Lucy says that she loves food and enjoys eating. But for the sake of losing weight, she did stick to the HCG diet plan strictly and hence she was able to achieve the desired result.

Irish Celebrity Lucy Kennedy is one of the celebrities who has admitted to losing weight using the HCG diet protocol. Lucy Kennedy is a TV presenter. Lucy had gained weight after the birth of her child. She started to diet six months after her delivery. She was able to lose only about 7 pounds by working out and dieting by herself. So she took advice from a medical practitioner who suggested the HCG diet plan.

The HCG diet has helped lose almost 11 pounds and also helped her to get back to shape and she now plans her comeback to the show business.

We will look into the facts about how Lucy achieved the weight loss with the HCG diet plan.

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How much weight was Lucy able to lose after the HCG diet plan?

Lucy followed the HCG diet plan and was able to lose about 11 pounds in 3 weeks. Though Lucy was not too overweight, she had extra fat in her tummy, especially after having her baby. She was able to successfully shed this extra fat after undertaking the HCG diet.

Did Lucy strictly stick to the HCG diet plan?

Lucy says that she loves food and enjoys eating. But for the sake of losing weight, she did stick to the HCG diet plan strictly and hence she was able to achieve the desired result.

What was the HCG diet plan followed by Lucy?

Lucy followed a strict diet of 500 calories per day.

She also took the HCG drops both in the morning and in the evening. She followed this regime for 20 days.

On the first two days, she could gorge on all the fatty foods possible. On these two days she ate all her favorite food like prawn crackers, cake etc. to her heart’s content.

The next 18 days were the low calorie diet days. She cut down on all alcohol and sugar for three weeks before the last week which is the stabilization week.

What were the food that she could eat during her diet regime?

Lucy usually ate low-fat foods like chicken fillets, fruit and vegetables and limited amount of dairy. She also has a personal trainer to give her the necessary training sessions.

Was she happy with the HCG diet program?

Lucy was extremely satisfied with the results of the HCG diet. She got into shape within three weeks and is now able to wear her favorite clothes.

Was the HCG Diet safe especially since Lucy was starting the diet after the birth of her child?

Lucy started the diet program after consulting a medical practitioner. She was under medical supervision during the diet program,. So there was very little scope for any complications. She had to be extra careful about her general health too since it should not affect her baby. Taking into consideration all these factors, she was able to complete the diet satisfactorily.

However, people who are pregnant or lactating are advised not to take up this diet without strict medical supervision. It is not known whether this low calorie diet regime is really recommended for women soon after having their babies.

What is the role of HCG drops in this diet program?

HCG is a hormone produced in the urine of pregnant women. When this hormone is administered in small doses, along with a very low calorie diet, users are able to lose an average of one pound per day of the excess fat stored in the body. There is a post-HCG maintenance phase, which should be followed to make sure that the weight lost is not gained back.

How is the HCG drops administered, and what is the dosage?

The HCG drops are usually placed under the tongue, kept there for a few seconds nad then swallowed. The quantity of drops to be taken will depend on the brand of HCG drops that you are using. Detailed instruction are available when you buy HCG. This will give the corect dosage to be taken.

Are there any other precautions to be taken before starting on a HCG diet?

They are many companies which sell fake medication in the name of HCG. Most of these drops or injections might not contain the required quantity of HCG. So while purchasing online, the contact information should be easily available. Caution should also be taken to ensure that the diet regime followed by the company adheres to the original diet scheme prescribed by Dr. Simeons. Also care must be taken that you are not overcharged by the company when you buy HCG online.

So the general advice is to always go for the HCG diet under medical supervision and from reliable sources.