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Nuimage Medical HCG

Nu Image Medical HCG is produced by Nu Image Medical, based in Florida, USA who are well experienced and are pioneers in the HCG diet program. Nu image medical HCG is used for easy weight loss. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced by the placenta in pregnant women.

Features of Nu Image HCG Medical

This hormone has been widely researched and its weight loss properties have been established more than 50 years ago by Dr. Simeons and his team of researchers It has been found that when this hormone is combined with a very low calorie diet, it helps people lose weight quickly and easily. A number of obese people have benefited by following the Nu Image Medical HCG Diet program. Nu Image medical takes pride in its Nu Image weight loss programs by selling very potent and pure 100% natural HCG made from one of the best pharmacies in the USA.

A bottle of Nu Image HCG diet troches contain 20,000 IU of pharmaceutical HCG which is the dosage needed for a 40 day HCG diet (500 iu per day).

  • The Nu Image Medical HCG sold is 100% real prescription HCG
  • Consultation with licensed doctors via phone or secure video
  • the product is sold through only licensed US pharmacies
  • It does not contain any banned homeopathic or OTC products
  • It is easily available throughout the USA
  • Since all consultations and ordering the product can be done on line, there is a no waiting room delays or office visits required
  • No blood tests are required before starting this diet program
  • Easy delivery options are available including a speedy next day delivery

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About Nu Medical HCG and NuImage diet program

HCG from Nu image medical is sold in three forms; as injections, drops and also as pellets. It is ideal to combine the HCG with a low calorie diet for easy weight loss. The Nu Image diet programs follow Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet program.The basic principle on which HCG works is that it converts the excess fat stored in the body as energy. When a very low calorie diet is taken, it is this excess fat that is stored in the body, that is converted as energy. So the person on the diet does not feel very tired. Some people may experience hunger pangs initially, but these will disappears in a day or two by using the correct dosage of HCG. All Nu Image Medical HCG products are compounded with additional B12 to help increase energy levels.

The Nu Image Medical HCG injections are of the best quality and is prepared from 100% natural ingredients. The Nu Image diet program can last from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the weight loss required. The first two to three days are loading days, when along with these Nu Image HCG injections, food in excessive amount should be eaten. From the 3rd or 4th day, it is 500 caries and injections. A medical form with all available medical information should be submitted online by customers before starting the program. These are reviewed and approved by doctors/specialists. The approved prescriptions are sent to pharmacies, which will ship the product to the customers.

The ideal dose of the Nu Image HCG injections is 150-200 iu. Women should discontinue the injection during their menstrual cycle. The injections are practically painless and can be injected in the fatty areas of the body. Injections are thought to be more effective than pills or drops since the HCG can be absorbed directly into the blood stream.

Nu Image Medical HCG drops are ideal for people who are either scared of injections or do not want to inject themselves everyday. The drops in the prescribed dosage has to be placed under the tongue and then allowed to be absorbed completely through absorbent tissues in the tongue. The drops should not be swallowed.

An alternative to HCG drops is Nu image Medical HCG pellets which is available in the tablet form. These tablets can be easily swallowed and can be used instead of the drops and injections. The user can decide on the best form of HCG that he wants to use. HCG in all these forms have been found to be equally effective when taken along with the Nu Image diet programs.

The Nu Image Medical HCG is 100% safe to use and is made from 100% pure HCG. It acts on the hypothalamus of the brain which sends signals to the body to make it feel full and energetic even when less calories are consumed. So hunger pangs are usually not felt and helps in easy weight loss.

It is absolutely necessary to consult a physician before starting on the Nu Image HCG weight loss programs. The weight loss is sudden and starts from day one; also the body is subject to a very low calorie diet. Individual health conditions may also differ. Hence the doctor has to individually evaluate the medical condition of each individual before he approves of this Nu Image weight loss programs.

Some people also suggest detoxifying the body before starting the HCG diet. As far the diet is concerned, any natural or organic food can be taken. Dieters should drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday. The Nu Image medicals website gives detailed instructions of the diet to be followed and various combination food that can be had during the tenure of this program. A number of recipes are also available. All these helps for effective and easy weightloss.

Nu Image medical also has HCG diet supplements to be taken during or before starting the HCG diet protocol. These include, Multi-vitamin/mineral supplements, total body colon cleanse, adrenal tea complex formula, calcium pyruvate etc. These help maintain a balanced health, help weight loss and reduce the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

The HCG diet meal replacement packs are available in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. They can replace any one meal during the diet program. These meal replacement packs are full of nutrition with no calories and are as great supplement. These diet meal replacement packs are available in Nu Image pharmacies.

Order Nu image Medical HCG Diet Drops

Nu Image Medical hcg drops being a telemedicine company, ordering process is quite simple. Access to doctors, nurses or trained medical staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone or video chat. A medical evaluation form has to be filled, which will be reviewed by a physician or his representative for approval before starting the program. In case, the program is not approved, the medical department will contact the customer and Nu Image Medical will refund the complete money paid by him/her. Once, HCG is ordered and payments made, Nu Image medical will send the complete HCG supply along with the mixing solutions, syringes etc. A down loadable link is also provided, for access to HCG diet guide, recipes, social media support and group forums to discuss with others who too are undertaking the HCG diet. All queries regarding the diet or dosage will be answered through email or support line by the medical support staff.

All genuine HCG products require a prescription from a doctor to buy the product. The other products which are bought over the counter are fake and do not actually contain any HCG. All HCG labeled ‘Homeopathic’ too is fake as it does not appear in the ‘Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia’. FDA approved Homeopathic drugs should find mention here.

HCG is quite expensive and the price will indicate whether you are actually getting a genuine product or not. FDA warns people that going on a very restricted calorie diet might have side effects like gallstone formation, imbalance of electrolytes and irregular heartbeat.

Once the injections or drops are mixed, they have to be refrigerated. Unmixed Nu Image HCG drops or injections do not need to be mixed. Nu image medical mixing hcg instructions are available in the site. For people who travel very often, Nu image medical hcg pellets are the best option. The dosages are best taken at the same time every day. If due to oversight, a dose is missed, it can be taken at that time. If a full day’s dosage is missed out, the dosage should not be doubled the next day. HCG does not interfere with any other medication. It is not necessary to exercise during the diet period and heavy exercises are not recommended. Recommended food and quantities are available in the website of Nu Image Medicals website. Cosmetics which contain animal fats should also be avoided while undergoing the HCG diet regime.

All Nu Image medical HCG can be obtained only legally through a licensed doctor. He has to prescribe the HCG and it should be bought from registered US pharmacies. Nu Image medicals is one company which follows all these rules and supplies the best quality HCG available.

People with medical conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, food allergies and other medical conditions should consult their doctors before starting on the Nu Image Medical HCG diet program.

Nu Image Medical Scam

There are been reports that HCG drops are not effective and are a scam. The reports about Nu Image Medical HCG scam are not true at all. A lot of these rumors about the scam are misplaced and some are from disgruntled people who could not go through the rigors of the diet. Some of those reporting scams are those who may have taken fake homeopathic HCG drops instead of the pure and natural. Nu Image Medical HCG drops. Homeopathic HCG is HCG in a very diluted form and is mixed with additives which are not always effective. Nu Image Medicals sells only Pharmaceutical HCG of the best quality available in the market prescribed by experienced physicians and manufactured at licensed pharmacies in the USA. So all reports of Nu Image Medical HCG scams are false.

Nu Image Medical HCG Diet Reviews

The website of Nu Image Medicals has a number of reviews available. All of them are from people who have used Nu Image Medical HCG for weight loss. The Nu Image Medical HCG Diet reviews have been positive. Most of the feedbacks and reviews are from satisfied customers who have benefited by using Nu Image Medical HCG. There are not too many complaints about the company. A couple of people had complaints about the customer service. One customer also had a complaint about the Nu Image Medicals about the coupons that were advertised on the Internet. He/she could not print the coupon, and when he approached the site for help, the personnel who answered the phone were quite rude. Another customer too faced problems on another issue, when she tried calling the site. So bad customer service is one of the main complaints faced by the customers. These complaints were eventually replied and solved by the Nu Image Medicals. As it turned out, Nu Image Medical does not give hcg discounts and coupons and these were advertised by pharmacies supplying HCG. However, Nu image hcg promo codes are available once you subscribe to their newsletters.

Reviews on Nu image pellets are also available. These pellets from Nu Image Medical are in the tablet form and their main advantage is their ease to take. These tablets or pellets are easily soluble and is very easy to carry about. One disadvantage of using Nu Image pellets is that the dosage of the pellets are fixed and cannot be altered as can be done with drops.

The HGG diet forums too have various discussions going on the Nu Image injections. One of the contentions was that they supply HCG injection for 20 days and continue the diet for 3 more days since the HCG remains in the body for 72 hours. This has been contested by a few experts who promote the HCG diet program. According to them the full treatment of HCG should last for 23 days. The same person has also commented that the dosage of HCG supplied by Nu Image Medical was on the higher side.

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Nu Image Sublingual HCG reviews

HCG drops need to be placed under the tongue (sublingual) for about 15 minutes for it to get absorbed completely into the system. The tongue has absorbent tissues which help in this process. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using this sublingual method of taking HCG drops. Nu Image Medical sublingual HCG reviews discuss both these. The main advantage of using these sublingual drops is of course the ease with which these drops can be taken. The drops have to placed under the tongue for about 15 minutes, till they are completely absorbed by our system. This is especially useful for people who are terrified of needles and injections. There are also Nu Image medical HCG reviews which say that taking these sublingual drops are as effective as taking injections as the HCG gets into the system easily. Also while taking drops, the dosage can be altered slightly if need be and hence are more flexible. This is not the case, if we are taking pellets or pills, as the dosage is fixed and cannot be altered.

There are also a few disadvantages of taking these sublingual drops which are discussed in these Nu Image sublingual HCG reviews. The main disadvantage is of course to keep the liquid under the tongue for 15 minutes. We may need to talk, if we are in the workplace, or we may accidentally swallow the drops after some time, which does not have the same effect as the absorption method. The second disadvantage is the spillage. The complete quantity of the drops will not get into the system and some may get spilled when we try to place it under the tongue. This may result in our not getting the required dosage of HCG during the diet program. There are some other Sublingual HCG reviews which suggest that taking HCG via sublingual drops will soon become obsolete because of the leaks from under the tongue which will result in inadequate dosages of HCG during the diet regime.

Nu Image Medical HCG Diet Troches – A Review

Troche (pronounced Tr Oh-key) is the latest form of HCG delivery to be taken with the HCG diet. This is nothing but a small medicated lozenge which easily dissolves in the mouth (placed under the tongue). The Nu Image HCG troches are taken with the HCG diet instead of HCG injections or HCG drops. These Nu Image HCG troches dissolve under the tongue and they are a very convenient way to take HCG. It is also better than pellets which were not very popular in the first place. These HCG troches are said to work more efficiently than HCG drops. The Nu Image Medical HCG diet troches reviewers have analyzed the product and given positive reviews on this product.

When you order Nu Image HCG diet troches for a 40 day HCG diet schedule, you get 40 500 IU troches, i.e. you need to take only 1 troche a day (80 troches of 250 iu are also available to be taken twice everyday). This is a very convenient way to take HCG. No more needles, diluting and mixing injections and drops. There is also a possibility that while using HCG drops, the drops may spill while they are placed under the tongue and the required dosage may not reach the system.

Some of the advantages of using Troches are,

  • The troches stay under the tongue till they are dissolved and hence all the required dosage of HCG gets into the system during the diet regime. The absorbent tissues under the tongue makes sure that the full dose of HCG is absorbed into the body.
  • Nu Image HCG diet Troches are the most efficient oral delivery system of HCG
  • A bottle of Nu Image HCG diet troches contain 20,000 IU of pharmaceutical HCG which is the dosage needed for a 40 day HCG diet (500 iu per day).
  • There is no more diluting or mixing of HCG required and no refrigeration.
  • The troches have a convenient carrying case that can very convenient to carry around. This is easy for outdoor people or people who travel a lot.
  • According to the Nu image medical hcg diet reviews, the Nu Image HCG diet troches ensures about 98.3% potency. Another thing to note is Nu image medical hcg costs a little more than diet drops or injections, but the convenience overtakes the cost factor and these troches are becoming very popular these days. The forums for the HCG diet troches review too have positive feedback from people who have used the HCG diet troches. So the product seems to be popular in spite of it being priced higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures Nu image medical hcg?

Nu image medical has joined hands with reputed pharmacies all over USA. Once you are approved of the hcg diet program, you will be shipped with 100% pure prescription hcg from a reputed FDA registered pharmacy of USA.

Can I use nu image medical hcg offer coupon codes from groupon?

Nu image medical does not promote any coupon codes or discount codes so make sure you purchase directly from the website.