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Three stage Weight Loss

  1. The first phase is all fun but lasts less than what most people desire. unlike any diet program , the HCG diet program starts with eating a lot of food. Foods that you love. Chocolates, high fat steaks, Cookies, Sugar and all the goodies. The hcg drops or injections are kicked in with the diet to get started. The activation process is just on.

  2. The second phase is what most people hate. Its the 500 calorie diet. While most people think that this is dangerous, you would find that the diet program once kicked in, will give you a lot of energy (if you are indeed fat) and make you feel a lot more active. This continues for 21 days and trust me, its not as easy as its said to be.
  3. The phase 3 or the maintenance phase will be the tough one. While people go on a life time maintenance phase, which is desired, a minimum of 23 day phase 3 is required before you redo the diet again. The process of flushing the HCG from your body is key to the process. This phase will be a bit lenient, but still, high fat food, ice creams, cookies are still off limits.

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HCG Injections

HCG Injections are considered to be far more effective. There are no over the counter hcg injections for weight loss. You will most likely requrie a doctors prescription if you would want to purchase the medication from a drug store. Online purchases too are often not looked upon so well. Thats probably the Reason why there are doctors to write down a prescription online before you purchase hcg injections online.

This may look a bit different from a normal doctor’s prescription but then it is in every way. You will most likely be able to purchase the HCG from the same websites the doctors write the prescription.

HCG Drops

HCG drops were not considered to be effective. Though safe, its not looked upon so well as compared to injections. Fortunately, the diet program is the same and the efficasy does not stand a chance to debate upon. With various flavours and concoctions, HCG drops come in various ways. No prescription required and boosting the efficacy with other weight loss compounds including garcinia and Raspberry ketones make hcg drops a choice among many people who want to lose weight

HCG drops are still not sold over the counter. the sale of over the counter hcg drops were banned and you can purchase them from some of the vendors online. Yes there are no restrictions on online purchases.