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HCG ampules are no different than the HCG coming in vials. The potency and the dose are all the same. Except that the HCG powdered form is available in a small glass bottle with a narrow bottle neck and closed with vacuum.

The most potent form of HCG is the pharmaceutical grade HCG that contains the pure hormone in it. This high potent hormone is taken as injections. For the injection purpose, the HCG hormone is supplied as dehydrated powder that is available in small vials or ampules.

While the vials are more popular and all of those who have tried HCG are aware of what it is and how it is used, the ampules are somewhat tricky. Similar to the vials, the HCG ampules are also available in the two concentrations of 1000 iu and 5000 iu.

HCG Injections For Weight Loss

HCG the pregnancy hormone is often used for fertility issues and puberty problems. For these purposes higher dose of HCG is required. The same HCG when injected in smaller quantity and for a few days or weeks, combined with a low calorie diet can work miraculously to shed one pound of body weight each day.

Usually HCG 5000 iu and HCG 10,000 iu are used for the weight loss purposes. While for the fertility problems, the same dose is taken in a single time, the weight loss program makes the same hormone mixed with a sterile water to extend its quantity. Small quantity each is taken every day and injected either subcutaneous or intramuscular.

HCG Ampules Vs Vials

HCG ampules are no different than the HCG coming in vials. The potency and the dose are all the same. Except that the HCG powdered form is available in a small glass bottle with a narrow bottle neck and closed with vacuum.

The HCG ampules are to be broken to reach the HCG at the bottom of the glass bottle. This is a sealed glass bottle and must be careful while opening it. There is no opening or cap to help with. This is done to protect the HCG inside. The vials have a cap that can be opened to mix the HCG. With the HCG ampules, the glass bottle should be broken at the neck to do so. The HCG vials are reusable bottles and the HCG ampules are for onetime use.

The HCG ampules are used to avoid any type of contamination in the HCG. The HCG vials may be air tight but not as sterile as the glass ampules can be. Using the sterile bacteriostatic water to mix the sterile HCG in the ampules is a much safer option.

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HCG ampules 5000 iu & HCG ampules 10000 iu

HCG is a hormone and is measured in the unit iu which stands for International Units. It is much more than the weight of the product. The iu denotes not just the quantity of the HCG hormone but also how much this hormone is needed for each purpose as well.

The HCG 5000 iu and HCG 10,000 iu are needed for the HCG weight loss purposes. Both these potency of HCG are available in ampules. Whatever the potency, the HCG will be in powder form.

  • HCG ampoule 500 iu: This ampoule side of HCG when mixed with 30 ml of bacteriostatic water can last for about a maximum of 40 days. Depending upon the daily dosage the mixed solution will last for 40, 33, 28, and 25 days when used in the dosage of 125 iu, 150 iu, 175 iu and 200 iu per day. The dosage marking on the syringe would be 0.5 cc per day.
  • HCG ampoule 10000 iu: The 10,000 iu HCG ampoule is enough for 50 or 57 days of HCG injections. The HCG ampoule 10000 is higher than the other one and is used in the higher doses of 175 iu and 200 iu that lasts for 57 and 50 days respectively. It requires only 30 ml of the bacteriostatic water to make the solution and take 0.5 cc into the injecting syringe every day.

Opening HCG Ampules

The HCG ampules look like small glass bottles with a smooth sealed end at the top. It has a narrow neck and also a small marking on the neck. The glass ampoule must be broken at this marking. The glass must be broken in one swift movement otherwise it can break the whole glass. Opening this ampoule is tricky if you don’t know. The trick is not to use too much pressure or time. It should happen in a matter of seconds.

  • Start with washing your hands and wipe it clean. Using a hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol is also recommended.
  • Next using clean cotton, wipe the mouth of the glass ampoule before you break it open.
  • Hold the glass ampoule using both hands and in the opposite directions. The mark on the bottle must be visible while you hold it.
  • Tilt the ampoule slightly lower to have the upper part of the glass more towards the gravity and the lower part where the HCG is in, against the gravity. This helps prevent the broken glass from falling into the ampoule.
  • In a swift movement twist the upper part of the bottle to break it open. Careful not to let any glass piece go inside the ampoule.
  • Mix some bacterostatic water into this ampoule to dissolve the powdered HCG and then transfer it into a storing vial with the help of a mixing syringe.
  • Do not shake the ampoule for mixing the HCG with the water. Do slow swirling; the powder will be dissolved fast.
  • Do not tilt the contents in the ampoule or try to transfer the powder form into any other vial. First mix with solvent and then take out the liquid with a syringe, without touching the edges.
  • The first time users of HCG ampules can make use of the Plastic ampoule breakers which are available for purchase. This helps in non-messy easy breaking of the ampules without any accidents. The syringe filters can also be used as the ampoule breaker. The HCG mixing kit with the option to add syringe filters or/and plastic ampoule breakers are available in the market.
  • Instructions for breaking the ampoule are also available as video tutorial on the internet. Watch them carefully before you attempt yourself.

HCG Ampule Mixing Instructions

Some HCG comes with an HCG ampoule and a solvent ampoule that has the sodium chloride water in it. This is not fit to use for storing the HCG. Only bacteriotstaic water is safe and stable to be used for storing the mixed HCG. The weight loss program do extend for a few weeks, the sterile solution cannot stay for that longer. So you can skip the step of breaking the solvent ampoule and forget about it.

  • The mixing of the HCG whether it comes in vial or ampoule must have a mixing kit that has the bacteriostatic water, a sterile vial for storing the HCG, a mixing syringe and the required number of injection syringes for as long as the weight loss program extends.
  • Clean the cap of the bacteriostatic water bottle with alcohol using swabs. Using the mixing syringe draw up a little of the water and slowly transfer it into the vial without any bubbles. Mix the powder and water with slow swirling movement.
  • Using the same mixing syringe draw up the mixed solution from the ampoule and transfer it to the sterile vial meant for storing the HCG solution.
  • Draw in the remaining bacteriostatic water and transfer it to the HCG vial and mix well by swirling. NEVER shake the HCG solution in the vial. Cover it with the rubber cap and refrigerate it.
  • Do note that you do not need the entire 30 ml of this sterile water. The quantity of the water depends upon your dose and duration. The mixing syringe will have the markings done in cc. take 20 cc for 125 iu per day dose, 16.6 cc for 150 iu, 14.25 cc for 175 iu and 12.5 cc for 200 iu. This quantity of prepared HCG solution would last for 40, 33, 28 and 25 days respectively for the HCG ampoule 5000 iu.
  • For the HCG ampoule 10,000 iu use 25 cc of bacteristatic water for 200 iu dose per day that would last 50 days and 28.5 cc of water for 175 iu per dose.

Using HCG Ampules Into Daily Injections

The usage is no different for the HCG in ampules than from the vials. The ampules are done with when the HCG is mixed to make the HCG solution. Using the injection syringe draw 0.5cc of the HCG solution from the vial and inject it intramuscular. Choose a different location on the body every day. Choose the 1¼ inch 27 gauge 3 cc syringe for the intramuscular HCG injections.

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HCG Injection Tips

  • Remember to swab the top of the glass vial with rubbing alcohol, before every single time you take the HCG solution out into the syringe.
  • Insert the needles inside and draw up the solution, no need to open the vial at any cost.
  • Draw up the solution a few minutes before you inject. Replace the cap on the needle during this while. It brings the HCG solution which is refrigerated, to come to room temperature.
  • Swab the skin where you intend to take the shot. Wait until the alcohol is dried off before you take the shot.
  • The cold HCG solution can cause pain while that in the room temperature does not cause much pain.
  • Discard the needle and syringe after use. Use new syringe every time. Keep the discarded needle with the cap and the syringes together. At the end of the HCG program, discard it as medical waste for better and safe disposal.
  • The HCG vials are available as clear bottle of amber colored bottle. The amber colored bottles are better for the intramuscular injections. This avoids the contamination of the HCG solution by the light. It must be kept away from light.
  • Since the HCG solution must be refrigerated, it comes in contact with the light there, and having the amber bottle will keep it safe.

HCG Ampules Online

Many of the popular brands of HCG are available as HCG ampules. They are even available as ampoule or as vials with the option to choose. Many people do opt for the ampules as the HCG in them are more sterile than in the vials. The ampules use vacuum to keep the hormone safe.

The popular HCG ampules available online is Pregnyl 5000 iu. This comes with 2 ampules, one the HCG in liquid form and the other is saline water. The saline water is of no use for the weight loss programs. The liquid HCG may be drawn out using the mixing syringe and transfer to the HCG vial for further mixing and storage.

how much bacteriostatic water to mix with 5000 iu hcg

The right amount for 5000iu HCG is 5 ml. Mix 2 ml of the bacteriostatic water in the hcg vial. Shake well. Now draw the entire solution of the HCG compound mixed with 2 ml Bacteriostatic water and inject it into the remaining 3 ml bacteriostatic water . This will last you for over 3-4 weeks. Store it in the refrigerator.

The Bottom Line

HCG is available in both the ampules and vials. The HCG vials are user friendly while the HCG ampules are safer to the sterility. People who are concerned about contamination may opt for HCG ampules while others may use the HCG vials which are easier to handle, mix, and use. There is NO difference between the quality or potency of HCG that is available in these storage facilities.