Nuimage HCG Injections

  • 5000 IU Vial (for 26 Day Program)
  • Bacteriostatic Water
  • Syringe
  • Swabs

It can be used successfully by both men and women in conjunction with HCG diet for weight loss. HCG is offered in various forms – injection, drops, pellets and pills. This article will explain you the complete details about Prescription HCG and the best 2 online providers.

What Is Prescription HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone which is prescribed as a medication and is available on both online and local HCG pharmacies in the U.S.A. It is largely produced by pregnant women, and is extracted via external fluids. Popularly, the belief is that only females produce HCG, but in actual both men and women produces very low levels of HCG. HCG plays various key roles in the body.
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HCG Prescription, when used for weight loss, its dosages varies depending on your weight loss goals and needs. If you’re trying to decide between injections, drops, pills or pellets, you will have to consider the proper strength doses for each type of application. Medical-grade Prescription HCG is extremely effective for losing lot of weight. The HCG doses are found to be more beneficial in losing weight for heavier people.

Prescription HCG Injections from Nuimage Medical

Prescription HCG Injections is considered the most effective HCG treatment compared to other application. The HCG injections ensure 100 percent absorption into the bloodstream. However, they are bit expensive, tedious to use, and some people may fear getting needles daily as they might poke you a little bit. Using injections have few potential side effects such as rash and itching at the injection site, and if the needle is not used correctly, it can be painful. They are not user-friendly and easily accessible. However, if you wish to buy prescription HCG online, here are the best 2 online sellers.

Prescription HCG Online

It is best to buy HCG prescription online, because it is easy and simple. There are many suppliers who sell genuine HCG which will be delivered to your doorstep at affordable prices. Online HCG prescription will get you authentic, prescription-grade HCG injections, drops, pellets and pills. The benefits of purchasing HCG through online companies are that you are getting real pharmacy-grade HCG at a very reasonable price. The best two online suppliers of HCG are – Nu Image Medical and Advance HCG. Below are some details which you should consider when buying from these two top sellers.

Nu Image Medical

  • It offers consultation via phone and physician review via telehealth service
  • It provides prescription in your name
  • It is licensed pharmacy which adheres to US regulations and requirements
  • Customer support available everyday via Phone, email, or online chat
  • It offers worldwide shipping for Prescription HCG injections
  • Contains a vast source of information for new and experienced users
  • The entire selection of supplies is available which ensures success
  • The lab tested evidences are available on site
  • Offers free B-12 enriched mixing solution
  • They accept all major credit cards
  • Your order ships within 48hrs on weekdays for 2-4 day deliver
  • Offers both ground shipping as well as expedited overnight shipping.
  • Coupon codes, promotional codes and discount codes are available on some sites.

Advance HCG

  • Advance HCG work as a hub for many licensed pharmacies in the US.
  • Their physician evaluates the potential patients’ medical records before dispatching HCG.
  • No blood tests or office visits are necessary
  • All mixing and injecting supplies are included
  • You can add the metabolism and energy booster B12 to your HCG
  • Lipotropic fat-burning shots are also available as an extra
  • HCG diet handbook is shipped with your package
  • Post delivery Personalized service via phone calls by HCG Diet coach
  • After 1 week, their medical assistant calls to ensure receipt of all items from the pharmacy.
  • After 2 weeks, their weight loss specialist calls to discuss weight loss diet or share any questions or concerns.
  • Avail customer support via video, phone and chat
  • It does not ships internationally
  • All medications are delivered to you only after prescribed by their physicians.

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Hormone Free Drops
  • No side effects
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • Diet Plan And Support

Prescription HCG Drops

The HCG prescription is most effective when it is injected directly into the bloodstream. This means using Prescription HCG injections is most effective application than others. However, many people avoid receiving injections, because it is quite difficult to administer it with own hands. Thus, HCG drops is better option over injection.

The HCG Drops are non-invasive and painless. They are extremely easy to use and prepare. They are to be taken sublingually. A higher dose of drops is needed compared to injections to neutralize the lower absorption rate of this sublingual medicine.

HCG Prescription Drops is sometimes referred to as “DIY HCG drops”, because you will have to mix the solution yourself upon receipt. Your order of HCG drops includes HCG powder, a vial of reconstitution liquid and dosing dropper. Once the solution is mixed, refrigerate it immediately to stay active. The method to create is mixture is relatively easy, just follow the included instructions.

Prescription HCG Pellets & Prescription HCG Pills

Prescription HCG pellets are also referred to as HCG Pills or HCG tablets. It is very crucial to buy real HCG Pellets or pills instead of homeopathic human chorionic gonadotropin. To have genuine HCG, it is necessary to obtain a prescription.

Prescription HCG pellets are very easy to use, safe and effective. They are just as effective as HCG drops, and some say even more as they dissolves slowly allowing the body time to absorb the hormones more completely. Moreover, Prescription HCG Pills have the same hunger reducing affects as the HCG injections and that too without using the daily needle stick. If you have more weight to lose i.e. 50+ lbs than pellets seems to be most successful in their unaltered form. Besides, another biggest benefit of using Pellets or pills is their portability. If you travel a lot, then you cannot successfully use the drops or injections as they need refrigeration and this is not the concern with the pills.

Just like the HCG drops, the pellets or Pills must be placed underneath your tongue. This will allow them to dissolve slowly and be completely absorbed by your body. However, the concern with HCG pills is – they are available in limited dosages, so adjusting your accurate dosage is more complicated and there is no way to get consistent adjustment to dosage.

There are many online suppliers who claim to sell pellets and pills at discounted prices. But be cautious, not all these sites are actually selling Pharmaceutical quality pellets instead they are offering homeopathic HCG pills. However, the most genuine HCG Pills and HCG Pellets are offered by Nu Image Medical site.

Prescription HCG Injections/ Drops v/s Prescription HCG Pills/ Pellets

The many benefits of using Prescription HCG Pills/ Pellets over Prescription HCG Injections/ Drops are –

  • The shelf-life of the HCG Pills/ Pellets is 12 months, compared to 60 days for the HCG injections/ Drops.
  • There is no need to refrigerate HCG Pellets/ Pills.
  • HCG Pills/ pellets are easy to carry when travelling.
  • HCG Pellets/ Pills are safe as there is no risk of infection.
  • You don’t have to insert a needle yourself every day.


If you wish to lose weight naturally and have decided to follow HCG diet plan then the best place to find safe and real Prescription HCG is from Nu Image Medical and Advance HCG. These sites offer you the needed support and information to start and succeed with HCG protocol. It is advisable to always buy a prescription HCG injection, drops, pills or pellets as non-prescription HCG might be a scam. Please note the information provided here should not be considered as medical advice. Also, consult your doctor before using Prescription HCG or starting the HCG diet, as it is not suitable for all individuals.