Original Formula DIY HCG Weight Loss Drops (Alcohol Base) (1 oz (20 days)

HCG drops are the most popular way for weight loss these days. There are many types of HCG drops available in the market. Of those, DIY HCG is among the top products. The original formula and low price plays a huge role for its popularity. The Original formula DIY HCG weight loss drops contains real HCG that helps shed the body fat rather faster.



This Original formula DIY HCG weight loss drops is alcohol based. These drops are enough to carry forward with enough energy throughout the day while you take very low calorie diet. This 1 oz diy hcg diet drops would last for 20 days of the whole program. The expected weight loss per day would be 0.5 – 1 pound a day.

DIY HCG Weight Loss Drops Pack

  • 1 bottle of DIY HCG weight loss drops for 20 days
  • DIY Loser’s manual that provides you sample very low calorie diet menus to help you go through the weight loss phase, a body measurement log where you can enter the daily measurements of your body and the body weight. There is also a weekly food chart where you can plan the week’s menu ahead.
  • Purchasing this diyhcg diet drops would also give you access to help and advice from the diet experts over the phone or through e-mail. You also get access to the sample maintenance menu for the phase 3 of the HCG diet where you are not in the very low calorie diet but the calorie is still not high or normal.
  • The final inclusion is that you can download the Dr. Simeons’ manuscript on HCG and HCG diet that helps in the weight loss. You can have this e-book free of cost.

Using DIY HCG Weight Loss Drops

This weight loss drops bottle is for 20 days. Take 0.5 cc of the drops 3 times a day. This has to be followed by the very low calorie diet that restricts the calorie intake to 500 calories per day. With this single bottle you can expect a weight loss of around 20-30 pounds for the duration when properly followed.

This weight loss product is not meant for those who are younger than 18 yrs of age, pregnant and nursing women. Please note, overdose will not get you faster weight loss, it would only lead to side effects or no effects at all.


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