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Rejuvi Medical Injections (Rejuvi Medical) for weight loss

Advance HCG is now Rejuvi Medical and they have started the process of changing Names and the products to the new company. The new company now focuses on the broader side of health, including, natural energy boosters, Anti aging apart from HCG and weight loss. A lot is happening under the hood

The company, by itself goes to great height to make sure that their product and services are of the best quality and the reviews which will follow are of the best standards. The approval rate currently is unknown but we will be able to find more about the Rejuvi Medical program soon.

Find the new website of Rejuvi Medical at

Rejuvi Medical HCG – Hormone For Weight Loss

Looking for the perfect weight loss product? Here is what I have for you today – Rejuvi Medical HCG hormone. A brand new product from our good ol’ buddy Rejuvi Medical, it is simply one of the best ways to lose those chubby pounds without any detrimental side effects. However, if you are suffering from any health condition, then its always wise to consult your medical practitioner before trying on this product. In this article, you will learn all about Rejuvi Medical HCG.

How does HCG work?

Being a single kid is tough at times. All the affection is on you. Now who doesn’t love pampering? I did. As a single kid I loved all the attention I got. But as I grew, so did my waistline. I was real fatso terror who was continuously outgrowing my dress and uniforms. What’s worst? I was bullied at school for my chubby body. I felt sad and irritated, would run to my mom’s arms who consoled me with her scrumptious delicacies. Then that’s Mother’s love – its always a selfless deed. She would be there for you no matter how you look.

Though I am all grown up, trust me, over the years, I have come to know a lot about obesity and the con side of being overweight. Almost, one third adults of the US population i.e. 34.9% or 78.6 million are obese. Now, that’s a pretty large number.

From high blood pressure levels to cardiovascular diseases to depression, obesity can trigger many health issues.


Patience and Perseverance is the key for a healthy weight loss without which no matter how much weight you try to lose, you will end up gaining more. Funny, but that’s how the body works.

Though HCG was smirked upon in earlier times many people are going gaga over HCG. They are loving themselves and feeling more confident.

Now, you may ask how is confidence related to weight loss and hcg? Of course, it is. Losing weight with hcg puts your body back in shape that you always craved for. Being overweight is at many times frowned upon. I know because I was frequently criticized for being overweight. But once you lose weight, you will realise that the confidence level is ten or thousand times higher than you have felt earlier.

Another factor is that you owe your body so much. From sleep to boosting the immunity to keeping your head straight on focus your body is not giving up on you and helping you achieve your daily goals. So why quit on your most cherished partner in crime and punishment? With proper weight loss, you are in fact, keeping your body away from many detrimental health conditions that might otherwise put your health and body in a lot of pressure.

HCG enters the body and works on your unwanted mass, converts them to metabolism to keep you running for the day. Of course, there is the challenging VERY LOW CALORIE DIET (VLCD) of 500 calories that you need to implement. But the result is very much rewarding.

Rejuvi Medical HCG offers you sublingual hcg tablets that can be easily ingested in your body. Simply, pop them as per the recommended dosage and let them absorb by your body. They also offer you hcg injections for weight loss but if you are afraid of taking hcg shots, then pellets are best advised for you.

This takes away the pressure of getting yourself shot at hcg clinics but not before you have to pay hundreds of dollars and wait in line for good hours before your name pops up. Easy to carry anywhere, Rejuvi Medical HCG tablets are a breeze to use, even if you are travelling.

You can choose from two options:

  • 30 day kit
  • 60 day kit

Based on the specific period, you will be shipped with a steady supply right at your door. Rejuvi Medical HCG tablets comes with FREE B12 VITAMIN ingredient that is included with both the packages. This means no more irritative feeling or tired lethargic mood thanks to the B12 that boosts the metabolism level in your body.

Why should you buy Rejuvi Medical HCG?

Started off in Washington as a small health and wellness clinic, Rejuvi Medical alias Advanced HCG Center has grown up successfully being a fav among many dieters who want to lose weight using safe hcg product.

Now Rejuvi Medical is the NEW NAME for our good old friend ADVANCED HCG. Yes, the company has also incorporated lot of ideas to ensure weight loss and proper muscle health not just with hcg but with other services as well.

Coming back, Rejuvi Medical hcg tablets offer you a slightly higher amount of hcg content than other companies. However, that’s not the case with hcg tablets. This is because when you swallow hcg tablets or drops few of the hcg content are destroyed via the bodily process. To ensure a healthy weight loss, Rejuvi Medical hcg tablets come with slightly higher version of hcg.

With FDA keeping a ban over ‘homeopathic’ hcg, people are left with lots of queries while investing on homeopathy again!!! Assured in all ways, Advanced hcg tablets or shall I say Rejuvi Medical hcg tablets are efficient and safe to use for loosing that abnormal mass.

The company has many genuine pharmacies that have to maintain certain T&C and possess certain standards to deliver hcg to their customers. Each and every pharmacy requires to test their hcg products for purity factor. Only pharmacies that have a purity factor over 99.5% are provided the license to deliver quality hcg to their customers. INDEPENDENT LAB conduct sterility test which means the pharmacy cannot “mess” with the report in any way to get business. Rejuvi Medical claims that the purity test results can be provided at the customers request.

CONSUMER FIRST!!!! Rejuvi Medical makes sure that they put consumer’s health of prime importance than simply minting money. They make sure that the dieter is in perfectly good health to initiate the hcg diet. The user or dieter is first asked to register and fill out a medical form. If you are suffering from any health condition you need to mention this here. You might need to submit medical forms as well. Upon submission, a customer support representative will call you and clarify with you. Only after proper scrutiny will you be APPROVED OF IMPLEMENTING THE HCG DIET. This says a lot about the genuinity of the company.

NOW HERE IS SOMETHING NEW!!! Since Rejuvi Medical offers you Tele-Medicine products, this also means depending on the state you reside and the Tele-medicine criteria placed for different states, Rejuvi Medical may be unable to deem you as a “healthy patient”. They show strict adherence to the state regulations that calls for a good challenge for you while buying this product.

Rejuvi Medical HCG Products

Rejuvi Medical are launching many new products apart from HCG such as energy boosters, anti-aging products and so on.

HCG Weight Management

Stating the obvious it all starts with human chorionic gonadotrophin that is the core to help you get rid of excess weight. It is available in two kits –

  • 30 day kit – $299
  • 60 day kit – $449

The amount of weight you lose depends on many factors. For instance, the way your body works, foods you consume during loading phase, cheat sheet during the dietary phase and so on. If you are a women and planning to lose 10 lbs, then you might need the 60 day kit. Now this does not mean that you need 60 days to get that 10 lbs out but you have to consider the loading weight. If you have less than 10 lbs to lose, the 30 day kit would be more than enough.

Rejuvi Medical B12 Energy Booster

The B12 energy booster is an optional choice that you may include with your hcg kit. The B12 Energy booster service comes with the key ingredient called B12 Methylcobalamin. It helps in boosting the energy levels and overall health of your body. Usually many medical practitioners use Cyanocobalamin which is a cheapest and readily available form of B12. But methylcobalamin is bio available which means it works immediately once injected in the body.

The best benefit of Methylcobalamin is to help vitamin or nutritional deficient people alleviate the symptoms caused by low calorie diets and overcome it successfully.

Using B12 energy booster is by far the best idea to infuse your body with nutrition. Rejuvi Medical B12 energy booster not only elevates your mood but also supports the immune system. When you combine B12 with hcg, the results are incredible. You will notice much more efficient calorie burning process, while controlling your hunger pangs.

This means you will added B12 on your hcg diet with

  • 5 week kit – $129
  • 10 week kit – $169

You will also be provided with training and instruction materials on how to go ahead with using B12 as part of your daily diet.

Rejuvi Medical Medical Lipotropic Injections For Fat Loss

If you are not afraid of getting an injection then using lipotropic injections is one of the best way to melt your fat. These fat busters come with amino acids and other lipotropic ingredients that are powerful enough to loosen out the pounds.

You can choose between

Lipo 3 fat loss contains 3 main amino acids

  • Methionine – 15mg/mL
  • Inositol – 50 mg/mL
  • Choline – 100 mg/mL

These nutrients enhance the role of liver in reducing fat deposits. They also speed up the metabolism of fat. Pharmacies that specialize in delivering lipotropic shots also create a specific formula called MIC COMBO that is effective for total fat loss.

Lip 10 fat loss on the other hand has an upper hand and includes

  • Methionine – 15mg/mL
  • Inositol – 50mg/mL
  • Choline – 100mg/mL
  • B1 – 12.5mg/mL
  • B2 – 500mcg/mL
  • B3 – 12.5mg/mL
  • B5 – 2.5mg/mL
  • B6 – 2.5mg/mL
  • B12 – 1000mcg/mL
  • L-Carnitine – 10mg/mL

Apart from the 3 main ingredients, you will find B-complex along with L-Carnitine to move the fats out of the cells so that they can be used for energy.

L-Arginine and L-Cartinine – Amino Acids Booster

An optional lipo booster – L-arginine and L-Cartinine, they are amino acids that can help people suffering from any health condition for an improved overall health. Evidently, says studies that arginine may help in treating people with medical conditions such as –

  • chest pain
  • atherosclerosis (clogged arteries)
  • heart disease
  • erectile dysfunction
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • vascular headaches and so on

Ingesting the body with L-arginine will convert it to a chemical called nitric oxide. This will cause the blood vessels to expand that can cause improved blood flow in the body. It also helps in boosting the production of insulin levels. This means the person will feel more energized and will actually noticed improved performance with double the energy.

L-carnitine is another prime person from the amino acid gang that helps in breaking down of the body fat. There are studies that prove the fact that L-carnitine can lower the mass fat while inhibiting muscle loss during exercise and muscle fatigue as well.

So opt either of the two with your hcg diet or choose the combo with your hcg diet plan.

Biosource HCG Complex Drops

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Rejuvi Medical Peptide Therapy

Want to look young? Becoming 30…THIRTY…is one of the most dreaded ages for many men and women. This marks the entry of wrinkles, dark circles, excess waistline, weary skin and so on. Many often begin to feel that their energy levels are going down. This leads to unwanted anxiety, stress and what not that can hinder personal and professional lives. For instance, few men and women feel that they are unable to perform romantic adventures in bed as well.

BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! Rejuvi Medical offers you peptide therapy that contains the primary ingredient called Sermorelin (GHRH). So how does the product work?

The ingredient Sermorelin has a very profound and powerful effect on the body. It stimulates the secretion of the growth hormone which otherwise depletes with age . Using peptides can restore the growth hormone giving you a more youthful level. Summing it up, this means –

  • you will look better
  • wrinkles and dark circles gone
  • builds the muscles
  • lose unproportionate weight from body
  • increase sex drive
  • healthy hair and tight skin
  • increased energy levels

Offers of various kits are available for men and women depending on their choice.

  • ANTI-AGING KIT – $250 per month (contains peptide)
  • PERFORMANCE KIT – $292 per month (contains peptide and GHRP-2)

Rejuvi Medical HCG Side Effects

Since this is a newer and latest version, the side effects are yet to hit on the reviews section. But to be honest HCG itself carries its own bag of side effects. For instance, studies and experts claim that implementing hcg as part of your diet will lead to health risks. Many hcg dieters even reported

  • Nausea
  • Irritative behavior
  • Dizzyness
  • Depression
  • constipation
  • hair loss
  • gallstones
  • Headache
  • Swelling in many body areas such as legs/feet/hands etc.
  • Appearance of female breasts in men

DON’T FEAR!!! I am just pointing out what you can expect with hcg. Few of the above side effects range from less to none. However, they still lack proper evidentiary support and hence can be implemented after getting a proper nod from your medical practitioner.

Thankfully, no one killed themselves or died after using HCG. And the fact is quite evident that HCG has benefited thousands of consumers with healthy weight loss.

Coming back to Rejuvi Medical HCG side effects, I am still awaiting response from consumers and frankly quite excited about it to share it with you.

Triumph HCG

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Rejuvi Medical HCG Reviews

Advanced HCG has been loved by many hcg dieters and it is crystal clear that there are many people who have benefited from hcg. The Rejuvi Medical hcg reviews are all positive so far ! The website were filled with customer testimonials and their success stories. The same can be expected by the newer version of Advanced hcg i.e. Rejuvi Medical hcg and their brand new products that have been released in the market.

Cost is certainly a factor to be thought twice especially people like us who are on a budget. But then quality matters. Rejuvi Medical comes with guaranteed quality that many cheap homeopathic HCG products do not possess.

If you are serious about losing weight using hcg, then better invest your penny with Rejuvi Medical since many already have experience in their previous products.

Benefits of Rejuvi Medical HCG

Rejuvi Medical HCG has many other benefits. Let’s take a look at them all summed up.

  • Proportionate weight loss with Rejuvi Medical HCG
  • Energy boosting amino acids available
  • Rejuvi Medical HCG tablets for easy serving
  • Portable – absolutely easy to carry anywhere
  • Homeopathic natural product that inhibits any side effects
  • Compounding pharmacies available
  • Rejuvi Medical HCG workbook provided in .PDF format
  • Customer support available 24/7 for optimum help
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in USA

The best part of buying from Rejuvi Medical HCG is the fact that they are not a company that was just built somewhere in a garage. They actually have a brick and mortar location and provide great customer support all through the year. For those who want to voluntarily check the clinic can visit the office and get themselves clarified of any doubts.

Rejuvi Medical HCG Coupons and Discount Codes

As Advanced HCG is going through a make-over mode, the best deals and promotional offers are yet to pour in. The Rejuvi Medical website, however, offers you 5% DISCOUNT CODE on ANY PRODUCT that you choose. Of course you have to subscribe to their email letters if you need the discount. 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pharmacy does Rejuvi Medical use for hcg tablets?

Rejuvi Medical has a channel of compounding pharmacies that need to testify themselves by producing a product that must surpass 99.5% of purity. It also inhibits “fidgeting” with the product.

How much weight will I lose with Rejuvi Medical hcg?

It depends on many factors such as health condition, strict observance of the hcg diet, food that you consume during your loading phase and so on.

Where can I buy hcg?

You can buy Rejuvi Medical HCG from online. But before that you have to be in good health and must abide by the regulation of your tele-medicine state criteria as well as the company’s.

Where can I find Rejuvi Medical hcg reviews?

Rejuvi Medical hcg reviews are currently on the “maintenance phase”. Since the product is brand new in the market, the reviews are yet to pour in. However, the product just like the previous – Advanced hcg seems honest enough to give it a try.

Is the homeopathic hcg product of Rejuvi Medical legit?

Though there are lot of brouhaha about FDA banning homeopathic products, they are still available online to serve customers. Rejuvi Medical is one of those companies who believe in their product and the fact that they approve the consumer only after medical fitness from a health practitioner displays their best interests in customer’s health.


Is it mandatory that you should try other Rejuvi Medical products such as energy boosters along with hcg? Absolutely NOT!!! Many people have lost weight simply by using HCG but I admit I do like the idea of having an energy booster by my side to keep my energy levels up. This is mainly because you are losing so much fat at a rapid speed that too at a short period. Of course this means more hardwork and strain on your vital organs so having an energy booster appeals to me and the fact that it assists in losing fat in a much more healthier way minimizing the strain on the body.

Pricing is certainly an inevitable factor and lets face it we don’t have gold mines in our backyard. Being on a budget pricing is certainly a matter that needs good thinking. So you might not go with the energy boosting lipo shots but can certainly rely on hcg to lose weight easily.

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