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Triumph HCG & Appetite Control

Does hcg suppress appetite ? Appetite suppressant drugs are on a roll today. HCG is a hormone injection or drop that is said to have the same effects. Ever heard of salt water injections? These have appetite suppressing properties as well. But, what the HCG diet products claim is that when injected with HCG, you do not feel the fatigue you would feel from normal appetite suppressants.

Does hcg suppress appetite?

The Question is common with people who are on a HCG diet. The answer is that hcg does not really work as an appetite suppressant. It works as a fat burner.  There are other Appetite suppressants which does specifically that, while hcg burns your fat.

Triumph HCG Diet Appetite Suppressants

Triumph HCG diets demand a very low fat diet. This can be as low as 500 calories per day. The thing is, it doesn’t take the rocket scientist in you to realize that such a low calorie intake would naturally lead to weight loss. What HCG is supposed to do is suppress your appetite so that you don’t go about your day feeling starved to death. Now comes the question, will the Hcg diet make you starve to death?

There is enough proof that HCG can break down excess fat to supply for your energy. If that is not the case, people on HCG diets are in serious trouble. Near starvation can seriously affect metabolism even to the cellular level and may lead to the formation of gall stones. Suppressing appetites would be of no help if this were the case.

There is a speculation that the firm conviction to lose weight has more to do with the feeling of suppressed appetite. Numerous people on the HCG diets say that they actually feel less hungry and this makes the skeptics think of will power rather than actual appetite suppression.

There are HCG organizations which offer special products for just the purpose of suppressing appetites. Is it true that these hormones actually affect a portion of our brain knocking it clean of any thoughts of food ? Well, lets hope that if that does happen, we do not turn into cyborgs. They say that we would stop feeling the need for food as we used to.

The truth is that the HCG diets do suppress our appetites but not directly as we believe, that doesn’t always have to be a good thing. It is always best to consult a doctor before we do a serious diet like this, especially one which threatens starvation and brain control (what is this, sci-fi?).

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How does HCG suppress the appetite?

HCG being an appetite suppressant is only relative. It does happen but not directly as we are made to believe. The appetite suppression by HCG is only a byproduct. HCG is a hormone that can bring the reserved fat to the site of action. To trigger this action the body must be near starvation with fewer calories from the diet.

The HCG diet is low calorie diet where you eat only 500 calories which is seriously low by any means and you must take HCG drops daily. The HCG in the drops acts to bring the reserved fat for energy production. With the energy produced from the fat, there are plenty of calories available for the body.

When the body gets all the calories that it needs it naturally does not feel the usual appetite or feel starved. Since the HCG is acting upon the transportation of the energy resources, it would not be right to call it as an appetite suppressant, although effectively it turned out to be just that.

HCG Vs appetite suppressants

HCG when taken in sufficient amount should be enough to keep the appetite under control during the HCG diet course. The appetite is a marker to know whether you are taking enough HCG for the system or not. Even if you have only limited or sufficient appetite to continue with the low calorie diet, it would be beneficial to add some extra appetite suppressants in the diet.

The appetite suppressants ensure that the body is not left starved. The appetite suppressants would regulate the sugar release to the blood, and maintain the metabolic rate to keep the normal rate.

Most natural burners like raspberry ketones, Garcinia cambogia capsules, vitamin B12 etc are food appetite suppressants. They can act on its own and keep the fat burning rate up and ensures that the one pound reduction in the body.

Do know that for every pound of fat lost in the body, by being used for energy, you are using approximately 3000-4000 calories that comes within the body. This is much higher than you normally burn.
HCG in HCG drops

There is also the problem that some of the HCG drops out there do not actually contain the specified amount of HCG. Let’s say we have resigned our fates to the claim that the HCG we bought off the Internet would suppress our appetites, we need to be then sure that those do have the necessary quantity of HCG to burn enough fat to substitute for carbohydrate rich food. If it doesn’t then heaven save us because not getting enough food, our bodies would of course turn to the fat reserves but then it would also start rejecting normal food once we start eating normally after the diet. Believe me, you do not want that kind of appetite suppressants.

For weight loss, HCG seems like a good product. If all you want to do to yourself is suppress your appetite, then believe it would work and go ahead.

The truth about HCG drops

Many people are skeptical about using HCG drops and with the HCG diet. There are many who believe that HCG drops are useless and that the weight loss happens due to the near starvation by the diet. In a way it is the truth.
But what enables the body to reach the stored fat and not the normal structural fat for weight loss is the real truth of HCG drops. The HCG drops is responsible for getting these stored fat from their hide especially that is in the belly area. The belly fat is the most stubborn fat of all and the usual last ones to get burnt. HCG helps to have them mobilize and use in the early stages itself.

The benefit of HCG is that it preserves the structural fat, keeps the appetite down by providing the needed energy by making use of the unwanted fat.

The conclusion

The bottom line is that the HCG drops effectively result in appetite suppressing but does not really act on that aspect. It just happens. If you are looking for an appetite suppressant, HCG drops does not work. It needs this strict low calorie to make it happen. So the answer to the question is, Yes, HCG suppresses and curb the appetite, ONLY if the body is forced to find alternatives to sugar and starch for energy production.