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Many Prescription HCG Drops come with Lipotropics and Vitamin B12 that boost blood circulation, increase energy levels, and support HCG to utilize the abnormal fat to burn optimally.

Obesity or overweight is one of the most growing health conditions that can trigger many other health risks in adults. For those who are looking for quick weight loss results, Prescription HCG Drops is best recommended.

What is Prescription HCG Drops online?

Real HCG diet Drops will undoubtedly offer you priceless weight loss when used in conjunction with the HCG diet. Prescription Based Pharmaceutical HCG Drops offers you real HCG Hormone Drops that is extracted via external fluids of pregnant women.

HCG is available in males and females, however, it is available on higher doses in women during pregnancy.

While initially it was used for infertility, HCG is currently used by many to get rid of unnecessary weight gain. Based on your weight loss goals, you need to choose your HCG dosage.

Many people feel that HCG injections are best effective than HCG Drops. The fact is that medical HCG diet Drops is just as effective as HCG shots in delivering you proper weight loss.

HCG Drops has become the ray of hope for those who want quicker and effective weight loss results.

Uses of Prescription Strength HCG Drops

HCG has been approved by the FDA only for fertility. FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss. Nevertheless, if you are buying medical-grade HCG Drops and shots, you need a Prescription for HCG Drops from your doctor or a nurse practitioner.

You can easily obtain it from a doctor at local HCG clinic or from online HCG clinic. When buying Prescription HCG Drops from online, the website will provide you a medical form which you need to fill. Only after consultation with the medical practitioner will you be eligible to start your HCG diet journey.

Here are few of the benefits of HCG that makes it one of the sought-after products for weight loss.

  • Fertility – HCG is used by men and women to treat fertility. In men, it helps to increase the testosterone and sperm motility. In women, it corrects the ovulation and the release of an egg to be fertilized by sperm.
  • Tumors – Natural HCG levels can indicate the existence of tumor in men. In fact, some tumors can give off elements such as choriocarcinoma and others for which HCG responds.
  • Anabolic steroids – as HCG can promote better performance and increased testosterone levels, many athletic brands use it to increase muscle mass without building fat.
  • Weight loss – HCG needs to be used with a 500 Very Low-Calorie Diet that will encourage weight loss.

HCG Injections Vs Prescription HCG Drops – which is the best?

While many people think that Prescription HCG injections are better than HCG Drops due to the quality, the fact is that both HCG shots and Drops give you the same weight loss benefits. The only difference is the method.

HCG injection ensures that 100% of the hormone is absorbed into the bloodstream. But they are expensive and needs a lot of work to get the shot done correctly. You also need to travel around with the HCG kit that includes needles, alcohol pads, vials of HCG and so on. If you are willing to endure the pain and the process, then you can go with HCG injection.

HCG Drops, on the other hand, are non-invasive and painless. They are easy to prepare and available at an affordable rate. They are easy to carry around and is available in an easy sublingual formula that too absorbs easily. However, you need a higher dosage than HCG shots to offset the low absorption rate of HCG Drops.

While HCG injection is definitely most effective in the market, many people avoid it and choose HCG Drops. There are few reasons behind it.

  • Expensive – HCG injections are costlier than HCG Drops. If you are getting HCG shots from a clinic, it will cost you hundreds of dollars to get shot regularly. This is an added expense.
  • Painful Procedure – If at all, you want to DIY HCG shots, you need to follow certain instructions which if not followed properly might lead to swelling or painful shot. While HCG shot is not that painful, if you do not inject it can trigger HCG leaking out of the needle or pain in the injected area.
  • Set proper time – You need to take at least 10-15 minutes twice a day to get yourself injected. In today’s busy lives, not many find the time every day.

If at all, you can make the time for yourself, that’s good. If you are a frequent traveler or on a budget and still want best HCG hormone for weight loss, then HCG Drops is best recommended.

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Prescription HCG Drops Vs. Homeopathic Drops

if you have decided to go with HCG Drops, the next question that arises in the mind is “which is the best HCG Drops in the market”? Homeopathic or Prescription? Both of them have different advantages.

Stating the obvious, real HCG Drops (Prescription) are effective than homeopathic Drops. They contain real HCG hormones without any additional ingredients and hence deliver you impeccable results. If you are really overweight and want some serious weight loss, then you will need Prescription grade HCG that will help you to lose weight evidently. Yes, Prescription HCG Drops do really work and give you real results.

On the other hand, if you want to lose less than 25 lbs, then homeopathic HCG Drops can help you to lose weight efficiently.

Why? Because HCG hormone works differently when you are at the concluding session of the weight loss goal. The body’s natural reaction at this time is to store more fat than it is burning when you have only got last, stubborn, few pounds to lose. HCG hormones tell the brain to keep the fat burning which results in proper weight loss. Another fact is that homeopathic HCG comes with a mixed blend of amino acids and ingredients that will keep your energy level up. This is where conventional HCG can take a back seat and let homeopathic HCG Drops be an alternative.

Homeopathic HCG Drops are cheaper than what Prescription HCG Drops cost and if you love natural products, you will be glad you have this option to choose from.

How to use Prescription HCG Diet Drops

If you have decided to go with Prescription HCG Drops, then make sure to know how to use them for best results. Also termed as “DIY HCG Drops”, you need to mix the solution when you receive the product. Make sure that you once you mix the solution, refrigerate it immediately to ensure its potency.

When you order Prescription HCG Drops, you will receive:

  • HCG powder
  • A mixing vial
  • A bottle of bacteriostatic water
  • Dropper

Now each and every manufacturer provides their own design and instructions, but the method remains the same. Don’t fret. It doesn’t seem hard as it looks.

Doctor Prescribed HCG Drops instructions

  • The company will give you instructions on how much HCG you need to mix with the bact. water into the mixing vial.
  • Remove the cap of the vial of the HCG.
  • Mix it with the bacteriostatic water.
  • Gently swirl the vial that contains the HCG & bact. water. This is to ensure that the HCG dissolves with the water.
  • Refrigerate the vial after every dosage.

Take the recommended dosage (as provided by the manufacturer). Do not touch the dropper to your tongue. Simply drop the dosage under your tongue. Hold for 1-2 minutes and allow it to be absorbed.

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Possible Side effects of Prescription HCG Sublingual Drops

HCG Drops contain only a few amounts of HCG as compared to a pregnant woman and the baby who is exposed to HCG during pregnancy. Usually, prolonged and excessive use of HCG can trigger certain side effects in people.

Few of the Prescription Grade HCG Drops symptoms noted are:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Pelvic or stomach pain with swelling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of limbs – legs and hands
  • Weight gain

Many of the symptoms are not persistent and will usually fade away once your body is accustomed to the HCG. However, if the symptoms persist, consult your medical practitioner. Another thing to note is that it all comes on how your body works. There are many HCG dieters who successfully completed the diet without feeling any side effects.

Where to buy Prescription HCG Drops?

You have two options – from online or from the local HCG clinic. Regardless of what option you choose, there are few aspects that you need to consider.

Firstly, you need to consider the brand and the manufacturing company that sells you the HCG. You need genuine HCG Drops and not hormone-free (HCG-free) Drops with boosters. They don’t contain any HCG at all and will not give the results you are looking for.

We recommend buying Prescription HCG Drops from online. Needless to say, online purchase over the past few years have been soaring and Prescription HCG is not an exception. With just a simple click, you can have the product delivered right at your doorstep.

Purchasing real HCG Diet Drops is a hassle-free process. The best part is you can avail of many HCG Drops discount codes and promo deals to get the product at a much lesser price than in the clinic.

Of course, one might feel that a positive nod from your medical practitioner is a must. Real genuine HCG Drops manufacturer offers you medical form and actual health practitioner who will scrutinize your medical report and only then (if deemed fit) will approve you to start the HCG diet.

Nu Image Medical is one such brand that offers best HCG Drops. They offer real HCG Drops and provide you with HCG Drops only if you are in a condition to undergo the weight loss process.

Few HCG suppliers in the US also ship Prescription HCG Drops in countries like Canada, Australia etc. at a small shipping fee.

Always avoid HCG suppliers who give you Prescription HCG Drops without Prescription as this could be dangerous. You never know you could be buying from a black market or a contaminated product that could yield dangers on the body.

The Final Verdict

Prescription HCG Drops is a best and effective way to promote healthy weight loss without doing serious damage to the body. Within a few days, you will have a new body which every one will love and adore. Just make sure to follow the VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet) and avoid certain foods as mentioned in the HCG protocol of Dr. Simeons. The results will truly be remarkable and you will feel proud of how far you have come on this weight loss journey. Here’s to a new “YOU”!!!


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