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A good attitude can turn a bad day to a positive one. Similarly, amidst of controversies, there are many dieters who find HCG to be a great supporter of weight loss. That’s right. There are many HCG diet success stories shared online by hundreds of thousands hcg dieters. Overwhelming HCG success stories are also available in blogs, websites, forums etc. not to mention before and after photos of dieters as well.

These are actual proof that HCG diet plan really works. All you have to do is keep the chin up, have immense faith in the hcg product, follow the protocol and you are in for a healthy and successful weight loss.

As mentioned above, there are ton of experiences shared by hcg dieters. We bring you such HCG diet success stories (PLUS one failure story) that will give you the power to look at hcg from an altogether different level.

Story No.1 – My Wedding Dress Fits After 23 Years And 9 Kids!!! By Leanne Mennemeier

“I spent majority of my life as a fat person. I was born to a family of six children, 3 with good healthy and 3 with not-so-good metabolism. The three lean ones could eat whatever they want, whenever they want and still look thin. The other three chunky ones (that includes me), limited ourselves to what we ate, danced many hours a week, but still stayed fat. It wasn’t just fair. Believe it or not, I joined Weight Watchers for the first time at just the age of 10. Thus, jump started my career in dieting. In fact, I was a lifetime weight watcher member many times.

As an adult, I sincerely tried each and every diet in the world including the “cabbage diet” and some expensive diets as well. Heck, I even tried diet pills, exercising, starving method as well. Occasionally, i would lose a few pounds, but then it would always came back with a vengeance. Heck, I even tried the shirataki noodles weight loss success. But, I started gaining pounds soon after that. I can’t tell how frustrating it was to gain back the pounds I just lost.

 Even the simple activities such as shopping, catching up with old friends or just lying on the beach would give me nightmare. It was really discouraging. After my last baby number 9 (that’s right), I had given up. I couldn’t even think about going through another weight loss program. I had made up my mind that I was just going to be fat for the rest of my life.

Then, something unimaginable happened that completely changed my life. My sister, Linda Prinster (one of the chubby ones) recommended a book she read, “The Weight Loss Cure – They Don’t Want You To Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. The book told about a doctor’s diet protocol that though made sense seemed to good to be true. My sister started researching and gathering all the information she could about it. When she told me, I thought she was going crazy. I know everything about dieting and there possibly couldn’t be such a diet that could work. To prove her point, she did the diet and lost around 20 lbs within a month. Though I tried to reason that it was probably a fluke, she went ahead and helped my mom, cousin and my friend.

I had to try it. So here I am, 46 lbs having finished the HCG diet. People tell me I look great even after having nine kids and I, myself, feel am looking fantastic.

As for my sister, she has written a book on the protocol, HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide. We have co-authored a HCG recipe book, 101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes. After partnering with two former HCG clients, a chiropractor and a psychologist, Pounds and Inches Away, Inc. was born that supports many hcg dieters today.”

Story No.2 – True Story Of Vicki Who Was Suffering From Hysterectomy

Aged 56 years old, Vicki was 302 lbs and has currently lost 102 lbs, now weighing 200 lbs. This is her story.

“I was always a chubby baby. My mom tells the story of how a pediatrician had warned her that I have the tendency to be overweight. Because of this, she always hid the candies and other “sugar” foods to protect me from being obese. I think it just made me want more. I still remember by the time I was 14-15, I had fully grown breasts that I went straight to a C cup. I got pregnant when I was just 21. I had to undergo C section and gained around 55 pounds. Seven years later, I was pregnant again and gained 16 pounds. After that, I have never really lost any weight.
Over the next 20 years, I was an absolute workaholic running from office to office. I loved fast food and would eat anything I could grab my hands on. I was as a Practice Manager for several medical practitioner which called for lot of running here and there. I didn’t pay much attention to the food style and to top it medical reps would bring late night suppers. Basically, it was a complete disaster.

By the time I reached 40s, I had to undergo hysterectomy that also compounded with my weight. As we moved to Nashville 11 years ago, I was weighing 295 lbs. Then, came worst situations one after other. Gall bladder surgery, knee replacement surgery, loss of appetite and so on. I could not even walk properly. I was unable to do any things for my family or even walk to a nearby store. I could not even exercise and weighed around 302 lbs. That was when I decided I had enough.

I researched a lot about various diets as I could not exercise because of my knees. I also consulted my friends. One of my friend who is a nurse had implemented the hcg diet. She told me how it works. At such a point, I was willing to try anything that could help me with weight loss.

At the same time (around Jan 2015), I had submitted an application to be on the television show called Extreme Weight Loss. I got a call from the casting producer who was interested in putting me at the front for a face to face interview. It was quite flattering but the same time quite scary as well as there was lot of exercise involved. I backed out and decided to go with the hcg diet.

My determination was so high that I was ready to take care of myself. Even though my daughter, son-in-law, grandson were living with us under one roof and sharing the kitchen, I was determined to cook for myself. It was challenging but my husband supported me completely. In fact, the kids even bought their own fridge and put it out in the garage so that I will have a room completely to myself to cook for myself.

I made several lists, do’s and dont’s, read lot of books such as “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard, his videos etc.

I was size 28 and went down all the way down to size 14. I couldn’t be much happier. Here is a quick tip. Use apps such as Hydro Coach (water tracking), MyFitnessPal (for food tracking) and Monitor Your Weight (for weight tracking). They really help in keeping you updated on your current progress and motivating you for better.” So, here I am sharing my HCG diet success story and photos.”

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Story No. 3 – I Lost 17.5 Pounds In 22 Days By Terri David

“I was always been fat and really unhappy with myself. It was Thanksgiving and was going to see my family. I really don’t see them much so Thanksgiving is one way to build the bond.

I was embarrassed with my weight so badly that I wore a jacket so that I don’t need to take it off and let the whole family know of how fat I was. I met my sister-in-law who had lost 35 pounds since I saw her last summer. My cousin too had lost more than 20 lbs within 45 days.

I asked my sister-in-law how she did it and that’s when she told me about a product called the HCG and the low calorie diet. I had heard about many HCG injections weight loss success stories but not really sure how it worked. Once she described, I found it quite intimidating. I could never really imagine living on 500 calorie diet everyday. My friend Terence had given me a complementary bottle to try and check how it worked. Well, I never really used it for more than a day.

Day One of HCG weight loss program

I was weighing 189.5 which is the highest ever. My waist my 43 inches…urgh..I even hate to put that in print. My blood pressure level was fluctuating for 152 over 91. I knew it was time to make some serious changes in my life.

In my first day, I lost around 4 pounds which was basically water loss. If I could only lose some real weight in the next couple of weeks.

I was thinking I might be having some side effects, such as, headache, tiredness or shaky feel. But to be honest, I was feeling good and quite high on energy levels.

Week One

By the end of the week, I had lost a pound a day. So far, things are going great. But, to be honest, I was still not convinced. After all, I haven’t been able to break the 180 number in the past couple of years.

Though you should not be feeling hungry, I admit I was feeling hungry. That was one of my problems and though I eat only healthy foods…I eat a lot. I did cheat…but just a bit. Not on junk or sugar, starch foods but did have extra calories to tick on. I had a sloppy joe mix without the bun and at night slight bread with butter and chicken breast. It’s not a big deviation but yes, little nevertheless.

Day Fourteen

When I began the hcg diet program, I did not know about melba toast. I added it later on when I went to the grocery store. I never knew it would taste so goooddd.

Day Fifteen

My Saturday affair with my pizza had caught up. I had put on a little weight and now I am trying hard to bring it down.

Its quite strange, that even I seem to be losing weight quickly, it seems quite slow.

HCG weight loss stories – Day Twenty two

My 22 days of HCG diet program is a success. I did cheat a little but I did lose 17.5 pounds. Wow..quite amazing!!!

In addition, I lost around 4 inches from my waist. When I look in the mirror, I can see a much better thinner version of me. I have to thank my friend Terence for the hcg drops and my cousin for recommending the hcg program.

HCG Story 4 – HCG Weight Loss Success Story Of Patty

“I learned the relationship between stress and overweight a decade ago when I gained weight climbed from 160-270 lbs. You might have heard the words that ‘Inside every fat person a thin person is screaming to get out’. And that was my story in a way.

I did four consecutive courses of hcg on the program using the hcg daily for 42 days. I used the prescribed weeks off between the hcg diet programs. This helped me to get comfortable with my new weight.

I lost the same amount of weight with hcg course (around 30 lbs every course). It remained stable even if I used doctor prescribed Rx hcg or any other hcg brand I chose.

Of course, the energy boosting supplements helps does a lot in losing pounds. This is something I noticed that with every hcg diet course that with the use of such diet boosting supplement, I lost a slight more weight than without it. It was quite thrilling to step on the weighing scale every day and watch weight loss.

I understood how at times I lost more weight than usual and that my weight loss “weighed” on factors such as my monthly cycle, stress level and so on.

No, I did not cheat. I followed the Dr. Simeons protocol by each and every word. It wasn’t that hard at all unlike what few claim it to be. The success stories of hcg kept me motivating throughout the diet.

Since that time, I didn’t have to try too much in maintaining the lost weight intact. A wonderful energy boosting supplement in between my hcg program courses helped me with my metabolism level and the general appetite management. The health supplement is African Mango.”

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HCG Diet Failure Stories

While there are lots of HCG success blog stories and testimonials, there are few who have received a backlash from hcg diet as well. Apparently, there are dieters who not only failed in the hcg diet, but also suffered side effects as well. Here is one such story.

“I am a 38 year old female who is at a current weight of 190 lbs. My hcg journey began in 2008 at 175 lbs. I have always been a chubby kid and though I have tried to maintain my weight for years at 145-155, my desk job gave me 30+ lbs despite of my regular workouts.

The years 2008-2012, I was on an hcg roller coaster doing different rounds of hcg diet program. I took homeopathic drops and hcg injections, avoided all lotions religiously and eliminated all the “bad” foods as per the protocol.

The downside, I became too weak to even exercise even during the maintenance phase. I did achieve success though, came back to 140 lbs. The success was short lived, however.

Because every time I went off the 500 calorie intake – my hunger turned ravenous. I craved for more fatty foods, especially steak, cheese etc. On the contrary to what hcg followers assure you, and my limited intake of low carb food, I gained pounds very much easily.

To worsen the situation, I would suffer from hair loss during the hcg diet that would continue for more than a month and then it would slow down again. I was feeling chilly all the time, unable to concentrate, feeling obsessed about food. At times, my temperature went down to low 96’s or high 95’s.

Fast forwarding to the year 2012, I felt that I might have done something wrong (probably broke my metabolism) since I was highly unsuccessful with the hcg diet. Imagine, how would a person who was on 500 calories for 7 days not lose even a single pound?

I started researching. Meanwhile, I also came to know that hcg had triggered some level of ED in me. The 2 day binge that was followed by 21-40 days of starvation seriously had infused some mental mess.

So about a month, I made a promise to myself that I would never diet again. No amount of pressurizing from my hubby would make me go back to the hcg diet. I would honor my body and accept it as it is. I am slowly starting to work out such as walking, short runs and bodyweight workouts. I have started to feel the strength returning back.”

Read more HCG failure stories at


There are many HCG success stories pictures and images found in various websites and blogs. Not so surprisingly, you will also find comments and short stories of how hcg has been a complete failure to many dieters. A contradictory product, it is hard to deem the efficiency of hcg since there are no clinical studies proving that hcg works. Many critics claim that it is the low calorie diet that sheds the pounds which makes one think twice about the diet.

However, this hasn’t deterred the determination of hcg dieters who are on full throttle to undergo weight loss only with hcg diet program. Kudos to their judgement and hope such motivational stories inspire everyone to lose weight successfully.

Have any inspiring stories? We are here to grow with you. Got any questions? Feel free to ask us.