Rachael Larimore could effectively meet her weight loss goals, mainly because she never did any cheating with her diet.

Rachael Larimore is a career-oriented lady, who is an online managing editor of the weekly standard. She underwent the HCG weight loss challenge and successfully met with her (10 to 12 pounds of) weight loss goals. Here’s an excerpt of her weight loss journey…

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How and when Rachael Larimore decided to undertake this HCG injection program?

It was quite difficult to lose weight for Rachael after having her three kids. Besides, other factors like sedentary desk job and too many lunches also made her look obese. But, she had made up her mind – that somehow I have to lose weight for the high school reunion function. However, Rachael was looking for an effective remedy that could bless her with the quick weight loss results. She began to browse on the internet and accidentally came across the fad HCG diet. Through further browsing, Rachael learned that HCG helps at losing the abnormal fat present in the body by eating 500 calories a day. Initially, she wondered “how could anyone lose weight with this simple trick?” Later she attended many information sessions in order to learn the pros and cons of HCG (high calories with no starch or sugar). Finally, she was put on an HCG diet plan in the form of HCG injections by doctor Amy Brenner. In the early stages, Rachael found it difficult to keep up with the diet as there are only choices of foods like proteins and vegetables. With this, she lost around 18 pounds of weight (after having regular injections for 3 weeks). But later, after 3 weeks of taking the injections, she increased her calorie intake from 1500 to 1800 calories and never had any sugar or starch content during this phase…

Results obtained by Rachael Larimore after having the HCG injections

After having the injections and three week’s of stabilizations phase, Rachael Larimore successfully lost 18 pounds of weight from her body. She lost 2 inches from each arm, 2 inches from the waist and 3 inches from each thigh.

What Rachael Larimore used to eat during her HCG injection program?

Rachael Larimore used to consume lots of veggies and lean proteins in her diet. Her menu was something like:

  • For breakfast – Rachael used to have an apple every day.
  • For lunch – She had lean proteins along with lots of vegetables.
  • For snack – A handful of strawberries or an apple or orange.

For dinner – Loads of veggies and lean proteins.

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More facts about Rachael Larimore

  • Rachael Larimore could effectively meet her weight loss goals, mainly because she never did any cheating with her diet. She used to restrict herself from foods like sugar and those with starch contents. Also, she never used to add any tomatoes in her HCG recipes.
  • Equally, Rachael restricted herself from applying any kind of lotions or body creams. Why because HCG will burn those cosmetic contents instead of fat in the body.
  • In the middle of the HCG routine, Rachael went for an outing (as a part of her profession) – where she added few pounds to her body – drinking few glasses of mojitos, daiquiris and eating chips on the Mexican vacation. But, later after returning home, she came back to her original routine by having lots of lean proteins and vegetables for a week. This helped her at reducing the extra pounds and brought her to the normal stage.

HCG injection is an all in all effective remedy that helped Rachael Larimore to get back in her original shape by shredding away the excess pounds. To one extent, it brought Rachael to a state of self-confidence by eliminating all her self-destructive behavior…

Here’s a link to Rachael’s actual profile