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Estrothin Menopausal Formula

Estrothin is an ideal choice for peri-menopause and menopause to correct this imbalance, naturally and to boost the body functions to its optimal level in this time of need.

 “Estrothin is the perfect solution for menopausal conditions such as weight gain, hot flashes, and mood swings”. Peri-menopausal and menopausal phases are quite difficult and they bring havoc in the body. Both these phases bring rapid changes in the body and most of the women in this phase are no stranger such issues. Gaining weight even after eating less and putting upon flabs across the thighs are common under this period. To add more bloating, low energy levels, lethargy and mood swings pop-up play their roles.

Do you want to deal with the unwanted weight gain, Bloating, Mood Swings, and other adverse menopausal symptoms? Rely on Estrothin, which can bring a change to your life.

What is Estrothin?

According to the creators of this product “EstroThin is a nutriceutical grade liquid extract supplement featuring clinically substantiated Adaptogenic phyto-plant activity”.

The hormonal changes that occur during Perimenopause and Menopause bring many changes in a woman’s body. It causes unwanted health issues, stress, and tiredness. This supplement contains Adaptogenic phyto-plants or Adaptogens that are effective enough to battle against this stressful period by invigorating the body’s immune system and self-regeneration ability. This natural supplement has the potency to reduce unwanted or Abnormal Weight Gain, Bloating, Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, night sweating, Low Energy levels, and other unpleasant peri-menopausal/menopausal symptoms.

Estrothin liquid extract supplement – post pregnancy weight loss

Estrothin comes in a Liquid Extract form and it contains natural ingredients that work effectively. This liquid extract supplement acts quickly on the body and delivers fast-paced results than any pills or capsules of the same category. Estrothin by Sisquoc healthcare uses a Nutriceutical Grade Liquid Extract Delivery System to provide effective weight loss results post pregnancy. The active herbal ingredients used in this formulation are highly potent as they go through an advanced extraction technology.

The full spectrum extraction ensures that the herbal extracts retain the potency level and freshness intact. This is why Estrothin is able to deliver quick results and a better solution than any other perimenopause and menopause supplement. While you are exclusively breast-feeding your baby, it is not ideal to use any weight loss supplement. You can start using Estrothin for weight loss, post pregnancy once you stop feeding. This product helps to lose weight by targeting the fat deposits around the tummy and stomach area. This product is safe and does not cause any side effects.

Ingredients of Estrothin supplement


  • Schzandra Berry,
  • Rhodiola Root,
  • Garcinia Cambogia,
  • Chinese Ginseng,
  • Eleuthero Root,
  • Stevia,
  • Black Cohosh Root,
  • Green Tea Extract,
  • Chaste Tree Berry,
  • Yerba Mate,
  • Guarana,
  • Damiana Herb,
  • Dong Quai Root,
  • Wild Yam Root

Other inactive ingredients:

  • vegetable glycerin,
  • deionized water
  • natural flavors.

Dosage: suggested usage of Estrothin

Take one dropper full (equals to 30 to 40 drops), daily once. You can mix this supplement with any preferred beverage such as water, juice, or milk to have a great drink. It is always better to use this supplement on an empty stomach for effective results. You can increase the dosage not more than four times a day, while under extreme stress and abnormal conditions.

Estrothin precautions: This product is not fit for pregnant, breastfeeding women and children under the age of five. Also, make sure not to take an overdose as it may cause certain side effects. Read the ingredient labels for any particular allergies or have a word with your doctor before using this supplement.

Estrothin side effects

The adaptogenic herbs used in Estrothin™ supplements are completely safe and organically cultivated. They do not cause any side effects and they are clinically proven. If you feel any discomforts after using this supplement, consult your physician and discontinue using the product.

How Does the Estrothin™ supplement help to manage peri-menopausal and menopause symptoms?

Estrothin™ is a unique formulation that helps women folks to deal with all these irritating and tormenting symptoms that accompany during menopause and perimenopausal phase.

If you are scared of the excess weight gain then this neutriceutical grade formulation is the best pick you can rely on. Estrothin is a professionally formulated mix that is highly effective and safe for use. To be more specific, the adaptogenic ingredients help to support the body by rectifying the hormonal imbalances. It helps to prevent unwanted stress and stimulates the body’s natural regeneration process. This formulation helps to bring a balance in the hormonal levels. It helps to decrease cortisols levels that are a major stress-causing hormone.

Using this formulation will help to prevent accumulation and promote usage of fats across the waist, thighs and hip areas. When the hormonal levels are under control, and when fats are utilized for energy, the body’s energy levels naturally increase. This product is also the best supplement to prevent stress, mood swings, and anxiety issues. In short, this adaptogenic supplement helps to strengthen the overall immune system.

What are menopause and peri-menopause? How does it affect a woman’s life?

When the fertile period of women ends, then MENOPAUSE is almost around and the ovaries stop producing estrogen. When menopause shows its face then probably the first symptom is the absence of periods for 12 consecutive months. The menopausal age is around 42 to 55 however, it can happen any time earlier or late depending on one’s body. If a woman has a damaged or removed ovary then menopause can occur even earlier. Whatever be the case, whether natural menopause or the absence of periods due to surgery, women start undergoing many changes. One such change is the decrease in the production of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen hormone is a vital hormone that helps to balance the body in women. Absence or decrease in this hormone can lead to various health issues.

The negative menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, increased weight gain, mood swings, lethargy, and stress are all the part and parcel of reduced estrogen level. Perimenopause or pre-menopause, on the other hand, is the time period that comes before the menopausal phase. This is basically a transitional phase that ranges from two to ten years before the complete absence of the red flag or periods. The average length is six years and usually appears between 35 to 45 years of age. During this time, a woman’s body produces low levels of estrogen and that results in dramatic changes both physically as well as emotionally. The symptoms of perimenopause are weight gain, weakness, anxiety, irregular menstrual cycles, and decreased libido.

Customer reviews

This product seems to have mixed reviews as the majority of the customers opine that it helps to restore normal hormonal responses. They say that it brings the hormones to optimal levels from high or low levels. In addition, many of them say that they reduced stress and tension after using this formulation. The other reason why many love this supplement is due to its liquid form. They say that it is easy to use when compared to powdered, capsule or tablet forms. I asked a naturopath about this product and he says that this product has a great ingredients list, which is highly potent and able enough to fight menopausal symptoms, especially weight gain. A few customers said that this product did not provide promised weight loss results, however it did help them to deal with other symptoms.

  • “I have used this product and it has helped me to deal with hot flashes and sweating during the night. I am happy that I got this product and I use it according to the recommended dosage. However, during certain occasions when I am too tired I use it twice a day for better results.”
  • “I used this product and did not notice any major changes. It helps to deal with anxiety and stress. I did not lose weight after using this product. I am not sure what went wrong.”
  • “This product helps to deal with weight gain, but at a slower pace. Do not expect instant magical results. It took around like 1.5 months to lose weight, and I did a little bit of walking on a daily basis to speed up the process. This product definitely helps to prevent mood swings and stress.”
  • “I have been able to lose weight after my pregnancy with twins. I started taking this supplement two years after my pregnancy as I was breast-feeding my babies. Now I have started losing a few pounds. I will use this product for some more time and let me see how it works.”

Buy Estrothin

This supplement is available at and the official website. You can also buy this product from other online retailers. However, If you buy from the official website you can get exciting offers. They offer one bottle free if you buy two bottles of Estrothin. In addition, you can sign in with their club membership for availing exciting discount on all their health and beauty products.

Estrothin promo codes and coupons

Estrothin is from the brand sisqouc health care and they offer promo codes and coupons at various online sites. You can use them while making a purchase to get exciting discounts.

Frequently asked questions

How does this product taste?

The Estrothin supplement has a mild and pleasant taste. When you mix it with any beverage, you will not find any difference.

How long should I use this product?

According to the manufacturers of this product, they claim that this product helps to lose weight within a few days. They also say that this product helps to lose weight within just a few weeks. The official website also claims that this product will provide great results within three months of use. Every day after using this product, the energy levels will increase.

Can I use this liquid extract supplement by mixing with alcohol?

No, firstly alcohol does not help to improve or solve any health issues. Using this supplement along with alcohol may reduce the potency of the ingredients. It may also hinder with the effectiveness of this product. Therefore, take this supplement only with healthy friendly beverages or just plain water.

Do they ship this product internationally?

Yes, Estrothin ships to your destination no matter where you reside on the globe. However, the shipping and handling charges will be the customer’s responsibility.

What are Adaptogenic herbs?

Adaptogenic herbs help the body to function normally and restore normal functions. They help to promote balanced hormonal levels and battle against ageing. Most of the stress supplements contain adaptogenic herbs as they have the unique ability to fight against anxiety and depression problems. Estrothin has a unique blend of natural ingredients and it is free from harmful substances such as Ephedra.

Is EstroThin supplement safe for use along with prescription medications?

Estrothin is a safe supplement that does not cause any side effects. The ingredients in this formulation are highly potent and effective. There are no clinical trials regarding its interferences with other drugs. It is always better to have a word with your doctor before using this supplement, in case if you are taking any prescription medicines.

Will I get a refund if I wish to return this product?

Estrothin and other products from Sisquoc healthcare come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you wish to return the product, initiate the same by contacting the customer care department. They will give you refund less shipping and handling charges.

Are the ingredients used in this product safe and of high quality?

Yes, all the ingredients used in this product are legal and organically cultivated. This product is manufactured in an FDA Registered facility that follows GMP practices.

Conclusion: Estrothin seems to have mixed opinions as many say that this product works effectively. Some say that it does not work completely and solve all the symptoms. In, general there are no clinical trials or results that prove the effectiveness of this product. The only information available is from the feedbacks from customers. If you go by customer reviews, this product is worth buying. Moreover, it is quite economical and has a great ingredients list. At the end of the day, it is who have to decide whether you would like to try it. Remember that there is always a refund option that keeps you at the safer side


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