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Ovidac HCG is a popular HCG product mainly used for infertility treatment. It is also used for weight loss purposes. The strength of the HCG hormone is the same for both purposes and the difference is that, for weight loss the same amount is diluted and divided into small equal parts and given over a longer period. It is truly wonderful that the same hormone can function in two ways and at the same concentration.

Ovidac HCG For Weight Loss

There are many successful customers who found satisfaction in their new body with the help of Ovidac HCG that helps them shed about 1 pound of body weight per day. Ovidac is available in a vial.

For weight loss purpose, Ovidac HCG must be at least 5000 iu which is diluted with bacteriostatic water. Small amount from this solution is used as daily shots to help with weight loss. A strict low calorie diet is also to be followed with the HCG hormone.

HCG works best when taken as intramuscular shots as it reaches the circulation real fast and most of the dosage comes to use this way.

Ovidac HCG 5000 iu Vials

Ovidac is available on 2000 iu and 5000 iu. It is the 5000 iu HCG that is going to work as a weight loss aid. This kind of Ovidac is available as a single vial, a pack of 3 vials, 5 vials and a maximum of 10 vials in them. These packs contain only the HCG vial and nothing that helps in the mixing or the injection kit. Syringes, Bacteriostatic water and the Alcohol swabs should be purchased separately.

A single vial lasts for 25-40 days. If you are planning on a diet program for an extended period, you will need more vials. Its advised to have an extra vial to be sure that your diet program is not disrupted.

Mixing The Vial Contents For HCG Solution

The Ovidac vials contain the dehydrated HCG hormone. Its mixed with the Bacteriostatic Water (purchased separately) and then injected. The mixing kit will have a mixing syringe, a bottle of bacteriostatic water and alcohol swabs. Using the mixing syringe, draw in 30 Ml of bacteriostatic water and slowly transfer it into the bottle containing the vial. Once the 30 ml is transferred fully, shake the bottle gently until the powder is completely mixed with no lumps.

This HCG solution once mixed should be refrigerated. Take it out and use it directly with the help of a syringe. Never keep the mixed HCG solution out in the room temperature. Remember to wipe the top of the bottle with alcohol swabs before inserting the needle in to draw the HCG solution.

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Ovidac HCG Dosage For Weight Loss

The daily dosage of Ovidac HCG for weight loss is 125-200 iu with each injection. There is only one shot per day. The dosage is flexible but one must stick to the same dosage day after day. It could be 125, 150, 175, or 200 iu. The Ovidac 5000 iu should last anywhere between 25-40 days depending on the dosage.

Basically, people who are on the verge of overweight might want a higher dose of HCG and for thinner people its better be the lower dose. The one trick to know if the dose is right for you is to check if you are feeling hungry or not. If you are hungry, the current dose is not enough for you.

It is better to start with 125 iu, check if that makes you feel hungry. If you are increase it to 150 and then up gradually. Once you have reached the right dose, stick to it until the end of the program.

There still are those who start at 150 iu, for them it is easier. If they feel hungry early enough they need lower dose, and if the hunger sets down towards the evening, increase the dose. There is no real mandatory dose for all, it all depends on each person, and how their body is responding.

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Caution & Side Effects To Expect

Ovidac is nothing but HCG hormone. It must be treated like that. The first rule of caution is that it must be refrigerated, all the time. In case you forget to keep it back in refrigerator after a use, the efficacy may decrease. But as long as the hormone is ‘alive’ you are good to go.

How do we check the potency of HCG solution? Simple! Get a pregnancy test kit, drop in a drop of the solution. If the test comes out positive with bright colors, you can still have that HCG solution. If not, I am afraid you may have to make a fresh batch.

As for the side effects, expect some headaches due to lack of usual amount of calories in the diet until the body gets used to the program.

The other side effects to be expected are the symptoms of pregnancy. As HCG is a pregnancy hormone the body tends to show similar symptoms in women. Women might expect nausea, vomiting etc. as if they are pregnant. Do not be shocked if you find the pregnancy test comes out positive. It shows that the HCG is real and is right into the body.

For men, on rare occasions, breast enlargement is noted. to say that It is an embarrassment, might be an understatement. It is only rare, but possible.


The Conclusion

Ovidac is one of the popular brands of HCG for weight loss. Owing to its low price and better potency, it fares well among the HCGers. The only problem is that it does not come as a complete kit. One must get the injection kit separately. There are coupon codes to get you discounts so that serves as a saving grace. Otherwise, Ovidac 5000 iu HCG for weight loss is just what you want and it serves well to stand up to all the expectations.

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