HCG Triumph Guide Book – PDF

The HCG Triumph Guide Book/PDF clearly explains all about that need to know while on HCG diet.

In the book/e-book, the explanations given will clear any doubts regarding the diet plan. It deals with tackling hunger, foods that are allowed, proper recipes, calorie information of all the approved food items etc. The very low calorie diet assists you to stay healthy since the hormone would burn the unwanted fat to release enough energy to fulfill the body needs. The book also explains about the diet plan, how and what to do while on this diet. The book also includes four phases of the hcg program, dos and don’ts during the hcg diet and any instructions or precautions that you need to follow. The foods and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner are also mentioned efficiently.

Certain tools are also needed for this diet course. Bathroom scale, food scale, measuring tape, shopping list, print copy of the diet and recipes, etc. are vital that will come handy once the diet starts kicking in. These tools help in measuring the right amount of food that is consumed and the bathroom scale helps to make sure that you are maintaining or losing how much weight. The measuring tape is convenient to measure the waist and help satisfy that the waistline is also reducing. The print copy will have the approved food list and the recipes and the shopping list made with this will not let you forget anything important.

 HCG Triumph Drops

The HCG triumph drops dosage is clearly mentioned in the guide book. The amount or number of drops, how is it administered and how long it should be continued etc. are instructed aptly. NOTE that your lifestyle changes as well so make sure you are prepared as to what is awaiting once you start the hcg diet. Some people may need to go for another round of this diet plan and this guide book is their answer to what they need to do and how to proceed with repeated rounds of this diet.

HCG diet plan pdf

You can download the HCG diet food list pdf available online. They will provide you every information on the 500 calorie diet menu. This could help you stick perfectly to your weight loss schedule.