4-Pack Shirataki Noodles or Miracle Noodles

Shirataki noodles also known as “miracle noodles” is a traditional Japanese food. It is made from elephant yam and is known to have zero calories and low in carbs. This food is an outstanding alternative for those who are looking to drop weight.




Miracle noodles are a completely safe product which can be used during the HCG maintenance phase. Want to know why? It is because they are fat free, sugar free, calories free, wheat and gluten –free. They are very low in carbs and are made from pure water and yam flour.

The interesting fact is that shirataki noodles absorbs all the flavors quickly in whatever sauce or ingredients it’s cooked with. Even though they have negligible amount of carbs they should be taken with caution during the HCG phase 2.

Having these noodles in stock will help you to slide through the maintenance phase easily. Shirataki HCG maintenance product comes with 4 packs of Orzo Miracle noodles and one pack contains three servings. These are calories free and you can eat handful at very low affordable prices.

Each pack weighs 8.8 oz and contains ingredients like water, glucomannan (a soluble dietary fiber), and calcium additive. While talking about the nutritional value protein 1gm, carbohydrate 1gm, fat 0gm, sugar 0gm and calories 0gm.

Please take a note that there are different brands of shirataki noodles available so you will receive any one of them. All the brands are assured of high quality and nutritional values. It is simply easy to use and all you have to do is remove it from the pack and place it over a strainer to remove all the liquid. Later boil the miracle noodles for a minute and gently pat dry using paper towel. Your miracle noodles are ready to be stir fried in the Chinese way or to make creamy yummy pasta or the normal noodle spaghetti.

Where to buy shirataki miracle noodles online?

You can purchase shirataki noodles and southwest seasoning hcg diet safe 1 5 oz at Amazon online at best price.

Bottom line: Your stock of miracle noodles is just one click away. So what are you waiting for! Go ahead and order a few packs.

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