Lemon Herb Seasoning For HCG Phase 2

Enjoy your phase 2 Hcg diet with Lemon herb seasoning by DIY HCG. It comes with a fresh lemon taste along with a hint of dried herbs such as basil and oregano. Its a mouth watering seasoning that keeps you on diet, without any cravings. The Lemon herb seasoning is gluten-free and healthy. It contains no sugar or any artificial sweeteners. It has a sugary taste made with pure stevia. The best thing about Lemon herb seasoning is that it can be taken on all phase of the Hcg diet.



The real taste of Lemon herb seasoning can be enjoyed by pairing with chicken or any type fish. Its one of the ways you can enjoy this delicious combination of herbs and citrus.

How to make lemon herb seasoning for HCG phase 2 diet

  • If you are on phase 2 of the HCG diet, bake a foil packet with tilapia
  • Sprinkle lemon herb seasonings, a few slices of fresh lemon and 2-3 roma tomato slices.
  • Your HCG phase 2 seasoning is ready.

Lemon Herb Seasoning Nutritional Facts: HCG diet safe sugar free lemon herb seasoning comes with zero calories and zero cholesterol. It is fat free salad dressing.

Lemon Herb Seasoning Ingredients: Sea salt, spices, garlic powder, lemon juice powder, dehydrated onion and 1% tricalcium phosphate.

Lemon herb seasoning reviews – what the customers have to say about the Lemon herb seasoning?

“A lemony delight” says a user.

“This is a great seasoning to use on your chicken, fish and veggies. I use it with mct oil, fresh garlic, lemon and a little stevia for a delicious sweet salad dressing.”

“An awesome spice blend” says RB.

“This is an awesome spice blend. Being on a HCG diet, this recipe has actually made me feel refreshing and tastier”.


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