Triumph HCG by HCG Diet – Pharmaceutical Grade HCG drops

If you want to lose weight real fast, pharmaceutical grade HCG drops are what you should turn to. Any form of it, other than pharmaceutical grade HCG drops is not considered as real HCG. This makes it easier to choose from the vast variety of brands that the hormone is sold in. The bottom line is that if you are using pharmaceutical grade HCG drops, you will get quick and effective results.

This will not be the same if you are using the fake ones.

It was really interesting to note that this form of HCG can only be bought online. We would think that with the revolution it has created, the hormone would be more freely available as over the counter medicines. Mainly, the FDA does not approve of HCG as a dietary product because extensive research has still not been carried out on the topic. Even more interesting, there are thousands of people who have delightedly lost weight using the pharmaceutical grade HCG drops, but the experimental results seem to be insufficient to approve the medicine. However, you can still buy the products online.

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Pharmaceutical Grade HCG drops

Reason for Pharmaceutical Grade HCG drops’ success

There are several reasons for this. Here are few of them.

It is very quick!

On a diet, people usually get frustrated with how slow a diet actually works. We tend to lose patience with lack of encouraging results and end up falling off the track. This will not take us towards weight loss. It has been noted that when people can actually see visible results for their efforts, they will hold up and go through until the end of a diet. In order to see visible results, normal diets will take you a very long time. It is not the same with this diet.

When you use pharmaceutical grade HCG drops, the hormone begins its work in your body so soon that you will actually feel the pounds melting away in no time at all! This is a huge encouragement for dieters. Even though the HCG diet may be a little difficult in the beginning phases, the body soon gets adjusted t it and you can reach the end of it without much difficulty and quite soon, too!

There are no side effects to pharmaceutical grade hCG drops

When using a foreign substance in our body for the sole purpose of weight loss, people would be hesitant. The substance that shows positive pregnancy results in a woman if the test is taken after consuming the hormone. The reason for this is that the hormone is produced basically in pregnant women’s bodies as an aid for sustaining the baby’s health. It is this hormone that proves pregnancy. The HCG helps in breaking down fat reserves in the body of a pregnant woman to provide continuous energy supply for the baby and mother. This is very important during the development of the fetus in the mother’s womb. The mothers healthy is also important as her body has to support not one, but two. This natural hormone is usually extracted from the urine of pregnant women as the concentration of HCG is very high in the urine.

Pharmaceutical grade HCG is made in its purest form from the naturally extracted hormone. There will be no side effects from using the Pharmaceutical grade HCG as a dietary product because all it contains is real and pure HCG. When some other diluted versions of the hormones are used, there is an array of substances added along with the hormone in order to improve the potency, like hunger suppressants, vitamins, sometimes even toxins like arsenic. When there are so many additions, the possibility of being allergic to at least one of these ingredients is very high. Our bodies could be allergic to certain vitamins, believe it or not,                                    and the reaction you get would be due to this. Consulting a doctor before taking the hormone is a good idea.

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It is easy to acquire

Pharmaceutical grade HCG can be bought over the counter only with the prescription of a doctor and for certain purposes like fertility treatment, etc. For dietary purposes, pharmaceutical HCG drops can only be bought online and this is the easiest form of buying the HCG. Real HCG brands have all the information you would ever need in order to start the diet, complete with mixing instructions, directions for use, recipes to follow during the diet, the steps to follow during the diet and how long it would take for the diet to be effective.

There are some companies that provide doctor’s approval once you fill in the forms with the necessary information. This will tell you how much HCG you would need to take in order to reach an optimum body mass index, the food you can have and the guidelines you need to follow.

Instructions for using Pharmaceutical grade HCG drops

Pharmaceutical grade HCG drops are very effective; there is no doubt in that, but the method of using it for maximum results is very important. In a nutshell, there are 4 phases of the HCG diet, although this varies with brands. The first phase is known as the loading phase where the dieter has to eat as much food as possible. This phase will make the transition into the rest of the phases of the HCG diet easier. The HCG diet requires a person to follow a very low-calorie diet of about 500 calories per day. After the loading phase, this phase begins and the person has to start taking the pharmaceutical grade HCG drops. The subsequent phases will slowly increase the calories taken per day as by the end of the second phase; the person would have lost more pounds than he would have ever dreamt of in such a short period. The other phases will help you to maintain the lost weight and stop the body from putting on weight again.

Finally, you wouldn’t feel hungry during the diet, as the body has all the necessary energy from the fat reserves!

Why you should only buy pharmaceutical grade HCG drops online

Drops and injections are quite different. Injections enter your bloodstream directly and you want to be sure that it is of the best grade. A lot of complications occur when you inject things into your body and it’s a fact that many of the products you purchase online aren’t safe. When you are looking for a pharmaceutical grade HCG drops, you can be assured that there are certain quality standards which are maintained by the company in manufacturing the product.

It is not true that all pharmaceutical grade HCG injections are approved by the FDA or any Government agencies, but it would be great if you would know that the premises are FDA approved, maintaining the quality standards and cleanliness required to manufacture medical products. With Pharmaceutical grade hCG injections, you can be sure that the product meets certain standards and quality, though this is in no way an assurance of an effective product.