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HCG injections are more effective than the drops. The HCG drops are more convenient and much cheaper. But the absorption rate when compared to the injections is very low and slower.

Nu Image Medical HCG injections uses the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, popularly known as HCG, a natural hormone produced in the pregnant ladies, for faster weight loss. HCG has also found many uses in the medical field. The most popular of it is being used in infertility treatments and weight loss assistance. The main difference in the usage is that in fertility treatment the amount used is much higher in a single dose whereas in weight loss programs the dose is in smaller quantity given daily. The HCG is administered along with very low calorie diet. The very low calorie diet forces the body to look for other options for daily energy needs. This search for alternative sources reaches the unwanted stored fat. HCG helps the body to locate these stored fats and aids in its burning. This will lead to weight loss.

HCG is available as drops as well as injections. For the ease in administration, drops are more convenient. But the subcutaneous injections will result in faster absorption than the drops and the hormone is directly and readily available for its functions. HCG mobilizes the stored fat and makes it available for the metabolic reactions. All the body energy needs are met by the fat burning and since there is less calorie intake the small calorie consumed is readily used up for the energy production and not for storage. When the storage is less and the stored fat is fast reducing the body weight is reduced considerably in very little time. Nu Image Medical uses the pure hormones and no imitations or homeopathic replacements for faster weight loss. It is 100% safe and does not cause any adverse effects on the body. Though the HCG is produced in ladies, the hormone is effective to lose weight in both men and women equally.

The mode of administration and dosage of Nu Image Medical HCG injections

The Nu Medical HCG injections for faster weight loss is given in smaller doses. The daily dose is 150-200iµ for 40 days. It is preferably in the morning on waking up. Until the first three doses the individual should take more fatty foods to store up the body. From the 4th day on wards strictly stick to the low calorie diet. Only this very low calorie diet can help the effectiveness of the HCG in losing stored fat.

The Nu Image Medical HCG injections are given subcutaneous and the preferable locations are the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and lower back areas. Always keep track on the area that was given the last shot and select a new area for each shot. The next shot in the same area should be at least one inch away from the last shot. Swipe clean the intended area with an alcohol wipe. The angle of the needle should be 45˚ or 90˚. Sterilize the area with the gauze pad and take the shot.

Special Instructions – Nu Image medical HCG injections

Take only the recommended amount of calorie per day. Avoid any sugary, fatty, or starchy foods during the program. Avoid any fatty cosmetics also. It is better to stick to an organic diet during this period. Remember to detoxify the body and colon before the start of the program.

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