Shirataki Noodles (Miracle Noodles)

Shirataki noodles also commonly known as Miracle Noodles are totally safe and best to eat for all of HCG Maintenance as well as HCG Phase 3. DIY HCG shirataki noodles are fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, wheat and soy free, gluten-free, and also carbohydrate-free.



These miracle noodles are made using purified water and yam flour. Once they are cooked, they get easily absorb into any flavors sauce or broth. These HCG shirataki noodles can also be used for the HCG Phase 2 / HCG VLCD of the HCG Diet. It can easily be bought from DIY HCG for under $4.

Features – DIY HCG offers several brands of Miracle noodles. Shirataki noodle is one popular brand of Miracle noodles. Today many people even refer to the product (shirataki noodles) as miracle noodles, even though the brand name may be totally different. DIY HCG offers several brands of shirataki noodles and you may receive one brand or another depending on the supply available. But you rest assure that all brands offers the same superior quality and have similar nutritional values. Shirataki Noodles Size is 8.8 Oz.

Ingredients – The Shirataki Noodles contains Water, glucomannan (soluble fiber) and calcium additive.
Nutritional information – Serving Size: 3 oz and Servings Per Container: 2.3. The Shirataki Noodles Nutrition Facts are Calories 0, Calories from Fat 0, Total Fat 0g, Protein <1g, Sugar 0g, Carbohydrate

Suggested use – After opening the pack, entirely rinsed the noodles with cold water to remove its fishy smell. Cook them with your favorite broth, tomato sauce, bouillon, etc. and see how easily it mixes with the flavor.

Cold Weather caution – Shirataki and orzo noodles shipped during the winter months may get freeze during transit, which is not preferable. The shipping team takes every precaution to make sure that the product is delivered in fresh condition, but it cannot be guaranteed that your order will arrive un-frozen. If your order of shirataki or orzo noodles has frozen during shipping, you should know that this is not a food safety issue. However, the appearance and consistency of the noodles may be negatively impacted. So, consider this Cold Weather caution before ordering shirataki and orzo noodles if temperatures are expected to remain below freezing.

Customer Review – People on HCG diet are happy to have this Shirataki noodles variety of food. Customer says this product is life saver on HCG Phase 2. She says, not all people have the pleasure of eating favorite food and still losing weight. This product offered variety which is much needed while dieting. Some customers say that they love these noodles so much that they will be using them even after HCG diet plan.

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