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Official HCG Diet Plan for Sale – Proper Weight Loss Program

Official HCG diet drops are efficient to melt those pounds away. A complete USA manufactured product, Official HCG diet drops is one of the top rated hcg diet drops. It contains natural ingredients that are absolutely safe on the body. When combined with the low calorie diet, official hcg diet drops delivers proper weight loss without losing muscle mass.

In this article, you will find everything related to official hcg diet drops including –

What is Official hcg diet drops?

A homeopathic product, Official hcg diet drops is for people who are planning to lose weight easily. There are many fake homeopathic hcg drops in the market. This makes it difficult to detect a true product. This is one of the reasons FDA banned homeopathic hcg over-the-counter. Official hcg diet drops, however, is available online and comes with real hcg hormone that assists you to lose weight easily.

These best hcg drops comes with the purest form of hcg (human chorionic gonadotrophin) hormone that is found in pregnant women’s body. Official hcg diet drops comes with b12 vitamins. It also includes mag-phos and nat-phos for boosting your metabolism rate.

There are four different diet plan to choose from which depends on the number of pounds you want to lose. For instance,

  • 15 day hcg diet plan
  • 21 day hcg diet plan
  • 45 day hcg diet plan
  • 90 day hcg diet plan

The official hcg diet plan comes with best hcg recipe ebook that can be downloaded from the website once you register to the official hcg diet program. Note that you need to maintain a very low cal diet that has a key role to play in losing that extra pounds. The official hcg drops website comes with official hcg diet plan food list that you need to implement. It also features foods that are NOT INCLUDED in the low cal diet.

How does official hcg diet drops work?

The homeopathic official hcg diet plan has only the best concern for your health.

  • HCG diet results in losing weight without losing muscle mass
  • Boosting the self confidence in you
  • Increasing the metabolic rate in the body
  • Overall a healthy body without side effects

Simply place Official hcg diet drops under your tongue, hold for a while and swallow it slowly. Let it absorb in the blood stream. When you combine it with 500 very low calorie diet, you will notice visible results within a week. People have reported losing one pound and more with Official hcg diet drops.

Official hcg diet drops are considered safe in nature unless of course you are taking medication for any health condition. For safety purposes, it is always recommended to consult your health practitioner before trying on the official hcg diet weight loss program.

There are other weight loss supplements as well that you can include in your hcg diet such as Garcinia cambogia, cellulite cream, green coffee bean, raspberry ketones etc. They are quite safe on the body and work benefit when blend with HCG diet drops.

Why should I buy official hcg diet drops?

The answer is simple. You won’t find another quality homeopathic product in the market. Official hcg diet drops are made using high quality hormone and other ingredients such as vitamin B12. Plus the products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility. The company is scrutinized by NSF to make sure they comply with all the regulations of GMP and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs). Note that the products are not FDA approved.

Ingredients of Official hcg diet drops

Official hcg diet drops are basically original hcg drops for sale. They contain pure HCG hormone that has been combined with B12 vitamins and other ingredients. They are diluted to the best suit your purpose. Inactive ingredients include colloidal mineral water. This is the most purified water base that delivers optimum results.

Official hcg diet drops side effects

Stating the known, hcg drops are NOT recommended by health experts. Why? Because it is considered detrimental to the body. The very low calorie diet of 500 can put pressure on the body that can lead to temporary and permanent damage to the body.

Temporary side effects have been noted by many hcg dieters including irritative behavior, anger, nausea, dizziness, constipation, nausea and so on. This is mainly because your body needs time to adjust with the low cal diet. Usually this is noted during the initial week of VLCD. It passes out eventually. Few noted increase in heart beat, fluctuation in blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Permanent side effects include gallstone formation, electrolyte imbalance, heart failure, heart arrhythmias etc.

This is why it is always considered best to consult the medical practitioner before trying on any hcg diet program.

However, there have been no side effects post usage of official hcg diet drops apart from minor issues here and there.

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Official hcg diet drops complaints

There have been quite some official hcg diet drops complaints doing around regarding the product. Few users opine that the customer support is quite poor and it is a drag to get the money refunded. Some dieters do not like the bland taste of the official hcg diet drops and say it tastes like vitamin water.

The company did make some effort to put a stop to the oncoming complaints but the grumbles continue.

“Tastes and looks like water”

I have used hcg in the past both ones with alcohol and non-alcohol. The official hcg diet drops tatstes like water. I would like a refund ASAP. If I controlled the 500 cal diet I would still lose weight.

There are few others but the customer support has replied to the customers promptly and provided a solution to tackle the situation. Now that shows some integrity from the company’s side.

Best Weight loss health supplements with Official hcg diet drops

Official hcg diet drops comes with various health supplements that speed up the weight loss process without triggering any unwanted appetite or side effects. For instance, Acai berry Detox cleanse. Before initiating the hcg diet, you can implement this supplement. It not only cleanses the colon but also removes any toxic elements from your digestive gut which in itself is the first step towards weight loss. Other products include –
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  • Ubiquinone CoQ10
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Glucomannan
  • Forskolin
  • Moringa Leaf etc.

They are natural remedies for weight loss that not only raise your energy levels but also strengthen the immune system. It acts as appetite suppressor curbing the tendency to overeat. Let’s take for instance, African Mango Maximum Strength from official hcg diet drops. The capsules when taken with the official hcg diet drops diet program enhances the cell function, improve cardio health, reduces any inflammation in the body and acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals. So pick your best buddy to go with HCG diet program.

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Official hcg diet drops – Diet programs

You can choose from the following 4 diet programs –

  • 15 day hcg diet plan
  • 21 day hcg diet plan
  • 45 day hcg diet plan
  • 90 day hcg diet plan

One of the most popular weight loss programs, the 15 day and 21 day diet program of official hcg diet drops are for beginners or for those who have little pounds to lose.

Beginners can give it a try with the 15 or 21 day hcg diet plan. Once you have achieved success you can move to the 45 or 90 day hcg diet plan. Any reunion coming up or a cruise trip planned ahead? The 15 day or 21 day hcg diet program is tailored to suit such emergency situations. So wear your toned body proudly with official hcg diet drops.

Divided into three phases, here is a summarized look at the diet program so as to give an idea of what you can expect.

  • First phase – the implementation phase of official hcg diet drops plan, you are required to eat up to your heart’s content. It lasts only two days. You need to drink a gallon of water a day (no less).
  • Second phase – the challenging phase, you need to start with the very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories along with the official hcg diet drops. You will start seeing some results as you will be shedding those extra weight you are carrying around.
  • Third phase – The maintenance phase, you have got rid of those excess pounds. Now that you are in good health and body, make sure to keep it that way. You won’t be having hcg drops or following any diet. You can eat anything you want. There is no calorie limit. But just make sure to keep an eye on what you are eating.

Couples official HCG diet plan menu

If you want a joint effort, make sure to pull in your partner as well. You can call your friend, family as well. Start losing weight easily with the Couples HCG diet plan. This is designed as 45 day diet program.

Easy to implement, you now know how it works for you. Simply follow the instructions, tips and tricks that will help you achieve weight loss easily. You will find mouthwatering hcg diet recipes as well that do not cross the 500 cal limit. It will also keep your craving senses under control.

There are other packages as well such as “The Diabetic Diet” that will help you to lose weight and curb your spiked up blood sugar levels easily. A safe product with 100% money back guarantee, The Diabetic diet is designed for people who are suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

With the Diatrix diet, you can benefit 

  • clincially proven to control Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • lower the blood sugar levels
  • promised weight loss
  • overall improvement of health with controlled blood sugar levels

Official hcg diet drops – Price and Returns

Official hcg diet drops comes with 90 day money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the product, return and get A COMPLETE REFUND, no questions asked.

If you live in USA, you can avail of FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING. This means if you order within 4 pm, your package will be shipped on the same day. Or else as per standard mail. Shipping is NOT done on Saturday or Sunday so make sure you order Monday to Friday before 4 pm to avail of free shipping.

All the products of Official hcg diet drops are available internationally. The shipping charges will vary depending on the country shipped.

Official hcg diet drops success stories

You can find hcg diet success stories and one of them will be yours sooner or later. From videos to written testimonials, you can find lot of positive official hcg diet drops customer reviews. Here are few of them FYI.

“Thanks to’s help and the excellent customer support, I have lost 22 pounds with the first round of official hcg diet plant. I still have 6 days left. I have never felt better.

I am thinking of doing 2 more rounds of my official hcg diet plan to reach my goal weight. For those who find it hesitant…DO IT.” – Lauren

“I was skeptical at first but now I couldn’t be more happy now. I had seen few people around me experience success with it. I thought why not give it a try. I purchased my homeopathic hcg from officialhcgdietplan. I waited for my birthday. So I started last weekend. I had already lost 7 lbs with my exercise and controlling my food intake. I have another 27 lbs to get rid off which is my target weight.”

“Just thought I would let you know that I have reached my goal weight within 25 days. I lost 26 pounds in the specific period and have never felt better. Thank you official hcg diet plan” – Todd

Official hcg diet drops customer reviews

The official hcg diet drops has received mixed reviews from users. Many users have lost weight and have been profoundly happy with their results. They did not feel any side effects either. The effects of official hcg diet drops are quite visible in customer testimonials and reviews mentioned in the official hcg diet plan website and various other affiliate sites.

On the con side of hcg drops reviews for weight loss, there have been complaints that say that the customer service is quite poor. They lack proper indication and do not ship package as claimed. Price for an ounce bottle is a bit high but then keeping the quality included, it is worth a try. The customer support is something that the company needs to work on, if they do not want to lose their customers.

When it comes to the official hcg diet plan reviews, few are of the conclusion that you can lose weight only with the very low calorie diet and the hcg drops has nothing to do much in cutting down excess fat.

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Official hcg diet plan coupon codes and promo codes

Looking for a further discount on the official hcg diet online store products? Then there are official hcg drops coupon code and official hcg promo codes that will give you in line with your budget.

The website of official hcg diet plan coupons is offering a $10 coupon code. So stop scratching your chin and get your hcg order now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Official hcg diet drops

Are there any bad official hcg diet plan website reviews available?

The customer support of the official hcg diet plan has been boo-ed on by few users. The taste of the official hcg diet drops is also not favored much. Some claim that the taste can be compared to vitamin water. The former is something that needs to be looked by the company. If you can handle the taste, you are good to go.

In the hcg official page it is said that they ship on the same day. Is it true?

Yes. If you order official site for hcg drops Mondy through Friday before 4 pm, your order will be shipped on the same day.

What is the official website for hcg diet drops?

The company website for official hcg diet drops is


Official hcg diet drops currently have one of the safe and best products you can rely on. The price is quite economical and if you are a fan of natural products you will definitely prefer this one.

The company has a whole range of products that can be quite confusing. They promote a healthy weight loss without any side effects. But they definitely add upto the bills. As they say money does not grow in the backyard so make sure you are opting at your discretion and not because the product seems fancy. Reviews tend to be tricky and can be confusing. There are both negative and positive reviews out there.

Any hcg diet requires patience and perseverance. So make sure you stick on to it no matter how murky things may seem. A healthy body is the result of a strong mind and a better life.


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