HCG Diet Plan Canada is a well known and safe program to lose weight for Canadians. There are many other products for the HCG Diet Plan, Canada, but this is considered to be the best. Here there are many programs to lose weight on the varying period of 15, 30 and 60 days.

The program includes intake of Triumph HCG drops which are diet drops for weight loss along with the strict very low calorie diet. The HCG Diet Plan, Canada is divided into 4 phase, fat loading, fat burning, elimination and maintenance or stabilization phase.

The first two days form the phase 1 of the HCG Diet Plan, Canada when there is a lot of fat intake. In the second phase the diet is controlled to 500 calories per day with regular administration of the HCG drops. The excess fat is burned to fulfill the calorie requirement of the body. This is the longest duration of any program and it depends on the chosen program. In the elimination phase the HCG drops is stopped but the diet is continued for three days. The Stabilization phase extends for 21 days when the weight is maintained and there is still no sugar, oil, or starch.
The HCG diet drops are taken orally about 0.5 ml 6 times a day. The diet includes only the recommended food items and a recipe book or menu is also available with the purchase. The amount of food intake for each meal is also specified clearly. Water intake must be increased to the maximum. While taking the drops no cosmetics or skin care products that may include fat or sugar is to be used.

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HCG diet drops for weight loss used in the HCG Diet Plan, Canada have other benefits also. It is good for hypothalamus in regulating its function. By this more fat is burned and without HCG the hypothalamus will burn fat from the muscles. It helps in resetting the body metabolism. It also helps in controlling the hunger pangs due to low calorie diet and release more energy from the stored fats. HCG diet drops for weight loss is natural and safe to use orally without any side effects. HCG Clinics are also there in Canada which provide support and also supply HCG products including HCG injections for the weight loss programs. It is necessary to got to these HCG Clinics in Canada only if you are going to use injectable HCG for the weight loss program and you are unable to inject the HCG yourself. When using HCG drops for the HCG weight loss program, the need for the HCG Clinic in minimal or not required since all the HCG diet programs come with comprehensive instructions on how to go about with the diet plan.

The possible side effects of the HCG Diet Plan, Canada may be a headache, tiredness, constipation, giddiness, all due to low-calorie intake or lack of enough water consumption. Leg cramps may also be experienced by some. Women may suffer minor rashes or pimples or showing pregnancy like symptoms due to the fact that this hormone is produced by pregnant ladies. The side effects of this HCG Diet Plan, Canada are rare and experienced by very few people. The majority has used them satisfactorily without any troubles.

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HCG diet plan Canada

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