protein rich foods per day in separate meals. (Eat Red meat, tuna, and salmon for only 3 times in a week
  • Select 2 fruits per day, but they are to be eaten at different time
  • Choose 2 vegetables in a day, but eat them at the different time

Phase 3: Maintenance phase

Maintaining the achievable weight loss goal is important. This phase of HCG diet will allow you to retain weight loss for long term. there is no prescribed food for this phase in HCG diet but follow the simple rules as mentioned below to sustain weight loss:

  • Avoid food such as breads, pastries, crackers, potatoes and rice that contain sugars and starches
  • Limit intake of dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt.
  • Gradually increase your calories consumption and avoid over eating

After putting lots of efforts to reduce weight you don’t want to regain right. So, choose right food and consciously eat them so that you retain weight loss for long time. It is important to follow the strict HCG diet for effective use of HCG drops and reach the weight loss goal.

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

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  • 30 Day money back guarantee
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Buying Pure HCG drops

HCG is available in drops which is helpful for those who fear and has anxiety towards needle prick. Selecting the Pure HCG drops is a tricky task as there are fake products available which is difficult to differentiate. So always go with trusted brands and buy with a prescription to receive the Pure HCG drops and remember not to have over dosage of HCG.

HCG drops require a large dose to be equally effective as injections. The Pure HCG drops should have a pharmaceutical grade and the drop should test positive on a pregnancy test. Homeopathic drops, HCG releasers and HCG peptide drops are not pure. Pure HCG drops are totally a different game to play, without adding any other hormone. HCG drops provide high level of HCG hormone.

Best HCG Drops to Buy In Stores

With the number of online sellers increasing in the field of HCG Drops it has become difficult to chose which is the best. One important way to choose the best HCG drops sellers is by going through the customers reviews given under every product. Also buying from a reputed company is recommended as it guarantees money back offers, product safety, and quality of the ingredients used.

Some online firms even provide free samples for a limited time period and you can purchase the HCG Drops only if you are satisfied with it. You will realize within the first few weeks of these HCG Drops usage whether the product is giving the needed benefits you are looking for. Some of the Best HCG Drops to Buy in Stores are:

  • GNC, General Nutrition Center
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Hi-Health

Pure HCG Drops for Sale Online

Several companies are emerging with HCG products. Of them few companies even offer fake HCG claiming to offer original actual hormone. Online buying of HCG is more popular as it is easy and speedy mode and also buying HCG from local retailers is a problem as doctor prescription is required.

The all in one solution for all these problems is the HCG drops. Many studies signifying the effectiveness of HCG is conducted, but the only certain thing that proves effective is the HCG drops that really work. HCG drops reviews also will help you in selecting the proven brand. Apart from this Pure HCG drops reviews supports real stories from real users that assists you in buying HCG.

You can find special discounts on Specific products here which are on discount and HCG drops for sale.

Pure Hcg Drops 2015

HCG Brands which are not so popular
HCG drops has a significant market sale in the year 2015. In the starting months of the year 2015 itself, the survey reports of a peak in the purchase of Pure HCG drops. The reports show a dramatic change which indicates the fast life of humans and their need for a fat free life. This in turn makes the investors to develop business in this field.

People seek the HCG drops in the year 2016 than last year’s due to this change of life style. The reports signify that number of new manufactures and distributors of HCG are more in the year 2015.

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The importance pure HCG diet drops reviews

What does the Pure HCG drops reviews reveal? – An inexpensive way of losing weight. HCG drops reviews will help you to select the Pure HCG product. Through Pure HCG drops reviews you can differentiate between the features of various products.

HCG Drops is entirely free of alcohol, non- homeopathic product that will make you achieve high quality weight loss outcome. HCG drops are potent, effective and a grand way to reduce weight while saving money from this extraordinary program. Pure HCG drops reviews can assist you in using the product. The actual performance of the product can be known from its real users through HCG drops reviews.

Most of you, willing to buy HCG may end up buying the homeopathic or no hormone brand, which you can better understand with Pure HCG drops reviews. Both of these actually does not contain the actual hormone, however companies sells them claiming they do. Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish between the HCG drops and these duplicated brands. It is important for you to make sure that you buy HCG products that include the actual hormone or else the risk of poor results and overall harm to your health is there. The minimum of 150 IUs of the HCG hormone is required per day to obtain desired results; however, these forged products don’t even contain a single IU. The Pure HCG drops reviews will contradict their genuineness, as they clearly mention that they are non-homeopathic brands.

Pure HCG drops reviews

People are interested in weight loss solutions that provides desired outcome and are scientifically proven to be effective. HCG drops is one of those healing method with an exceptionally high level of objective success in different studies.

The top consumer Pure HCG drops reviews have revealed the following HCG suppliers as the best.

  • HCG Complex, a Pure HCG drops reviews state that with its superior ingredients quality and fastest results is has got an overall rating of 98.2%. Biosource Labs HCG Complex is a safe to use real HCG hormone drops with 98.4% customer satisfaction.
  • HCG 1234 Premier Diet HCG drops, a Pure HCG drops, with an overall rating of 80.6% is considered to be the best due to its good ingredients quality and also due to its unlimited product support. Its 1200 dietary calorie blend has made it a unique Pure HCG drops.

HCG Brands which are not so popular

Celeste pure h2o2 HCG drops Reviews

H202 HCG drops by Celeste are good and pure too. One of the few HCG drops which is 13600 IU (which is really capable of exceeding that of most injections today), Celeste has some of the best reviews . Unfortunately the product is not well advertised and the services are not so good as most other brands.

Go pure HCG drops

The Go HCG drops is one of the few HCG drops which is not a great product. You can see that its one of the shoddiest product online. The service is awful and worst product which has no value for money.

HCG drops Rebekah’s Pure Living

Rebekah’s Pure Living HCG drops have an excellent review, great products and are filled with testimonials. We tried asking some of the customers who purchased HCG drops Rebekah’s pure living and we were sure surprised that the product excels in quality and service. We surely do recommend HCG drops Rebekah’s pure living

Nutra pure HCG diet drops reviews & coupon codes

The Nutra Pure HCG Diet drops are one of the oldest products online in the HCG industry. They have the experience in weight loss and it works. Unfortunately there has been no Diet programs, books and supporting material to add to the product itself which makes it hard for most people who want to do their drops and diet.

Though Nutra HCG diet drops coupon codes are not readily available on the online stores, you can buy Nutra pure HCG diet drops from the original vendors to avail the best offers,

Order pure HCG drops

You can order order HCG drops online now from any of the websites above. It’s legal to purchase HCG drops though you will not find them on stores. Get thin, live your lifestyle.

HCG Drops in Other Countries

Pure and Authentic HCG drops Australia

Australia has a range of HCG drop vendors like XHCG and AHCG. These vendors sell mostly drops and injections are not so prevalent in the Australia. In Australia, HCG for weight loss is not banned over the counter and you may be able to get a few brands over the counter.

Pure and Authentic HCG drops Canada

Canada is one of the few countries which have HCG drops over the counter. Though there are very few companies selling quality HCG drops in Canada, you may find some useful products over the counter which is made in the USA. Most of the companies that manufacture in the USA will be shipped to Canada with very less shipping charges

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pure HCG drops at GNC?

GNC sells a range of HCG Drops online. All drops though are homeopathic and are not HCG drops. If you are looking for pure HCG drops today, it may be a tough thing to find. This is due to the fact that many of the Drops which were pure are now banned. HCG drops are hard to come by but you can surely get the Pure HCG injections online which are as pure as it can get.

Why are pure HCG drops not homeopathic?

Homeopathic Medicines are dilute in nature. These are very effective and do not contain excess of the ingredients which the body can take. For instance if a body can take only 100 IU of HCG, what is the point of injecting 1000 IU HCG? The remaining HCG which cannot be absorbed are usually filtered out and excreted. The Homeopathic medicines work on the principal of dilution. Yes Homeopathic HCG is not pure but they are effective.

Pure HCG drops no alcohol?

When it comes to HCG drops, every other ingredient which is added makes it not pure. So if you add alcohol as a preservative (which is usually the case with most homeopathic medicines) you wouldn’t call it HCG. Unfortunately HCG cannot be stored in the form of drops because it will go stale if it’s on an open container. On the other hand, pure HCG injections are pure and contain nothing more than HCG. There is No alcohol or any mixture added to the Pure HCG injections you purchase online.

Pure HCG Drops are alcohol-free, as alcohol is harmful to the HCG hormone and this is one way to convey that HCG Drops is different from other alternatives available in the market.

Dr Oz Recommends Pure HCG drops

Dr. Oz is very straight forward when it comes to putting his idea to the crowd. But surely he is careful too and usually does not recommend a brand or a product without testing it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Dr. Oz does not recommend any HCG drops by brand. In general, Dr. Oz recommends the purest form of HCG and there is no clue as to which brand. The research which we put into says that the HCG comes in the form of injections and not drops!

Which HCG drops are pure and real?

Pure HCG drops is another option to HCG injections. As HCG drops are Pure HCG, they are cheaper when compared to injection and totally pain free.

The probability of you encountering the HCG drops that are doubtful of quality without containing sufficient HCG to be effective is more.


HCG Complex

Biosource HCG Complex is one of the best hormone free hcg drops in the market and a best seller.

Triumph HCG is the oldest hcg Website with hormone free and pure hormone drops

Nuimage Medical

Prescription HCG Injections for weight loss with Doctors Guidance. The best HCG Ever