Multi-Grain Hcg Diet Grissini Breadsticks

The Multi-grain HCG diet Grissini Breadsticks are one of the best HCG carbs allowed on the HCG diet. These are high quality breadsticks imported from Italy. While being on a Phase 2 of HCG diet, you are allowed to take only 1 or 2 crabs.




The DIY HCG diet Grissini bread sticks are allowed in servings of one HCG breadstick two times per day on the HCG diet. This means that you eat 2 bread-sticks a day. These are the exact bread-sticks Dr.Simeons referred to, in his original HCG diet.

The Vita Vigor Grassini bread-sticks are crunchier and thinner. These DIY HCG multi grain grassini breadsticks have a good flavor. These all natural Vita Vigor are imported from Italy and baked with only 100% extra virgin olive oil. They are cholesterol-free, sugar-free and contains no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Diabetic patients and vegetarians can have these multi-grain hcg diet grassini breadsticks. In addition, they are Kosher certified and Halal certified.

Multi-Grain Hcg Diet Grissini Bread Sticks Ingredients

  • Unbleached wheat flour: Unbleached flour is a refined grain,. They are enriched bleached flours that contain B Vitamins and iron. They contain less fiber than whole grain flours.
  • Bran: Eating oat bran is a key ingredient for weight loss. It’s a vital element in the Dukan diet. Celebrities like Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez have followed the Dukan diet for weight loss. Oat bran is high in fiber. It makes you feel full.
  • Cereals 9%: With cereals, you can stick on to your weight loss goals.
  • Other ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, acacia fiber, salt, malted cereals, flour and yeast. It contains rosemary extract due to its antioxidant properties.

Multi-grain HCG diet Grissini Bread sticks contains wheat and gluten and is made on equipments that make products containing milk and seassame seeds.

Multi-Grain HCG Diet Grissini Breadsticks Reviews

Multi-grain HCG diet Grissini Bread sticks have received all positive feedback. Users found HCG diet Grassini bread sticks of Vita Vigor of great taste.

“Great for cravings” says Patty.

“These bread sticks have suppressed my appetite. I feel satisfied after having these crunchy Grassini bread sticks. The sad part is that you can only have one. I wish I could have 2 more. It comes with a great taste and help to curb the cravings.”

“Crunch craving” says another user.

“The multi grain grissini HCG diet bread sticks are good for contrlling your salt cravings. These are crunchy breadsticks and thinner. It probably saved me from cheating the HCG diet plan. Thanks to Multi-grain HCG diet Grissini Bread sticks.”

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