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hcg remedy drops reviews hopes to cover the pros, cons and the entire range of peoples comments on the HCG Remedy product.  Keep Reading …

What Is Hcg Remedy?

HCG remedy is a weight loss drops formulation. Although the name suggests HCG there is no ‘real’ HCG in it. Instead it contains the essential amino acids that make the HCG hormone and some extra elements to deal with the healthy progress with the rapid weight loss.

HCG hormone is known to trigger the fat burning from the reserved fat. The same is accomplished with the HCG remedy weight loss drops as well. How is that done? In the same manner the hormone would have done.

In order to attain the locating-the-fat and transporting it into the energy site the hormone definitely takes the help from its fellow ingredient amino acids. Since the HCG Remedy is made with those key amino acids, it is all too well to attain the same job as the hormone. Let’s head over and see what the HCG remedy weight loss drops is made of.

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HCG Remedy Ingredients

The main ingredient in the HCG Remedy is named the HCG emulation complex. This emulsion complex is contains many elements in it. Each serving a separate duty but not all related to weight loss itself. There are ingredients added here to avoid many of the side effects or rather, after effects of having rapid weight loss of one pound per day.

  • L-Ornithine HCl: The main function of L-Ornithine is to release the growth hormones. The growth hormone triggers increase the natural metabolism and then the fat burning. It also helps with the muscle growth, which is essential in keeping the skin tight and rather than left for sagging.
  • L-carnitine tartrate is a natural fat burner. It can easily transports the fatty acids from their hideouts and throw them in the furnace called the metabolism. The deficiency of this amino acid can reduce the fatty acid metabolism. You can’t have that in a weight loss program. This is also the main reason why this ingredient finds its place in the HCG Remedy preparation.
  • L-Glutamine: The HCG diet is a monster that deprives you of many of the nutrients, rather the quantity of the nutrition that you get. With only 100 gms of protein you are not expected to get enough of L-glutamine or simply glutamate to preserve the muscles. By having this in the HCG remedy helps remedy this issue. It helps with saving the muscles or reducing the muscle loss in the faster weight loss. It also counteracts the fat storage process.
  • Maca 4:1: The major benefits of having maca root in HCG Remedy are that it reduces the belly fat by reducing the amount of cortisol. It can increase the overall stamina and ensures that the endocrine system of the body works well. It can regulate the hormone balance which also has a bigger say in weight gain or why you are not able to lose weight for that matter.
  • Pygeum africanum 4:1: This is a supportive ingredient that helps prevent hair loss. The rapid weight loss can have its effect on the body. Some people, yes, it is rare and is seen only in some people, suffer hair loss with the HCG diet course.
  • Beta alanine is an agent to strengthen the muscles. Muscles are integral part of not just the body but also in the fat metabolism. So it is important to strengthen them. It promotes the lean muscle mass but not directly involved in the protein synthesis. Beta alanine also takes part in the muscle endurance and sustains it through tough time. This will help to have more fats burnt.
  • Rhodiola rosea 1%: Sudden weight loss can be overwhelming and there are many things that could go wrong if you are not careful enough. You need to get a hold on yourself to last the tough HCG diet. The Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen that helps the body cope with the stress. It can improve the mood and boost energy in the body. It also has a good amount of antioxidants in it for the benefits of the skin and cells. It is also effective in regulating the blood pressure. The effects of this ingredient can last day long so that the resting metabolic rate could also be made faster than usual to keep up the fat burning.
  • Astragalus 4:1: This extract can reduce the cholesterol, which is a fat. It is also rich in antioxidants to protect the cells and has immune boosting abilities.

Niacin is an ingredient that helps the body generates energy from the food. The body cannot do this without this vitamin. It does not have direct involvement in weight loss but is there to do with the other jobs around the process.

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HCG Remedy should be taken with the Phase 2 of the HCG diet. Each serving is 12 drops and a single bottle can last for 90 servings. The dosage during the loading phase and maintenance phase are the same. You take 12 drops of the liquid, taken under the tongue and rested there until it is completely absorbed.

Take the daily dose of 12 drops, 3 times a day. It is either taken before or after the meal. I would suggest having it before the meals to have the right effects and give time for it to work.

HCG Remedy Reviews

The HCG Remedy drops reviews say that the product works like any other good quality HCG product and all the tools you will require during the diet will be provided when you buy this product. The HCG Remedy reviews warn that you have to follow all the instructions given in the diet plan to the dot in order to lose weight. If start taking the HCG Remedy drops and then eat normally, you will not lose weight as you are adding to the burning calories as they melt away.

The HCG Remedy Diet Plan

If you follow the instructions, the HCG Remedy drops reviews say that you will literally watch the pounds evaporate from your body! It is very effective and there are three phases of the HCG Remedy diet that you have to follow. These phases are:

  • The Loading Phase
  • The Maintenance Phase and
  • The Stabilization Phase

People following the HCG Remedy drops diet should follow 2 days of loading phase, 21 to 40 days of maintenance phase and 21 days of stabilization phase. The maintenance and stabilization phase require low calorie diets to be followed and very important to lose weight during the diet.

The Loading phase of the HCG Remedy drops diet is the stage where the dieters have to eat high calorie food and as much as they can of it as this will prepare the body for the HCG Remedy diet. You have to take 12 drops of HCG Remedy 3 times a day or you can also take 6 drops 6 times a day.

The phase 2 of the HCG Remedy drops diet stretches for 21 days and you can even extend it to 40 days. You have to introduce the low calories diet of 500 calories per day. This will leave the HCG Remedy drops no other option than to focus on the stubborn fat reserves and burn them for energy. Not to forget that you also have to take the HCG Remedy drops thrice a day. The fat is taken away from the chin, flabby arms, thighs, butt, lower torso, etc.

The Stabilization phase of the HCG Remedy drops diet is the final phase when you can stop taking the drops and you can gradually transform from the low calorie diet to a more controlled diet, the calorie restriction can be moderate here and you have to avoid sugar and starch for a while.

HCG Remedy Tablets

For those who like the talets instead of the drops, the option is available at You can try the original HCG remedy tablets now. Dont like the taste on your tongue? No problem. Just swallow the tablets and dont worry of the taste. The tablets are as effect as the drops and there is no significant difference in the effeciency.

Hcg remedy drops reviews – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the HCG Remedy is able to get the same results as the HCG drops but devoid of the actual hormone. Not many people are a fan to use real hormone to get anything that they want, not even fair weight loss. This is a product for THEM. They get what they want but do not have to worry about the hormone treatment they effectively get.