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HoodiThin Liquid Extract – A Weight Loss Supplement

HoodiThin Liquid Extract will provide you fast and effective weight loss results. HoodiThin liquid diet drop is sourced mainly from hoodia gordonii plant extract which is known as a slimming agent with appetite suppressing properties. It is safe to use with no known side effects.


Now losing weight is quite easy with all new appetite-suppressant the HOODIA GORDONII liquid extract “HOODITHIN”. Sisquoc healthcare has always stunned its customers with new and innovative product lines. The hoodithin supplement is exceptionally doing well in helping customers around the world to lose weight effectively. The liquid extract formula works with the help of active compounds extracted from natural ingredients.

In this article, we will discuss about weight loss and the effectiveness of the Hoodithin supplements from Sisquoc healthcare.

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Let us start with Hoodia Gordonii

Also known as Kalahari cactus and bushman’s hat is a leafless spiny succulent plant. This plant is native to the semi-arid areas of Southern Africa, especially the Kalahari Desert region. This plant came into the limelight, after the secret behind the local inhabitants going without food and water on long journeys unrevealed. The locals of the Kalahari Desert used Hoodia stems to keep hunger and thirst away while they were on long journeys. This wonderful plant acts as an appetite suppressant as well as offers huge medicinal benefits.

What Is Hoodithin Liquid Extract?

The hoodithin liquid extract is fast and effective organic supplement that aids in weight loss. This organic supplement makes use of a proprietary know-how to extract the active compounds out of the South African Hoodia Plant. The extracts are hundred percent pure and deliver maximum potency. Hoodia is a highly priced plant and one of the best ingredients that are extremely effective for any weight loss program.

HoodiThin contains high-quality Hoodia Gordonii. Various active compounds in Hoodia plant aids in effective weight loss. This natural appetite suppressant contains no dangerous stimulants or additives. The weight loss is swift without any adverse side effects, unlike other products that cause harm in the long run.

Advantages of hoodithin weight loss supplement

  • Certified 100% Pure extracts of South African Hoodia
  • Nutriceutical Grade Liquid Extract
  • Easily absorbed by the body due to its liquid form
  • Zero side effects
  • Effective weight loss than pills
  • Free from caffeine and Ephedra
  • Easily absorbed by the body

Disadvantages of hoodithin supplement

  • Lack of customer reviews and testimonials
  • Highly expensive
  • Not available with or other online retailers

How Hoodithin Works

The only explanation available about the working mechanism of this supplement as written by the makers of Hoodithin supplement is below.

The chemical compounds in HoodiThin supplement work within the satiety center by liberating a chemical compound. This compound is similar to glucose, however 100,000 times potent. The hypothalamus receives a signal as an indication that enough food is available when this glucose like compound is liberated. This is how it helps to suppress hunger pangs. This process helps to suppress the appetite and allows one to stay longer without any food. The pure organic Hoodia extract, contains a unique molecule that, is capable enough of fooling the brain and making it believe that the stomach is full. This stops one from thinking about food and water.

Does this natural liquid Hoodia Gordonii extract really work as an appetite suppressant?

Yes, the native clans and the local inhabitants of South Africa have used this plant for thousands of years. The Bushmen of South Africa having been depending on Hoodia Gordonii to supress hunger while on their long journeys and hunting trips. The appetite suppressant power of Hoodia Gordonii has stunned expert scientists across the world. There are many isolated compounds found in this plant that has high medicinal value. The bushmen has been using this supplement since ages and now there are clinical evidences that state the fact that this is one of the best appetite suppressants ever available in the nature. In short, weight loss is now easy to by tricking your own brain and body.

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Hoodithin liquid extract supplement

Hoodithin comes in a liquid form and Sisquoc healthcare has purposefully formulated such a supplement. The liquid form is highly potent, effective and delivers quick results when compared to pills or capsules. The HoodiThin™ liquid extract uses a proprietary technology in the extraction process and therefore the potency of the active compounds remains intact. When the user takes a dose this active, compounds are absorbed quickly into the body. The HoodiThin™ liquid extract is faster, potent and effective than any expensive Hoodia diet pills.

Ingredients in hoodithin supplement

Hoodia gordini extract – 250 mg of certified pure South African Hoodia liquid extract

Free from:

  • fillers,
  • additives,
  • harmful stimulants

The Hoodia plant tincture is prepared from the fully mature hearts of Hoodia succulents. This excludes the outer bark, roots, and flowers.

Suggested dosage of hoodithin supplement for weight loss

Take one dropper full (that equals to 30 – 40 drops) of HoodiThin™. Use this dose once on a daily basis either before lunch or before dinner. This is the ideal dosage for a normal weight loss plan. You can use twice a day (30 to 40 drops) before lunch and dinner if you want to speed up the weight loss process. The second dosage is for people who wish to lose more weight in a short time frame.

How to take / instructions of hoodithin supplement

You can take this weight loss supplement directly without diluting with any liquid medium. Alternatively use you can mix Hoodithin supplement with half glass of water, fruit juice, milk or any other beverage. Do not use alcohol as a liquid base as it might decrease the effectiveness of Hoodithin supplement. You can increase the frequency of using this supplement whenever you feel abnormal cravings, especially when under stress.

Precautions – hoodithin supplement for weight loss

Do not use more Hoodithin supplement more than four times per day. Overdose of this supplement may cause certain unwanted side effects such as becoming sick. Do not use Hoodithin supplement when pregnant or trying to conceive. This weight loss supplement is not for children under the age of five. If you have diabetes, it is ideal to have a word with your doctor before taking any weight loss supplement.

HoodiThin™ weight loss supplement with Pure Hoodia Gordonii

Weight loss is always a near to impossible task. We undergo many weight loss programs, indulge in heavy exercises, and undergo crash diets only to reach a dead end. Moreover, our body does not seem to cooperate with all the weight loss regimes. HoodiThin™ is one of the few Hoodia products available that helps in swift weight loss and it has a certificate that proves that it uses 100% Pure Hoodia. The Hoodia comes from South Africa. The African government regulates the amount of Hoodia it exports and the number of suppliers to receive it. Fortunately HoodiThin™ is one of those select few who have the privilege to use this natural extract to produce weight loss supplements. You can check with the official site or contact Sisquoc healthcare for verifying the certificate of authenticity.

Frequently asked question

How long does a bottle of hoodithin last?

Each bottle contains 30 servings, which will last for two to four weeks. This mainly depends on the frequency of usage.

Is HoodiThin™ Safe?

Yes. The Hoodia ingredient in Hoodithin™ is an all-natural and this supplement does not contain any other ingredients. This herbal dietary supplement does not cause any adverse side effects. Unlike other weight loss products, it does not cause any tiredness. It is free from Caffeine and Ephedra.

Is this supplement safe for use along with other prescription medicines?

Yes, hoodithin supplement is safe for consumption along with other prescription medicines. Hoodithin is a pure herbal supplement that does not contain any harmful substances. If you are suffering from any chronic medical conditions then it is always better to have word with your doctor.

There are many Hoodia products available in the markets. Which one is authentic and original?

The pure and original Hoodia contains appetite suppressant qualities when grown in one specific region in South Africa. If the Hoodia is from any other country or does not accompany a South African Government Certificate of Authenticity, the product is a duplicate. The pure 100% Hoodia comes directly from South Africa. It is quite hard to acquire and is a highly expensive plant. There are many Hoodia products sold at cheap prices and trust me they are worthless. They are bogus products that make false claims. Most of such products contain fillers that do not aid in weight loss. Hoodithin on the other hand is an authentic product that contains the original certificates and has 100% pure extracts.

How long does it take to show effective weight loss results?

The intensity of results will depend on the frequency of use. Once you start using this supplement, you should start seeing weight loss results as early as within two weeks. However, make sure to have a healthy and a balanced diet along with adequate exercise for a quick weight loss.

Does this supplement create any jittery feelings as those associated with most of the weight loss supplements?

No, Hoodithin supplement is completely safe; it does not contain any stimulants that could lead to the jittery feeling associated with weight loss products. Make sure not to take an overdose.

Does hoodithin come with a money back guarantee?

Yes. This supplement comes with an unconditional money- back guarantee offer. If you do find any effective results or dissatisfied with the product, you can return the product. You will get a full refund with further no more questions. You have nothing to lose, but only stubborn fat with the help of hoodithin supplements.

Hoodithin coupons and promo codes

You can join the coupon club membership at the official website, where you will get exciting deals and offers. They will send newsletters and promotional discounts from time to time. Various coupons are available at many online sites, which you can use while making a purchase.

Buy hoodithin weight- loss supplement

You can buy this supplement from the official website or from If you buy from the official website, you can get free offers when you buy more than two bottles. For two bottles, you get one bottle free and with buy three, you get two bottles free. What are you waiting for? Grab your pack today and start tricking your brain to lose weight.

Hoodithin Customer reviews

There are hardly any customer reviews available about Hoodithin supplement at the official website. According to Sisquoc healthcare, Hoodithin supplement is one of the fastest moving products in their whole product line. They say that customers love Hoodithin supplement as it delivers great weight loss results. The truth is this point cannot be verified, as there are no viable reviews found online. I saw a few posts in weight loss forums where few buyers recommended Hoodithin supplement. According to them, Hoodithin supplement is a great remedy to keep away hunger. They say that they can stay for long hours without having any hunger pangs. A few customers were complaining that Hoodithin supplement is very expensive, even though it offered great results.

Conclusion: Weight loss is an art, you need to practice the right methods and use the right tools to achieve the targets. It is not a cakewalk definitely and I do not think just taking hoodithin will help deliver great results. Yes, Hoodithin supplement works and helps to fool the body by making it think that there is enough food available in the body. However, with any weight loss supplement or program it is important to indulge in exercise routines and follow a balanced diet to lose and maintain a healthy weight. There is no simple trick to weight loss, but follow a healthy life style. In addition, one can make use of safe supplements such as hoodithin that can lend a hand to speed up the weight loss process.

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