You know, the best way to weight loss is to boost the metabolic rate. Whatever that you do, it all comes to this metabolism that decides how much fat you are removing from the body. Even the trigger should come naturally from within the body. This is where the HCG based products have succeeded in helping with weight loss.

The Nutra Pure HCG is one such weight loss aid that is safer from any side effects.

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About Nutra Pure HCG Drops

Nutra Pure HCG is a homeopathic preparation available in liquid form. It is not made of HCG hormone. Instead, it uses some substances that can have the same effect as the HCG hormone inside the body. This is in diluted form, making it safer than the high potency of HCG, like that in the shots or patches.

Nutra Pure HCG is a non-prescription product, easily available online and that should go along with the Dr. Simeons very low calorie diet protocol. The beauty of Nutra Pure HCG drops is that it targets the stored and unwanted fat inside the body, rather than the structural fats.

Nutra Pure HCG ingredients, Benefits & Uses


The actual ingredients list in the Nutra Pure HCG Drops is not explained at the maker’s online site. They do mention that it is hormone free. It contains the certain ingredients that can increase the body metabolism just like the HCG hormones. Only here, it is completely safe from any hormones.

Whatever ingredients they have used here are in diluted form as well. It makes it a non-prescription weight loss aid and is much more economical than the prescription HCG.

The label of the Nutra Pure HCG Drops shows that it contains homeopathic solution HCG with adrenal, thyroid and fat metabolizers in a diluted form available with the colloidal mineral water base.


  • Nutra Pure HCG Drops boosts the body metabolism
  • Enables faster weight loss of about 1-2 pounds loss per day
  • There would be an increase in the energy inside the body
  • It targets only the stored fat for the energy production and retains the structural fat
  • It does not make you feel hungry, even with the insanely low-calorie diet
  • It is safe for longer consumption and contains only natural ingredients.

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Nutra Pure HCG Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms


Nutra Pure HCG Drops is taken sublingual, 3 times a day. Drop in the specific 10 drops under the tongue and hold it there for 2-3 minutes. You need to take them before the meals so you may have to take it 3-5 times a day as well. Make sure that you take them 30-45 minutes before the food.

The liquid would be slowly absorbed by the capillaries under the tongue and deliver it directly to the bloodstream. This way, it bypasses the digestive system and can stay in its true form.

You need to take the drops for as long as the specified day for each package. It is available for 15 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days program. The number of days that you need to take them depends on the program you choose.

HCG diet protocol

There would be an HCG guide that explains all about the HCG diet protocol. This diet plan happens over 3-4 phases. The Nutra Pure HCG Drops comes in Phase 2. Phase 2 includes the regular dosage of Nutra Pure HCG Drops and following the very low-calorie diet that limits the daily calorie intake to just 500 calories. You need to distribute the 500 calories across the 3-5 meals of the day. This calorie limit is mandatory to force the body to reach the stored fat and to bring out effective results.

There is also flexibility where you could have the 500, 600 or the 1200 calories per day while on the Nutra Pure HCG drops. But the best option would be 500 calories per day for best results.

Drug interactions

Nutra Pure HCG Drops is only a natural product that is unlikely to cause any drug interactions. Yet, the low-calorie diet can be tricky for those who are taking any kind of drugs or medications. You need to talk to the doctor to see if it is safe for you or not.

Nutra Pure HCG Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Nutra Pure HCG Drops is safe from all kinds of side effects. It does not contain the actual hormones and there are no chances of any kind of bad effects on the body. The only bad effect would be that you are losing the unwanted fat and are having a fabulous body.

Nutra Pure HCG Drops contains the ingredients that are in diluted form. It supplies the just enough amount and regularly for the body to adjust the metabolic rate.

The possible side effects are mainly associated with the low-calorie diet. You can expect a headache, cramps in the legs, constipation etc.

  • The reduced calorie lowers the blood glucose and causes a headache. It will soon go when the body gets used to the diet changes.
  • Constipation is another problem associated with the HCG diet. You need to drink more water (warm water) throughout the day to avoid these problems.
  • Leg cramps are caused by dehydration. You need to drink more water. It also happens as part of the detoxification of the body and should be gone within a few days.

A few of the users did feel tired after taking these drops. Maybe they did not do well with the extracts used in the Nutra Pure HCG Drops formulation.

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Is Nutra Pure HCG drops safe?

Yes, completely! It does not contain even an ounce of the HCG hormone. The hormone is known to cause some side effects like pregnancy like symptoms etc. The Nutra Pure HCG Drops does not cause any such problems.
Moreover, you can take them for longer periods like 45-60 days without any break in between. Usually, the HCG drops the demand that you take some break in between as the body could get used to the HCG and show resistance to its activities. Nutra Pure HCG Drops is safe from that as well.

Does Nutra Pure HCG work?

Nutra Pure HCG Drops work on to get rid of unwanted body fat in the most effective manner. The Nutra Pure HCG Drops contain the key extracts or compounds that increase the body metabolism. No starvation or only exercises can bring about the same results as Nutra Pure HCG Drops can.

Nutra Pure HCG Drops uses the benefits of the increased metabolism inside the body and the reduced calorie intake together to bring out the best. The body that is used to having more calories from the diet tend to look for alternatives to get the same amount.

The Nutra Pure HCG Drops maneuvers the body to the stored fat and use it to generate calories or energy as required. Since the body s getting only 500-1200 calories, the remaining 1500 or more of the calories come from the fats that are broken down. This leads to fat loss and thus weight loss.

The only question would be how much does the Nutra Pure HCG Drops work. The weight loss could depend on the individual. Some people may get faster and more weight loss of about 2 pounds a day, while others can expect 0.5-1 pound per day.

Nutra Pure HCG Results

You can see the Nutra Pure HCG Drops right from day 1 of Phase 2. The low calories diet would first get rid of the water weight and then gradually reaches the stored fat. The average weight loss could be 1 pound for most.
You can achieve these results without tiring yourself to death with the rigorous exercises. Though exercises are good, you don’t have to overdo with them. Nutra Pure HCG Drops does not recommend any rigorous exercises during phase 2.

All the Nutra Pure HCG Drops results would be because of the Nutra Pure HCG formula and the very low-calorie diet.

People lose 1-2 pounds per day for the next 15, 30, 45 or 60 days and have successfully reduced their waist circumference to drop several dress sizes as well. The only drawback would be the skin sagging for the huge weight losses.

Nutra Pure HCG Reviews & Complaints

The Nutra Pure HCG Drops reviews show mixed opinions. There are more happy customers than the unhappy people. The major complaint regarding the Nutra Pure HCG Drops is that there is no clarity on the exact composition of the product. It has put a dark shadow over its claim. At a time when the products flaunt what they have inside, the reluctance of Nutra Pure HCG Drops to show their ingredients add to the suspicion.

The reviews also reveal that the success of Nutra Pure HCG Drops in weight loss is lower than the other homeopathic HCG drops in the market. It is also noted that those who have had success with the lower limit targets are the main customers and there are only very few who opt for the long-term weight loss programs.

Nutra Pure HCG Testimonials

  • Melisa- “I managed to shed 20 pounds in 23 days. I am planning to go for round 2 and have got my second bottle. I feel closer to my teenage age. Very pleased.”
  • Tammy-I used to weigh 177 pounds. I have managed to reduce it to 150 pounds in 30 days. Thanks to Nutra Pure HCG.”
  • Desiree- I took Nutra Pure HCG multiple times over a period of 6 months and managed to bring down my body weight from 180 to 128 pounds.”
  • Mark-“I was obese at a weight of 370 pounds. I have used all HCG variants including the shots. I found that the Nutra Pure HCG drops is more effective than the other variants. It has helped me tame my body weight. I now weigh 185 pounds and feel like healthy and fit.”

Where To Buy Nutra Pure HCG

Nutra Pure HCG drops is available only online and that too exclusively from the manufacturers. You could go to the to place your orders. The new customers can have the 30-day money back guarantee if they are unsatisfied.

Once the orders are placed the shipping happens within 24 hours. Then it takes about 3-4 days to reach you. it may take longer, depending on your location. Shipping is free of cost for all orders. So you just pay for the product.

Nutra Pure HCG Price

There are 4 Nutra Pure HCG drops packages. The price ranges from $49-109. Each package contains the Nutra Pure HCG, A quick start Guide on HCG diet as well as unlimited customer support via phone, chat or email. These packages differ only in the number of Nutra Pure HCG drops bottles and their amount.

  • The basic package is the 15-day program that comes with 1 bottle of Nutra Pure HCG drops that has 1-ounce liquid in it. This pack enables you to lose up to 18 pounds. The price of this pack is $49.95.
  • Good Value pack- 30 Day program contains 1 bottle of 2 ounces of Premium HCG along with the other inclusions. It helps you shed as much as 31 pounds in a month. This pack costs $69.95.
  • The better value pack is for the 45-day program: It contains one bottle of 2 ounces Nutra Pure HCG and another of 1 ounce Nutra Pure HCG for a total of 3 ounces for this period. This program suits for those who want to lose up to 46 pounds. The price of this pack is $89.95.
  • Best value pack costs $109.95 and is the 60-day program. This will help you lose up to 61 pounds in 2 months time.

Nutra Pure HCG Discount, Coupon Codes & Promos

There are no discounts, coupon codes or promos available for Nutra Pure HCG drops to get you a better deal. They are currently unavailable, maybe you could get it later.


Nutra Pure HCG FAQs

Which calorie limit should I take, 500, 600 or 1200?

It depends on the individual. Though it says that the 500 calorie limit is the best, many people may not be comfortable with this plan. It is also evident that people who were taking the higher limits like 1000-1200 calories per day have also managed to lose one pound per day. There is no clear mandate on which calorie limit to choose. It is all up to you and your comfort. There is no point in starving yourself.

Isn’t 500 calories per day unhealthy?

Simply having 500 calories per day is unhealthy but not when it is coupled with the metabolism boosting Nutra Pure HCG drops or other HCG drops. The HCG drops increase the metabolism to burn more fat molecules and release energy to compensate for the calories from the diet. These HCG drops can affect the thyroids and hypothalamus to trigger the metabolism and to locate only the stored fat

Will I be hungry during the Nutra Pure HCG protocol?

It is likely, especially in the initial days. From day 3-5 you can expect to be hungry and feel that you are not eating enough. It might take a few days for some people to get into the HCG drops and have their body shift to the faster metabolism mode.

Can I really achieve 2 pounds of weight loss per day?

2 pounds of weight loss per day is the upper limit. You may or may not lose that much of weight per day. In reality, you might lose anywhere between 0.5-2 pounds of weight per day on an average. The weight loss amount might vary from one day to another. On the whole, you can clearly manage to lose 5-10 pounds of weight for sure with the base package.

How do you compare the potency of Nutra Pure HCG drops with the prescription HCG?

10 drops of Nutra Pure HCG thrice a day is equivalent to the 125 IU of the prescription HCG.

Is the Nutra Pure HCG available on Amazon?

No, the Nutra Pure HCG is exclusively available from the makers.

Any chance I can get the Nutra Pure HCG in Costco?

Nutra Pure HCG drops is not available in any of the shops as of yet. You might not find it in Costco or in the retail shops like Walmart etc.

Is Nutra Pure HCG FDA Approved?

Nutra Pure HCG drops is a homeopathic product and without the hormone so that it does not come under FDA approval. This has been effective and has not been taken out of the marker by the FDA.

How can I contact the support team when needed?

You can reach the customer care over the phone at 1-630-857-9597, or drop in an email at for any queries or help.


Usually, the HCG drops are targeting only the hypothalamus to get the metabolism in its active mode. The Nutra Pure HCG drops can positively affect the adrenal functions, thyroids as well as the liver functioning to ensure the smooth conduct of the metabolic activities. It does not contain alcohol as like other homeopathic preparations and is safe to use by one and all. Instead of a simple diet control for weight loss, make use of the Nutra Pure HCG drops for a more effective and faster weight loss with assured results.