Lumonol – Brain Enhancement & Boosting Pills

Lumonol Manufactures Seven Products in Total. While Lumonol itself is the base product, the other six are supplementary and usually mixed with each other.

Lumonol is a popular smart pill for the brain enhancement. It improves the mental energy, memory, mood, and helps curb the anxiety, depression, and the degenerative diseases like dementia that affects the brain. When the brain is not fully functional, at its best, it reflects the whole of the body. The brain also needs specific brain food that might be lacking in the daily diet of those who are affected.

Lumonol capsules are the best brain pills that can fulfill the dietary needs of the brain and bring in positive changes. These natural capsules use the herbal and other natural ingredients that can together make things proper, normal, and healthy for the brain.

Brain supplements

There are several other brain stimulant supplements, brain vitamins, cognitive enhancement, concentration supplement, memory boosting supplements, energy and focus supplements etc in the market. All of these are basically doing the same- cheering up the brain to function normally and bring balance to the life.

These brain supplements or nootropics contain the key elements to maintain the good health of the brain and form the needed compounds, neurotransmitters, hormones etc that controls the entire functioning of the system. Whether it is the activities during the day or the restful sleep at night, the brain chemicals control all these.

Lumonol Prep Children’s Brain Supplement

Lumonol Prep is used for helping teens and children above the age of 8 to concentrate and focus.

When any of these chemicals or compounds are in excess or deficit the brain does not function normally and you will need help to balance them. Lumonol is an ideal choice for the ‘normal’ day life full of energy, happiness, and balance. People who are extremely active need such boost to their system to get the ends meet.

Here is a comparative study on Lumonol, standing against the other nootropics smart pills.

The top rated brain supplements 2016

Lumonol is the best brain supplement for 2016 and is rated highest in many of the studies. Among the top slots are Lumonol, Alpha Brain, Brain Pill, Lucidal and Procera AVH.

Each of these brain enhancement supplements has their plus and minus. When you are doing the comparison, you can see that in most of the points, Lumonol does stand out and is also the real reason why it has captured the prime slot. Let us see what they are all about.

About Lumonol

Lumonol is a toddler in the brain health supplements market. Yet, it has climbed up the chart faster with its unique formulation and quality ingredients. There are ingredients added to the focus, energy, and memory. There are about 9 ingredients that boost the cognitive health, bring focus to the work at hand, and make the memory sharper to all.

The Lumonol ingredients are phosphatidylserine, acetyl L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, Noopept, Panax ginseng, Hordine, Guarana, Ginkgo biloba, Alpha GPC and Vitamin B12. All of these ingredients are important for brain and each has their specific duty in bringing the best in every person.

Just 2 capsules a day can carry the energy, ability to focus and recall memories throughout the day. They help increase the neurotransmitters that are helping us to retain and regain memories and to help us learn new things every day. It works well for everyone from the age of 18 to 88 or more.

Lumonol Vs Alpha Brain

Alpha brain is one of the oldest brain pills in the market. It has evolved itself well and the manufacturers have updated themselves to keep the product updated and highly potent.

Not nootropic? When you compare Lumonol and Alpha Brain capsules, you can see that many of the ingredients are the same or you can find similarly working ingredients. Still, how can they be different? The difference is that the Alpha Brain has now become more focused on bodybuilding than brain improvement.

Side effects! People have suffered side effects constantly and the common side effects are headaches, acid reflux, nausea etc. They tried reducing the dose. But nothing worked for them except stop taking it completely. Moreover, Alpha Brain offered only limited effects or changes for many and not the whole energy-focus and memory thing.

On the other hand, Lumonol has worked on all the claims it stakes and has proven to improve the mental alertness, memory, and overall energy of the person taking the capsules.

Lumonol Luna Sleep Enhancing Pill

Lumonol Luna helps people to give you a deep sleep. Even if it’s for 5-6 hours, you can be assured that you a have a single shot of sleep, without disturbances.

Alert or asleep? Another point is that Alpha Brain can be taken at any time of the day, in the morning for energy and alertness and at night for good sleep? That is a bit contrary. The supplement that can increase the mental alertness, inducing sleep is not a good combination!

Allergy: Alpha Brain contains the traces of soy in it as some ingredients are soy based. None of the ingredients in Lumonol are allergenic.

Lumonol Vs Brain Pill

Brain Pill is a nootropic that enhances the memory, focus, concentration, and the mood of the person. It contains a long list of ingredients including a few vitamins. Al of these ingredients is potent and has also proven to work well. Brain Pill has a great market for many positive reviews and satisfied customers.

Brain Pill is the second best brain supplement after Lumonol. In comparison, they are neck to neck with all goody goodies. Both Lumonol and Brain Pill work well and cause no side effects that need to be concerned about. It also uses the most potent of the ingredients like the high-quality Huperzine A and Synapsa.

The main and only difference is the price of these products. Lumonol takes the price here with a reasonable price for a 1-month supply. The Brain Pill costs much more for a single month supply. To Brain Pill’s credit, it does work faster. If you are looking at money, Lumonol is the one for you and if it is working, you can choose any from these two.

Lumonol Vs Lucidal

Lucidal is a memory boosting supplements for the elderly or anyone above the age of 50. It improves the functions of the brain when it starts deteriorating or prevents such situations. It can protect the brain and nerve cells from damage. It is more of a multivitamin than a brain supplement. It contains, mostly vitamins and minerals, along with a few herbal extracts, amino acids and other neurologically important elements in it.

The motto of Lucidal is to improve the memory and focus. Since it is for the elderly, it is not a direct comparison to Lumonol. Since Lumonol is also suitable for aged the comparison stands.

The problem here that, there are too many ingredients in Lucidal. It might work in the initial stage but as it says ‘too many cooks, spoils the broth’ is applicable here. The interactions of these ingredients are also questionable.

Lucidal has a good success rate with many feeling fewer distractions, getting rid of brain fog and all. But this supplement is costlier than Lumonol. Lumonol could bring the same effects, plus the extra energy to the mind and body. Lumonol costs much lesser than Lucidal.

Lumonol Nova Energizer Pill

Lumonol Nova is not a vitamin supplement. It simply boosts your energy, keeps you in the loop and makes sure that you get through the day without difficulty.

Lumonol Vs Procera AVH

Procera AVH is a brain enhancement supplement for the elders. Here the major ingredients are Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Vinopectine, and Huperzine. Compared with Lumonol, Procera AVH is a slow worker. The results start showing very late and subtle as well. One needs to pay more attention to see if there are changes. Once the supplement in inside the system for a period of 2-3 weeks, the changes are more prominent.

Lumonol shows no side effects in the person, while the Procera AVH seems to have triggered a few in some. Some have reported having mood swings while on the supplement so they had to reduce the dosage.

The presence of Huperzine is another problem. The person needs to take a break of a week after taking the supplement for a month or 2. Continuous use could cause it to make the effects lag behind. Lumonol has no such problem. It is safe for everyday use with no side effects or any addictive features.

This product is good for improving the focus but when you have the better option in Lumonol that can give an overall improvement in the cognitive health. Procera AVH just fades in comparison. The price of the Procera is also just over that of Lumonol.

Though Procera benefits more for elders, it is being used by youngsters also to help them focus better on their studies and exams. On the whole, Procera AVH is ideal for a beginner to the nootropics while the Lumonol is a thorough professional in approach.

Lumonol Vs Adderall

Adderall is a nervous stimulant popularly used for ADHD and narcolepsy. But this medication comes with plenty of side effects, interactions, and other problems. Lumonol has come up with a proper alternative to this medication. While Adderall is a stimulant, Lumonol is a nootropic that naturally balances the imbalances in the brain and nervous system. Basically, they are different from each other. Then why do Lumonol is preferred over Adderall?

The major difference is that Adderall concentrates only on the concentration issue while the Lumonol works on a wider spectrum.

While Adderall runs on the power of caffeine, Lumonol relies on the power of the herbs and Noopept to work on the root of the issue.

Lumonol helps without the kick of the caffeine and is also safer on the body. There are no threats like the dehydration causing the caffeine.

The effects of Lumonol would be consistent when compared with the sudden flare in the energy every time you take an Adderall pill.

Moreover, Adderall does not have kind of nootropic effects that can improve the other problems like stress, tiredness etc. Lumonol is an energy booster, memory booster, and a focus or concentration improver.

The price of both these supplements are the same but Lumonol can give you more than what the other can offer you.

Why Lumonol?

Lumonol is a fresher in the nootropics market. The product has gained its value and has become popular quickly. The effects of Lumonol on people have been instantaneous. When you feel the mental lagging, tired and not feeling like doing anything, you are in trouble because of the brain. The brain is lacking what it is needed or craving for. You are not feeding it enough.

The memory blend, energy blend and focus blend in the Lumonol formulation are not just ingredients; they feed the brain to make its own neurotransmitters to make the cognitive health improve naturally. It is like putting in the ingredients inside the machine and it is making its own products for our benefit.

What makes this different is that the ingredients are natural and that they come clean without any harmful effects. it is also like an all-in-one solution for the common problems that we all face. We never knew about it until it is too late and highly obvious.

Lumonol and Diet

Lumonol is a supplement for the brain, memory, and focus. Why you need to take is ultimately related to your daily diet. As mentioned above, Lumonol is nothing but a brain food. When we don’t eat enough or the right thing or worst, eating the wrong food, it affects the brain directly.

There are certain foods that can kill the brain chemicals that are highly essentials. The least it does is to make these essential chemicals unavailable or useless. It can make the brain crowded with the unwanted chemicals especially the stress hormones. So what is the solution? Eating the right food and avoiding the killers.

Harmful food for brain: Needless to say, junk food! Junk food, anything that is fried, processed, ready to eat or frozen has the red alert attached to it.

Food for the brain: The berries of all kinds, fishes like salmon or anything with a higher omega fatty acid is the best food for the brain. Nuts avocados, whole grains, beans, beets, broccoli, egg yolk, coconut and olive oil, green vegetables etc are loaded with the needed nutrients for the brain. They can naturally improve the concentration power, memory, focus, and energy of the person.


When you have Lumonol as an additional item daily, you no longer have to worry about your cognitive health. Even 1 capsule per day followed by a balanced and nutritious diet is enough for you, for a long time. When you are looking for a herbal supplement for memory and focus, brain supplement for students, brain booster supplement or the brain stimulant itself, you don’t need to hesitate from trying out Lumonol. In fact, it should be your first choice for a trial. Use it for a month to see the real difference.