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in a hurry to buy hcg injections? Want to know where to Buy HCG injections online fast? Lose those extra pounds without any exercise with HCG. Buy HCG injections online for reducing weight in a faster and effective manner.

HCG hormone has been popularly used for two purposes, for fertility treatment and for helping in weight loss. Though this will not directly reduce the weight, it acts as an aid in boosting the process that leads to weight loss. HCG is administered for fertility injections and ihcg injections is found to be more beneficial than having it as drops. Though HCG injections are used for both purposes they are different.

HCG injection for fertility is used in higher amount of 5000-10,000 iu per day, or in men it is 1000 – 4000 iu taken twice or thrice a week. HCG hormone helps stimulate the necessary hormones to trigger pregnancy in both men and women. These HCG injections require a medical prescription for purchase. iHCG injections for aiding weight loss is administered in lower amount. A single vial in an iHCG injection kit contains 5000 iu dehydrated HCG powder which is diluted later and only a small amount of around 166 iu per shot is taken every day. The low HCG helps boost the fat metabolism resulting in weight loss. iHCG does not require a medical prescription.

HCG injections are safe because the HCG is a naturally occurring hormone and it is given under strict conditions by a doctor. Whereas iHCG is given only in smaller doses thus eliminating any risk of having side effects. The only thing that needs care and precaution is that pregnant women should not administer iHCG injection as it can harm the fetus. Since HCG hormone triggers process leading to pregnancy, those who are administering iHCG must know that contraceptive pills will not have any effects while having iHCG injections. There are all chances of getting pregnant.

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Buy HCG Injections for fertility

HCG injections are popularly used for 2 purposes – for fertility and weight loss. You can buy hcg injections for fertility as the Hcg hormone helps stimulate the necessary hormones that trigger pregnancy in both men and women. You require a medical prescription to buy HCG injections for fertility. When you have a mature egg follicle in your ovary, an HCG injection can release that egg to mature and be released. HCG hormone causes ovulation to happen with 36 hours of receiving the injection. This is where Hcg injections are really helpful in treating fertility issues.

Sometimes the hcg injections are given on their own or as a part of another form of fertility treatments like IVF or IU.

Where to buy HCG injections for fertility?

As there are many HCG online sites available for weight loss, here we shall be discussing about HCG injections for fertility. is the best place to buy HCG injections for fertility. ConceiveEasy TTC kit is the complete fertility system available over the counter. They are clinically proven to increase the chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.