Gourmet Seasoning Pack With Hot Pepper Blend (HCG Diet, Nutrimost, Safe)

If you think that the HCG diet is all about bland tasteless food, you are in for a surprise. Even though there are not many choices for the seasoning, it is great to know that the herbs have its benefits when they are used in certain combination. Each dish needs it’s kind of seasoning ingredient. If you are unable to find it yourself this Gourmet Seasoning Pack with hot pepper blend is what you need to survive the HCG diet and from thereafter.




This Gourmet HCG diet safe seasoning is a set of 4 spice bottles. Each of these spice bottles has certain combination of spices, herbs, and ingredients that are c9mpletely acceptable for the HCG diet. The pack includes

  • HCG steak seasoning: Steaks are acceptable in HCG diet and there you need the right seasoning. This has paprika, salt, and dehydrated garlic. These 3 magical ingredients are enough to make the steaks taste heavenly. This can be used with chicken, fish and in soups as well. After all experimentation and creativity gets a new dimension when you are on HCG diet.
  • HCG Lemon herb seasoning: The wonderful combination of lemon juice powder, garlic powder, and onion dehydrated with some sea salt and other herbs like basil give the taste buds some gala time. This is perfect for phase 2 and during the phase 3 can be used with the salmon which makes a come back into the diet.
  • HCG Chef’s hot pepper blend seasoning: This seasoning mix is real spicy. Go for it if you are a big fan of spicy food. It provides the real coarse black pepper for you to enjoy. The ingredients used here are Kosher salt, black pepper, red pepper and some other spices to make a real hot pepper blend. It is zero calorie, zero sugar formula and can be used in any dish as you like in any amount you prefer.
  • HCG Sweet and hot Louisiana seasoning: This sweet and hot seasoning is made of sea salt, dehydrated garlic, paprika, stevia as the main ingredients. There also are some other spices as well. Use it in the salads or for the smoked or grilled dishes, chicken, beef, fish or veggies as you please. This can be used for all the phases of the HCG diet. This suits perfectly for those with a sweet tooth and yet needs a dash of spiciness in their food.

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