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Nuimage Medical HCG

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Nu Image Medical is the leading online and telemedicine provider that is truly medical. Real time doctors are available all the time for prescribing the HCG for weight loss. The aspiring dieter should fill out the forms and a doctor will be consulted directly. Once the doctor gives the approval and prescription the dieter may get the HCG hormone for the weight loss program in the preferable form of injection, drops, or pellets. Nu Image Medical is the only online provider that sells prescribed HCG in any form. The HCG is to be administered along with the strict 500 calorie diet and preferred supplements to hasten the healthy weight loss. From Nu Image Medical a lot of HCG, supplements and other facilities related HCG diet program are available.

The HCG is on the news since a long time now. Recently there was a ban on HCG injections being sold over the counter. Plenty of companies had to take back their products from these stores and many were re-labelled to meet the conditions of the FDA. Fraudulent products were stuffed in the market and plenty of complaints followed. Sometimes negative publicity is all that is needed to make a particular brand or product popular. HCG Became popular overnight with the FDA’s ban. All credits to FDA. But what and why did the FDA actually ban the HCG products for and why does NuImage HCG claim to be approved and licensed by US Pharmacy? Well, here is the big detail about-

NuImage HCG – Licensed US Pharmacy HCG Injections

While most HCG products in the market claim to be pure, many of the said products have below recommended level of HCG in it. The actual HCG is so low that there is no result from the treatment. Some products do not have HCG at all in it. But they still do work! How? The main reason why HCG works is because of the Diet. Without following the strict and rigorous diet, HCG products are simply a waste. Drops or injections, the right diet is key to the success of the HCG products. Nuimage HCG, being licensed, Claims to provide 100% hcg injections with Doctor supervision and a load of other details for you. While most of the other HCG products will send you a bottle full of Juice with a Book to accompany on your diet, the Nuimage HCG products and the company itself goes a step further. Check out what you get when you order HCG from Nuimage below.

Why To Register In NuImage HCG Pharma Grade Injection Program

  • Phone Consultations & Reviews with Physician : Normally you don’t get any form of consultation when you order a hcg product online. Offline products are even more worse. Over the counter HCG products are rare these days and if you get any, you will be provided nothing to back you or support.
  • HCG From a Licensed US Pharmacy : This is the best part as far as the product is concerned. Nuimage HCG or Nuimagemedical is 100 % pure hcg. There is no tampering, no additives which are unnecessary and its simply said, PURE!
  • All Required Supplies & Syringes : Okay, you could get the supplies from any medical store round the corner but this makes things easy. You get all your supplies to administer HCG from home without your need to go hunting for the next syringe !
  • HCG Diet E-book – The HCG Diet: The Easy Way : The diet is key to success of HCG. Without the diet program, you would get nowhere when it comes to the HCG program. Check out the HCG diet E-book which is in the downloadable format for quick day to day diet you should follow. Sometimes it may be hard to go through these food and a recipe book would be a good add on and thats what comes next.
  • 101 HCG Diet Recipes E-book : When you are on a diet, everything sucks. The food is next to eating nothing and tastes even worse. Well not with the Nuimage HCG recipe book. Find 101 Recipes you could use to keep your 23 or 43 day diet in calm and good health. No bickering about the tasteless food on the table, The little whatever you get.
  • Quick Reference Guide : This one needs no explanation!
  • Licensed Medical Professionals at Your Disposal : in doubt and don’t know what you should do next? Well there is someone to help you at all times. Call with the Support 7 Days via Phone, E-mail, & Live Chat you have a licensed medical professional at your disposal whenever you want!!! Now that’s a bonus.

Nu Image Medical reviews

This Nu Image supplement helps you lose weight in a natural manner. Thus, the reviews available from the user are mostly positive for this product. Moreover, the formula is safe, backed by medical professionals and is worth at offering the best guaranteed results. Further look into the customer reviews available at the manufacturer’s website at Nu Image hcg.

Is Nu Image The Best Place For HCG Injection?

Nu Image Medical is the first online HCG manufacturer that offers medical consultation while ordering the HCG injections for weight loss. It is widely accepted that Nu Image is the best place for HCG injections for this reason. Not only do they offer medical consultation but also provide online support for a week and send the prescription for the HCG injection, without which the injection will not be shipped to the patient. Other online stores simply sell the HCG injections, without considering the patient having any adversities due to any pre existing medical condition. Considering this risk, Nu Image makes a safer hub for getting HCG injections that helps lose weight faster and healthier.

Pharmaceutical grade HCG

HCG is a hormone that mobilizes the stored fat to be used as energy resources and help lose weight. Its effectiveness lies in it staying in the hormonal form. Nu Image offers only pharmaceutical grade HCG in their injections. The pharmaceutical grade HCG is the real 100% HCG hormone without any mixing or dilutions. This pure HCG is dehydrated and made into a powder that will have to be mixed with the provided mixing liquid. Only the 100% HCG can make the right effect in getting the stored fat to be burnt and lose the excess body weight. The credibility of the Nu Image HCG injection is increased by having to get the doctor’s prescription for getting the HCG Injections online.

Nuimage HCG

  • Drops, injections and Pellets
  • Comes with Doctors prescription
  • Extensive Support
  • Free delivery
  • Support Products
  • Customizable Program

Doctor’s consultation

No other online HCG store can boast of this facility. Any person intending to get the Nu Image HCG injection  or Nuimage hcg for weight loss will have to fill out a form explaining the medical conditions and fitness before buying the HCG. This filled form will be evaluated by a team of doctors who will decide whether or not the person is fit to use the HCG injection. There are certain medical conditions that will not go well with the HCG injections, and persons who have those conditions will be denied its use. This way the person will not suffer any adversities unknowingly by getting the shots. Once the doctors approve of the fitness, the person will have the prescription to get the HCG injection and will have it shipped to the given address upon full payment.

Prescription HCG

Not all HCG injections that are available in the market are 100% HCG. The 100% HCG will be pharmaceutical grade which is available only with a certified doctor’s prescription. At Nu Image the doctor’s consultation is available and on approval will get the necessary prescription to buy the HCG injection. This makes sure that the HCG that is bought is of high quality pure HCG which will have the expected effect and have a healthier weight loss.Know More

Hygienic supplies

Nu Image HCG injections will have all the necessary supplies for administration for the recommended days. The disposable needles for each day are provided in sealed packs. The powdered HCG is also in a sealed bottle and the mixing water is sterile. Mixing syringe is also included in the pack for taking the sterile water for mixing. The HCG injections are self administered and easy. Even the preparation pads are given that are used to sterilize the area before administering the injection. The provided guide book explains everything, where to give the injections and when. A single pack of the HCG injection kit will last for the days that the particular program will need.

Online support

Online support even after purchase is available for the patients who have bought the HCG Injections from Nu Image. This online support is available for a week after receiving the shipment. Any doubts regarding the use of HCG injections will be cleared by the support team.

Clear mixing instructions

The mixing instructions for the HCG injections are given online and in the guide book. The procedure and what to mix in what and the storage methods are all explained. Once the HCG is mixed with the bacteriostatic water it should be stored in refrigerator until the last day of administration.

Nu Image Medical – HCG Diet Program

Nu Image Medical is a health care provider licensed to prescribe HCG  through their HCG diet program. HCG hormone is a naturally produced hormone especially in pregnant ladies, which when combined with a low calorie diet, produces remarkable results on body weight loss.

The HCG Diet Program by Nu Image Medical

HCG Diet sharply cuts down your calorie intake to 500 calories a day. The prescriptions on the foods you are allowed to eat, the foods you are not allowed to eat along with few HCG injections prescribed, the diet works wonders on your aim of losing weight. There is various HCG Diet programs available and Nu Image Medical follows the original by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons which is the best among all the HCG diet programs.

It is very important to strictly adhere to the prescribed Nu Image Medical  HCG diet program otherwise it will be just a waste of time and money without any results. Eating the same foods by taking the HCG injections or following the diet without taking the prescribed injection dosages, either way you will not find any difference in your weight.

The Nu Image Medical HCG diet program Protocol

  • Dr. Simeons researched and found out that 150-200 iu daily dosage of injections for 40 days is the best for weight loss.
  • Women on menstrual cycle should stop the injections until the cycle is complete but should continue with the diet.
  • The Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) does not start until after the 3rd injection till then the food intake should be in large amounts.
  • The diet specifies specifically what all to eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, the fruits and vegetables, the ingredients for seasoning, cosmetic products

Always note to stick onto the plan and if the instructions are followed as per given, you will experience amazing results. If not, there will be negative side effects and weight gain.

Some of the supplements provided by Nu Image Medical for the HGC diet program are the Ultraburn, Food Delivery, HCG Diet Shakes and Supplement Bundle. For further information on these services, click on the following link: http://nu

Nuimage HCG

  • Drops, injections and Pellets
  • Comes with Doctors prescription
  • Extensive Support
  • Free delivery
  • Support Products
  • Customizable Program

Nu Image Medical also deals with the following programs

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Tanning Made Simple – Melanotide II
  • MIC / B12 Weightloss

 MIC / B12 Weightloss

Nu Image Medical has introduced The Ultra Burn which includes the following injections and capsules: Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Pyridoxine,Vitamin B 12, Chromic Chloride, Niacinamide, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pantothenic Acid.

All these are used to speed up the process of fat reduction and detoxify your body of heavy metals. It is a powerful weight loss supplement who extremely obese people who wants to burn fat quickly and easily with no side effects.

HCG Pellets By Nu image – Substitute For Injections

For me pellets have always been the best substitute for injections! I always used to try to save myself from the wrath of hurting points (needles) by myself suggesting pellets to the doctor ! So HCG dieters whoever have needle phobia, HCG pellets are your saviors. I can understand you know, when you want to achieve something desperately, something like weight loss (weight loss tops the ‘Dire need’ charts these days) and want to achieve it in simple way and when the simple way includes injections(which not at all seems in any way simple to me), makes it very difficult to prevent the desire to lose weight from burning down to just an unachievable dream! My friends Pellets are your best options! So those who are afraid of injections, Nu Image Medical provides HCG pellets. The only difference between HCG injections and HCG pellets is that, the former is in liquid form and the latter in a flat solid pellets form! The HCG pellets are as effective as the HCG injections.

HCG pellets by Nu Image Medical will help you to avert these problems by supporting weight loss. The HCG pellets are temperature resistant and therefore don’t need to be stored in refrigerators thus making them easy to carry wherever you go.

The HCG pellets more easier to administer and get directly dissolved into blood thus showing faster effects. It also tastes good. The pellets taste way better than HCG drops. When 500 calories diet and HCG pellets combine together the weight on the weighing machine starts going downwards in an accelerated pace. A 500 calorie diet without HCG pellets is a complete disaster! With just a 500 calorie intake, you won’t be able to survive, HCG pellets will help you to curb the hunger pangs and will help your body to become energized and healthy. People who have used HCG pellets along with a 500 calorie diet has experienced immense change. Nu Image Medical HCG pellets are from licensed pharmacies and are thus completely safe. You can order the pellets by visiting the official site of Nu Image Medical –

Obese people are often teased and discriminated but one must realize there is a scientific disadvantage to it too. People with obesity suffer from high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer and so on.

Nowadays, you will find numerous techniques available in the market for weight loss. The HCG Diet is the most famous among them. HCG, Human Choriogonadotropin is a hormone containing amino acids mainly produced by pregnant women and helps in killing fat cells. Nu Image Medical, authorised dealer of HCG products offers this program in the form of HCG injections, HCG drops and even HCG injections. Most people prefer the HCG injections but for those scared of that needles always have the option of HCG pellets.

Why Pellets are preferred to the other modes

  • Phobia of injections – Injecting is not so big a deal but there are people who are really afraid of it and not capable enough to endure that prickling pain.
  • Pellets are easier to intake and eliminate the difficulties faced while taking injections and drops.
  • The effects of the pellets acts instantly on the body unlike injections which might take time, thereby providing the best results.
  • This plan does not require you to spend extra time on exercises.

However, there is one condition that must be strictly adhered to – A strict diet of 500 calories should be followed. Following the medication alone cannot ensure weight loss. Try to avoid sugar in tea and coffee, milk, whole eggs, bacon, corn, bananas, peas, plums, potatoes, popcorn, rice, candy, ice cream, ketchup, mustard, mayo, jelly, chips, cereal, pizza, cookies, nuts and other fatty foods. Even cosmetics that include fat or oil should be avoided. Always make sure you drink lots of water, it helps to flush out toxins and cleanse your system.

Benefits of using HCG Pellets from Nu Image are

  • The Nu Image is certified as the 100% real prescription HCG.
  • Nu Image has the licensed pharmacies and doctors available in the US.
  • It provides shipping services worldwide.
  • No matter in which corner of the world you are in, you can always get consultations either through phone or video.
  • There are no waiting room delays.

HCG Pellets are also prescribed for infertility in women and also women having trouble during their menstrual cycle.

Everybody is not alike. For some people pellets works better than drops and injection, for some others it may not.

Dosage of HCG pellets

The dosage of HCG pellets may vary from brand to brand but Nu Image prescribes the following:

  • Take 4 HCG pellets at a time before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The pellets should be kept under the tongue till it dissolves.
  • The residue formed can either be swallowed or spat out.
  • Make sure you do not eat or drink for around twenty minutes before and after the consumption of pellets

It is always advisable for people suffering from any health ailments to consult their physician before going for these techniques. As this may have side effects like loss of menstruation, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, hair loss and so on.

Internet researches have proven that the pellet category of HCG is losing its stand in the market with the emergence of lot of fake such products. HCG pellets manufactured by Nu Image is proven to be the best and always stands the first from the beginning. Just taking 2013-2014 the Nu Image HCG pellets sales rose to an astounding 30% last year. This indicates a greater percentage of patients shifting to the HCG pellets manufactured by Nu Image.

Nuimage HCG

  • Drops, injections and Pellets
  • Comes with Doctors prescription
  • Extensive Support
  • Free delivery
  • Support Products
  • Customizable Program

All Products of Nu Image Medical

  • HCG Diet Injections are considered the most effective way of administering HCG into the body for weight loss. Nu Image Medical highly recommends this method and the other two options should be chosen only if the person cannot tolerate the needles. The HCG injections from Nu Image Medical include the 5000 IU of HCG in it. The HCG diet injections from Nu Image Medical is 100% pharmaceutical grade HCG which is highly potent that the mimicking ones.
  • HCG Diet Drops is the better convenient method of taking HCG. There is no pain of the needles. Simply drop the required number of drops under the tongue and leave it there for a while and that’s it. Follow it with 500 calorie diet and the stubborn fat doesn’t stand a chance anymore.
  • HCG Pellets seems to be the most convenient way of taking HCG. Nu Image Medical has come up with HCG pellets that are ready to take with measured quantity of HCG in it. Just pop in a pellet a day and you are done. There is no pain and no need to count the drops. Pellets are also taken sublingual. There is no need for concern, as the HCG pellets from Nu Image Medical are real HCG that comes only with a prescription, the weight loss is assured.
  • Ultra Burn is a mix of amino acids and vitamins like methionine, inositol, choline, pyridoxine, vitamin B12, thiamine-B1, riboflavin-B2, niacinamide- B3, chromic chloride, and pantothenic acid. This can be used in the Phase 3 of the Medical HCG diet by Nu Image Medical. The ultra burn keep burning more fat molecules even after the HCG dose is stopped, making sure that no weight gain happens in this phase and the body is able to stabilize the lost weight to stay for a longer while.
  • HCG diet shakes are packed protein shakes ready to drink. They can be used as meal replacement during the Phase 2 of the HCG diet program. They are safe to use as no sugar is added and the sweetness is because of Stevia added.
  • HCG Diet supplement bundle includes VitaBoost XL, a multi vitamin and mineral supplement that are needed during the HCG weight loss program; Digesti-Cleanse for the total colon cleansing that detoxifies the digestive system, relives bloating and helps slim down the waist area: Stress Stop is a stress reliever and an Adrenal fatigue remover; Calcium pyruvate otherwise known as fat burner. The calcium pyruvate is used to burn the sugars and carbohydrates in the body preventing their conversion into storage fat.
  • HCG Diet food delivery: This is what makes Nu Image Medical, special. The dieter gets the option to order the diet recipes and receive it at home or office as per convenience. The food for lunch, snack 1, snack 2 and dinner will be taken care of. The order can be placed for 7 days a week. The food will be a balanced diet that sticks to the 500 calorie per day. The dieter can choose the dishes from the menu card. This facility saves time and provides the dieter to have nutritious food all the while he or she stays on the strict low calorie diet. Orders are done for three or 6 week plan.

Enrolling Procedure at Nu Image Medical

Enrolling at Nu Image Medical is easy. Choose the HCG diet plan for 26 days or 40 days and choose the administering mode and add the necessary supplements if needed. Fill in details about your name, address, phone number, email ID, mode of transport etc and submit the form. Until the doctor talks to you and confirms the order, no money will be deducted from the account. Once the payment is complete, the HCG will be shipped to the given address. Take it in the recommended amount and strictly follow the low calorie diet and get rid of any fatty or sugary cosmetics for better effects. Try it, you will not be disappointed, for sure.

There is also an option to get refill packs for people who want to continue with another round of weight loss program. This option is only for existing patients who have already enrolled. Select the refill pack and place the order For HCG Drops or Injections.