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IHCG injections online

HCG injections are more effective than the drops. The HCG drops are more convenient and much cheaper. But the absorption rate when compared to the injections is very low and slower.

iHCG injections promotes the real HCG diet which is a sure way to lose weight. The science says that any low calorie diet can lose weight. But that has limitations. The weight that is lost with low calorie diet is much low. The food intake is reduced and the body is forced to look for the stored fat for the required energy. The HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin- is a natural hormone that helps break up the stored fat to fulfill the deficient energy during the pregnancy period. This hormone is extracted and is used to aid in massive weight loss programs.

The HCG weight loss program demands a very low calorie diet. The deficiency in calorie intake is met by taking the stored fat. The HCG hormone helps to locate these stored fats and speeds up the fat burning process. This combined effort of the hormone and the low calorie diet results in weight loss in pounds per day. The weight loss program prolongs for particular time period and the target amount of body weight is lost during that time. HCG injections usually need a doctor’s prescription but the iHCG injections are non-prescribed and can be bought easily by anyone. It is easy to do self-administration.

HCG Injection Vs Drops

HCG injections are more effective than the drops. The HCG drops are more convenient and much cheaper. But the absorption rate when compared to the injections is very low and slower. Since the injections are given directly into the muscles the hormone can act faster and the fat metabolism starts instantly. People believe that in order to take injections they will need to go to the doctors but in fact the iHCG injections can be self-injected easily. The syringe and needles are provided with the package and the instructions are clearly explained. The intra muscular administration makes it right on action and the stored fat is sorted after and are burned faster than when using the HCG drops.

iHCG Injection – the real HCG diet program

The iHCG diet programs are for a month, 2, 3, 4 months program. The program packages differ in the number of vials for the iHCG injections. The more the months more will be the vials. Each package for a month’s supply will have a vial of HCG of 5000iµ strength, a bottle of bacteriostatic water to mix the HCG, 25 individual needles, 25 alcohol wipes, a big mixing syringe with needle.

The iHCG injections come as white colored lyophilized substance. Take out a syringe full of bacteriostatic water and inject it into the vial and mix well. The given mixing syringe can be used for the mixing. An insulin syringe also may be used but in that case the bacteriostatic water need to be drawn out two and a half time. Once the HCG is mixed with bacteriostatic water, the mouth of the vial bottle should be wiped with the alcoholic sheets before each time the liquid is taken out for injection. Draw out the required amount of liquid for each injection and self-inject it subcutaneously, ideally on the thighs or on the abdomen slightly away from the belly button. A single bottle provides the required liquid for 25 days.

Once the vial is mixed with the bacteriostatic water keep it always refrigerated. The non-mixed vial can be stored for up to 2 yrs even when it is not refrigerated. The mixed substance should be used within 40-60 days.

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iHCG Diet Program

The diet program of iHCG claims to follow the Real HCG diet. iHCG diet program demands very low calorie diet. The low calorie means only 500 calorie per day. The diet is to be followed as long as the iHCG injections are taking. The very low calorie intake will not fulfill the energy needs of the body and this gap is filled by the burning of the stored fat. The fat burning will make the body feel full and the appetite is suppressed. The low calorie diet is to be followed by certain rules of what to eat and what not to.

Sugar and starch are to be avoided completely. Only freshly prepared, organic home-made food is the best during this period. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Reduce the fat intake to minimum. The fruits selected should have less sweet. The sugar can be replaced with other sweeteners. Butter and usage of excess oil is to be avoided.

The IiHCG diet program which follows the real HCG diet has three phase of loading, maintenance and stabilization phases. Loading phase is the initial two days before the iHCG injections start. In the loading phase, eat as much as you can and as much fatty, starchy food as possible. This will prepare the body for the faster and more metabolic reactions to come. The maintenance phase starts with the iHCG injections. Then follow only 500 calories per day. Eat only those food items that are allowed. The stabilization phase is after the iHCG injections are over. The calorie intake per day is gradually increased and makes the body suitable to the higher calorie regime. During this phase still no sugar or starch. At the same time the body weight should be maintained and make sure that there is no sudden increase.

Allowed Food Items for the real HCG diet


  • water,
  • coffee,
  • no fat milk,
  • tea without sugar.


  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • vinegar,
  • basil,
  • garlic,
  • No oil for seasoning.



      • lettuce,
      • spinach,
      • asparagus,
      • cucumbers,
      • tomatoes
      • cabbage.


      • mainly oranges,
      • apples,
      • grapes,
      • strawberries etc.



        • chicken breast,
        • shrimp,
        • crab.


          • mainly oranges,
          • apples,
          • grapes,
          • strawberries etc.

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          The Role of Vitamin B12 in the real HCG diet

          Vitamin B12 is an important element in the healthy weight loss. This vitamin is important in the cell division and red blood cell formations. Vitamin B12 can provide the energy and since it is readily soluble in water, it can be used as a supplementary aid for weight loss. It increases the metabolic rate and the body will feel more energetic. Due to the faster weight loss the body might feel weak or fatigue. The addition of the Vitamin B12 along with iHCG injections will provide additional energy and the body will no longer feel weak. The vitamin liquid can be administered with an oral syringe and can be put in the mouth directly.

          The weight loss from iHCG injections

          The weight loss is guaranteed but it is subjective to the individual body nature also. Some people may experience faster weight loss while others may show a slower response. But both the iHCG diet and injection and the low calorie diet s to be followed as long as it is required.

          Side Effects of iHCG Injections – real HCG diet

          There are a few side effects or negative effects that are experienced by some people. Careful monitoring and when needed immediate medical attention may be required at times. The low calorie diet may cause light headedness, headaches, irritability, or water retention. The incumbencies of the low calorie diet are met by the faster fat metabolism by the HCG hormone. But in some people this is not happening and they feel all the discomforts. Redness or swellings may occur while on the iHCG injections. This is due to improper injecting. These kinds of people may require professional help for the administration of these HCG/iHCG injections.

          Another negative effect is that it can promote pregnancy in women. Since the hormone is generally produced in the pregnant women, injection of the hormone makes the body prepare the body for pregnancy. Women may suffer pregnancy like symptoms even when they are not. Contraceptive pills will have no effects when using the HCG/iHCG injections and women will have to look for other types of protection.

          Other side effects of HCG/iHCG injections are severe pelvic pain, shortness of breath, weight gain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, etc. Extreme side effects are depression, tenderness of breast etc. there are cases of infertility, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness or insomnia as well. This may have drug interactions so it is important to consult the doctor before administering iHCG injections. Do not start any new medication while on this diet regime.

          Who Should not take iHCG Injections

          There are people who are not supposed to take the iHCG injections. Certain medical conditions do not support the use of this hormone and they should consult the doctor before indulging with the iHCG Diet program.

          • People who have had early puberty.
          • People suffering from prostate, breast, ovary, uterine or pituitary gland cancer
          • People suffer thyroid problem or ovarian cyst
          • Any kind of uterine bleeding.
          • People who have heart or kidney diseases
          • People who suffer epilepsy, migraine or asthma.
          • Pregnant ladies should not use iHCG/HCG injections as it can have negative effects on the fetus. Women should make sure that they are not pregnant before taking this.
          • Nursing mothers also should not go for this.

          Exercises while in iHCG injections – the real HCG diet program

          The body will need only mild exercises and do not go for intense or cardio while on the iHCG injections and HCG diet program as the body will suffer fatigue because of the low calorie diet. Slight walking or taking the stairs will not do any harm. It is the same for both men and women. Only mild or moderate exercises should be done that too only if the body accommodates.

          Select the required diet program depending on how much weight should be shed and have a faster, safer and effective weight loss.


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