The Official HCG 15 Day Diet Plan

The 15 day hcg program is just to ensure that you get a feel for the HCG diet and how it works. With the 15-day hcg drops, the diet works efficiently but losing 10-15 pounds is not what most people are looking for. If you are planning to lose more about 15 pounds, then you can choose between 21 and 45 days hcg plan.

There are lots of differences between the Official Hcg drops and the non-homeopathic oral HCG drops. Official HCG drops actually work. With the official HCG drops, you lose about 1 to 2 pounds per day. The non homeopathic oral 15 day hcg drops may not be as effective. You do not need any prescriptions for the non homeopathic oral HCG drops. You can buy them off the Internet.

The Official HCG drops do not require you to buy any frozen food that you have to keep in store for the entire course of the Hcg diet plans. Non-homeopathic oral HCG drops require that you follow the specific diet with very low calories that may be injurious to health. For the Official HCG drops, you should not exercise heavily during the diet. Non-homeopathic oral HCG drops may not always contain the necessary HCG required for your diet.

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15 day HCG Diet Homeopathic Drops

Official HCG diet plans are for the safe and fast shedding of weight. They have several diet plans and the 15 day hcg diet homeopathic drops are the shortest of all. If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight for some special event or a family hangout or whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place. The official 15 day hcg diet plan is confident that you will start losing weight within the first week of its use. They have actually challenged that if this is not the case and you are not totally happy with the results of your 15-day HCG diet homeopathic drops, you can demand a refund from the company and also get an additional $10 dollars for your trouble. Intrigued?

Official HCG diet Drops Products

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What you have to do is follow their protocol laid on by the 15 day hcg diet instructions. Deviating from the protocol is the only way in which you will not see any results. You feel no reduction in your energy levels whatsoever. The official HCG drops will make sure of that. These drops will use up the energy formed by breaking down fat that’s stored away in your body rather than let you crave for food. Your body’s metabolism will be under the control of the drops and it will take away fat stored in unnecessary places.

If you order from the Official hcg site, and you have decided upon 15 day hcg drops program, you can be sure of a few things: the industry’s first 90 day refund which guarantees full money in return, a FDA approved manufacturing facility, free UPS next day air shipping, a gift diet guidebook and also a set of recipes, an excellent customer service that will answer all you r questions irrespective of whether you are a customer or not, no recurrent billing and the main part of the pack, a 15 day hcg drops bottle with 1 oz of the drops which will last you for +15 days.

Make sure to consult your physician before you start the diet in case there is an ingredient that you may be allergic to. They are made as safe as possible to suit your needs and you need to make sure you are ready for the VLC diet.

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The Official HCG 21 day diet plan

Are you tired of hearing about all the risk you are in due to overweight? Have you tried everything in your power to shed all those extra pounds and found all your efforts rendered futile? Have you been hearing all about HCG diet plans? For those who want to lose more weight than 10-15 pounds then the 15-day HCG diet instructions is not for you. Choose this 21-day diet plan.

The Official HCG diet plans are for those people who are looking for a safe and quick method to lose weight. The 21-day official hcg diet plan is perfect for beginners. In this plan, the drops are administered along with a very low-calorie diet or (VLCD) which will give you dramatic changes in your body weight and will contour it accordingly. Worried that you will starve to death during this time? Worry no longer. These drops will take care of suppressing your hunger and at the same time make sure you are getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals and whatever else your body needs in a day to survive and grow. You will have a constant feeling of well being.

If you decide to order the official HCG diet plan (and do that before 4 pm. MT), you get a free same day shipping through the ups next day air. The plan includes a 2-ounce bottle of HCG diet drops with B12 supplement which will last you for 21 days. This contains no alcohol. An original Pounds and Inches ebook which was composed by Dr. Simeon comes along with the pack and also an official HCG diet weight loss program which you should follow without cheating. Another ebook included in this pack is a best hcg recipe book which you can be used during your diet. You can keep track of all the weight and pounds you lose by adding to the official weight loss log daily. These accessories in the 21-day diet plan will make sure that you are not left on your own during the diet.

The official hcg diet plan boasts that you will start seeing a difference in yourself within the first week of your diet and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the pack and get a refund on your product. They go a step forward and promise to pay you a $10 extra for your trouble. Does that sound like overconfidence to you? Well, its just faith in their product.

The official hcg 21-day plan will make sure to burn fat in the abdomen, thighs and other fat prone areas in your body. In addition to all this, all the manufacturing is done in FDA approved facilities. Remember, you will feel fully energized throughout the plan.

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45 Day Official HCG Diet Plan

The Range of HCG products online has gone manifolds. There has been a lot of attention in the HCG world and it’s not amazing that these products have become one of the best selling products online. With the ban from the FDA, the popularity of the product has only increased. unfortunately, there have been plenty of Fake products online claiming to be HCG and not keeping up with the standards. The official HCG diet plan is not one of them. Among the Official HCG diet plan the 45 Day Official HCG diet plan is one of the most popular.

With a money back guarantee and an additional $10 challenge by the vendors of The official hcg diet plan, the thing seems to be so good that there are no returns. Being an official seller of this product, I can assure that there has not been a single return on this product personally. Adding on features like the Next day UPS delivery and free of charge shipping only adds up to the service by the company.

Very rarely have I found a product to give a 90 Day money back guarantee and even its used. If you are not satisfied with the product, this product can be easily returned or a full refund + $10. Also included are the Diet guide and recipes for ardent HCG Dieters. With no additional fee or recurring fee, the Official HCG Diet plan is one among the few products to reach heights.

HCG Diet Instructions – The Four Phases of HCG Diet Program

It doesn’t matter which diet plan you choose, the 4 phases of HCG diet program remains the same. Let’s take, for instance, the 15-day hcg program. The 15 day HCG diet instructions are best suited for those who want to lose 10-15 pounds. You can download the Pounds and Inches in pdf format which is a complete handbook of Dr. Simeons that comes with the 15-day hcg diet homeopathic drops. It will help you to lose weight within an unbelievable 15 days.

Nothing changes when you are dieting as per the 15-day HCG diet instructions except the day count. Let me brief you. The initial two days are always the loading phase. From the third day starts Phase 2 where you need to consume only 500 calorie diet. As per the 15 day HCG diet instructions, Phase 3 is the maintenance phase that needs to be done from 13-15th day. Phase 4 and the last section of HCG diet is called the maintenance period where you need to maintain the weight and go back to your normal routine slowly by slowly without gobbling on food.

Here is how the phases work as per the 15-day HCG diet instructions.

Phase 1 – Day 1 and 2: You will consume as many foods as you can during this phase. You may gain weight during this period but it will come off quickly when the low-calorie diet begins. It is better this way because if you don’t indulge in loading phase as per the 15-day HCG diet instructions, you may feel hunger cravings increase especially during the initial week of low-calorie diet. Healthy foods such as coconut oil, avocado, nuts, salmon are best as it will increase your weight.

Phase 2 – Day 3 – 12: The 500 calorie diet from the 15-day HCG diet instructions mainly includes cutting down on a variety of foods such as junk/fried foods. Some people suffer from plateau period. You can have an apple day at this time. You also need to follow appropriate meals which are given in the book – Pounds and Inches such as prohibiting the use of sugar, consuming only 1 tablespoon of milk a day and many more. The proper following of 15-day HCG diet instructions will help you in aiding in better weight loss without any side effects.

Phase 3 – Day 13-15: No more HCG hormone during this period but the low-calorie diet will continue for 72 hours. The reason is HCG will stay in your body for 72 hours and an increase in food can trigger weight gain.

Phase  4 – From 15th day for a week: In the maintenance phase fondly called as per the 15-day HCG diet instructions , you need to consume normal calories (1200-1800) without ingesting HCG drops. Just stay away from sugar/starchy foods as they can aid in rapid weight gain. This is a critical phase of your body is resetting your metabolism level and giving a message to your hypothalamus to note down your new weight. As mentioned by 15-day hcg diet instructions, do not neglect this phase.

Things to note while on the diet program as per the 15-day HCG diet instructions:

  • Stay away from cosmetics such as makeup, lotions etc. that contains fat induced chemicals which will hinder weight loss. Choose organic makeup products.
  • Moderate exercise should be done such as 10 minutes walk or a game of golf on your nearest club as you are on a low-calorie diet.
  • Do not consume HCG when you are menstruating as it can induce pain or heavy bleeding.
  • Look for possible side effects of HCG drops.

Many dieters have found success with the 15-day hcg diet program and its related 15-day HCG diet instructions. This is because they find it a lot easier and simpler. Possible reason of choosing the 15-day HCG diet instructions may be because they do not have to go through a rigorous 3-4 week that comes with other heavy diet programs or the break which gives them the time to see if the diet really works or not. It also gives them the time to know how HCG works in their body and the possible side effects that they need to endure.

Official HCG drops Versus Non-Homeopathic Oral HCG Drops

The Official HCG drops have the perfect quantity of HCG in them that will ensure a proper weight loss. The non-homeopathic oral HCG drops may contain less or no HCG drops. This can be very easily verified if you still feel hungry and fatigued during the Hcg diet. The Official HCG drops will take care of suppressing your hunger and cravings. It will influence the hypothalamus part of the brain that gives alerts when the body craves food. The Official HCG drops will divert the energy requirements to the stored fat in the body.

The non-homeopathic oral HCG drops are sometimes undiluted. This will cause the body to have lots more HCG in the body than required and lead to many health problems. This is worse than when the non-homeopathic oral HCG drops have no HCG at all. The Official HCG drops are the actual HCG drops that will give you the quick weight loss you are looking for.

You can use the Official HCG drops to reshape your body and alter your body’s metabolism so that the fat gets burned faster without making you crave more food. The non-homeopathic oral HCG drops may just affect the body during the course of the diet and not prolong the weight loss. You will find it harder to keep off the weight loss. The Official HCG drops will help with a long lasting weight loss.