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HCG 1234 Diet Drops – High Quality HCG

Reviews are an important part of any purchase. The hcg 1234 reviews will give you a clear idea about what people think about the hcg 1234 drops and how it worked for them.

Creative bioscience with combined efforts of technology and research has come up with a HCG 1234 diet drops that works as a magic in reducing pounds if followed by a concrete diet plan. HCG 1234 diet drops is a known name in the weight loss sector. HCG 1234 is famous all over due to its efficiency and effectiveness in results.

Creative Bio science HCG 1234 – An Exclusive Product in Diet Industry

  • HCG1234 Diet drops are exceptionally designed to support in weight loss journey. HCG 1234 diet drops makes sure that all vital nutrients are received to the body in the right amount without effecting weight loss program.
  • HCG1234 Diet by Creative Bio science is the #1, diet brand of USA. It is made in USA
  • Live diet support HCG 1234 diet comes (877-744-1224)
  • GMO free and Gluten Free
  • HCG 1234 diet products comes with progress charts and diet plans
  • FDA inspected and GMP products of Creative Bioscience HCG 1234 diet drops have all instructions, guidelines, support, and recipes with unlimited support of professionals.

About – HCG 1234 2 Oz Diet Drops

Dr. Albert T. Simeons, has designed a unique formula, for reducing weight. Its revolutionary research helps in burning fat quickly and safely, HCG 1234 diet drops has proven to be effective in the rapid weight loss result to its user.

  • Along with HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops, comes, a weight loss tracker, a calorie plan and a recipes book, which helps one to keep track on the weight loss, also help with proper calorie food items and guidance with recipes.
  • HCG 1234 diet drops contains herbal extracts and amino acids, which works in supporting fat metabolism, which indirectly helps in reducing weight safely.
  • HCG 1234 comes in different bottle sizes i.e.1 Oz, 2 Oz, 3 Oz and 5 Oz bottles, as per one’s need and requirement and each bottle lasts for a month i.e. 30 Days
  • There is a option available with calories as well like, 500 Calories diet, 800 Calories diet and 1200 Calorie diets as per individual life style
  • If one plans to lose around 1 to 2 pounds, in a day, then will go for 500 calorie diets.
  • Lose an average around 1.2 pounds in a day, then will go for 800 calorie diets
  • If one plans to lose an average around 1 pound in a day, along with exercise then 1200 calorie diet plan suits the best
  • This diet drops, along with planning of calories and diet plan, works in overcoming the hunger carvings and prevent it for longer period

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HCG 1234 Features & Benefits

  • HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops is the most popular and famous diet drops, when it comes to weight loss. Its popularity is based on its success ratio
  • It is precisely designed to lose around 1 pound in a day
  • HCG 1234 diet drops, has 24 hour customer service team, to guide its consumers. Their support teams are certified members that have undergone training’s and acquired professional knowledge about HCG drops.
  • A homeopathic drops, made up of all natural ingredients, suggests a complete safe and trustworthy solution to burn extra calories and reduce weight securely.
  • Under FDA standard environment, HCG 1234 diet drops are created, with high quality of products and low cost that is affordable to every income group

HCG 1234 diet drops Helps in Regaining Your Confidence level

Obesity or more weight is no more related only to physical illness but now to mental illness as well. We all know that more weight invites more diseases and troubles to the body. More weight means more diseases and in turn causes more mental burden. So obesity is directly related with mental health problems as well.

Even the research shows that overweight brings poor mental conditions. Over weight problem is faced by all age groups and all genders. Unhealthy life styles and increased appetite are some of the reasons for facing overweight problems. Some of the physical problems are like body pain, chronic diseases, sleeping problem, reduced physical exercises, and lot more. Mental problems are like chances of getting into depression stage, low self-esteem, low confidence, social rejection, weight based teasing, and others related to same.

Creative Bioscience HCG 1234 diet drops works on both physical and mental side of human beings and helps them in reducing weight. It’s every one right to live a confident and happy life. Most importantly is to reduce fats from the problematic areas of the body. Everyone likes to be in good shape and size. Creative bioscience HCG 1234 diet drops helps you in getting your confidence back. With good psyche one can gain their self-esteem, morale, and fortitude back.

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Ingredients of HCG 1234 Diet Drops – Supplement Facts

  • L-Arginine: HCG 1234 diet drops, contains arginine amino acids as one of its ingredients. L-arginine is present in diet that is rich in protein. Arginine has fat burning effects along with increased energy levels. Arginine works in improving strength, heart protection and in recovery and healing functions of the body. A scientific research has proven that L-arginine along with fighting with certain medical functions, works great even in reducing body weight.
  • L-Ornithine: HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops uses L-Ornithine an amino acid that works in formation of urea. In most of cases L-Ornithine is used along with Arginine to increase the human growth hormone, along with the increase in level of insulin. A study has proven that it works to cure liver diseases as well by keeping functioning of liver healthy. By detoxifying the body and promoting the lean muscle growth, works in the direction of weight loss, by improving the immune system as well.
  • L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is a supplement that can help one to reduce weight combined with proper diet plan and exercise. One can experience fat loss along with great energy levels with Carnitine. It’s an amino acid that is made of lysine and methionine. Carnitne fights with visceral belly fats that are difficult to reduce. HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops considering the benefits of L-Carnitine have included in its drops as one the ingredients. L-Carnitine makes the brain work faster and better.
  • L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is a natural and essential amino acid. It works in the area of improvement in immune system, regeneration of cells and muscle recovery. A research has proven that it even acts as a supplement for weight loss, it plays a vital role in fat burning, and so HCG 1234 diet drops has included this product as its ingredient for its wonder drops. Glutamine helps in reducing fats without breaking down of muscle. It even cures ulcers and proven an important nutrient for intestines. It also enhances the immune system.
  • Niacin: Niacin is part vitamin B3 and part vitamin B complex, an important and essential nutrient for the body; it involves in 60 different metabolic processes that work in regulation of metabolism. It helps in burning the calories and so it is working effectively in weight loss. HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops has included Niacin to add efficiency of weight drops.
  • Extracts of Maca Root: Maca comes in mainly 3 forms i.e. powder, root, and capsule, with different colors and strengths. Maca is a thyroid stimulator, a herb, that is works in burning more calories, increasing the energy of body and finally reducing the weight of the body, So HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops has considered the Maca Root Extract in its one of the ingredient for success of diet drops.
  • Pygeum Africanum – It’s a evergreen tree. It helps in curing kidney diseases, stomach ache diseases, malaria and other urinary problems.
  • Rhodiola – It helps in maintaining energy levels physically and mentally. It basically helps body to overcome stress problems.
  • Beta Alanine – It’s a non-essential amino acid. It helps in improving efficiency of athletic and body builders, mainly improving physical performance during high intensity exercise. HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops includes beta alanine to maintain its user energy levels.
  • Astragalus – It is a traditional Chinese medicine and a supplement. It works in improving liver functions and immune system.

Other Ingredients:

  • USP Grain Alcohol
  • USP Purified Water

HCG 1234 Diet drops does not include:

  • artificial coloring,
  • preservatives,
  • citrus,
  • egg,
  • milk,
  • corn,
  • soy,
  • yeast,
  • wheat,
  • lactose,
  • gluten.

Instructions – HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops

HCG 1234 2 Oz diet drops are designed into 4 phases, of its diet plan. To observe a remarkable result and to experience the most amazing journey of weight loss one has to follow all the instructions and guidance, of diet plan.

Four Phases of HCG 1234 Diet plan

HCG 1234 diet drops are briefly divided into 4 phases. Creative bioscience with research and experience has planned a 4 phases of HCG 1234 diet plan which if followed thoroughly will definitely give rewarding results. Each formulation are tested and researched properly to provide safest results. Thousands of satisfied and happy customers around the globe of Creative Bioscience guarantee satisfying results.

  • Load
  • Lose
  • Stabilize
  • Maintain

Start of HCG 1234 Diet Drops – Phase 1 – HCG 1234 DIET DROPS

  • This is the first day when one started taking diet drops, here one has to place the drops under tongue and hold it for 60 seconds. Then swallow the remaining liquid.
  • Ten drops, 3 times in a day, so total of 30 drops in a day. In morning, half an hour before lunch and in evening half an hour before dinner
  • Phase 1 will last for two days, and in this two days, one is made to consumed fats and extra calories food, as much as they can
  • These 2 days fats and calories, acts as storage for the remaining days of diet plan
  • It is the most important phase, so that energy can be provided in longer run

Start of Low Calorie Diet Food – Phase 2 – HCG 1234 DIET DROPS

  • From the 3rd day low calorie diet Starts.
  • Let’s say, if one is going for 500 calorie plan, that will last for 3 weeks, if one is losing 15 to 20 pounds
  • In 500 Calorie plan if one is planning to lose 34 to 40 pounds, then diet will last for 6 weeks
  • Here at phase 2 one has to keep a proper monitoring and checks on the weight, by regularly weighing in the morning
  • One is allowed to eat the food from the list. Along with food there is recipes chart also, so that one can prepare different foods and maintain their diet properly, with energy and stamina

Stabilizing the Diet – Phase 3 – HCG 1234 DIET DROPS

  • After successful completion of Phase 2, comes Phase 3, at this phase one has developed their healthy eating habits
  • So better health can be observed at Phase 3
  • One can easily analyze the food that is favorable to the body and so they can continue the same in the future
  • Then one can start adding the normal foods along with regular diet, slowly
  • During this phase also, one has to keep weighing themselves to monitor the weight change

Maintenance of Less weight – Phase 4 – HCG 1234 DIET DROPS

  • This is the final stage of HCG 1234 diet drops, it starts with 57th day of diet
  • Regulates healthy habits
  • Permanent increase in confidence
  • Maintains Some good habits like drinking plenty water

HCG 1234 DIET DROPS – PHASE 1 (Loading Phase)

In transformation of new you, creative bioscience has created a diet plan in four phases. 1stphase is loading phase. By this time you are convinced that HCG 1234 diet drops will work for you positively. You are all set to follow diet plan designed by HCG.

Loading Phase, it’s the beginning of weight loss program by HCG 1234 diet drops. As the word suggests loading, it means you have to load yourself with lots of food and calories. Yes, don’t be amazed! It’s the part of the plan designed and proven by HCG 1234 diet drops. For 2 days you have to genially eat more calories. Foods rich in fats and carbohydrates are the best way to start your diet journey. Your ultimate goal is to store as much as calories as possible that would in turn support you in your coming diet days.

You need not worry about anything else; diet plan will take care of your weight loss program. All you need to do is to follow HCG 1234 diet drops weight loss plan thoroughly.

During loading phase which ever food and calories you have stored during 2 days of tenure, these calories will be beneficial to you during your further steps of dieting. Loading your self will fats and calories is extremely gainful to see positive outcome of your weight loss journey.


If you are well prepared mentally and physically to opt for creative bioscience, HCG 1234 diet drops, phase 1 is really important phase. Don’t even think to skip phase 1 by not storing body with adequate calories. If you want to sustain till the end of training cycle, you have to follow the phase 1. It definitely sound bit different and absurd, but it is not. There is proven research and logical reasoning behind diet plan.

Consuming calories really help in boosting up hormone release activity and increasing metabolic intensity at later stages. Eat the food you like and relax, enjoy the weight loss procedure by HCG 1234 diet drops and leave on Creative bioscience to melt your excessive fats. Don’t put yourself at a stage where you face extreme hunger and weakness by skipping level 1 of HCG 1234 diet drops.

Start Monitoring Your Weight

It’s the right time to monitor your weight. Don’t forget to weight yourself before you enroll into HCG 1234 diet drops weight loss plan. Make a proper checklist and plan that will keep regular records of your weight right from morning. Every morning check your weight. It will give you motivation and confidence. Once you will see that you are reducing weight, you will be encouraged to work more rigorously on weight loss plan. Even you can take your photos of before moving towards HCG 1234 diet drops and after following weight loss program the new you.

Phase 2 – Low calorie diet

The third day starts the low calorie diet of 500 calories a day. This phase extends to as long as the program suggests, that comes about 15-20 days minimum to a maximum of 120 days. During this phase the low calorie diet and the HCG 1234 diet drops combine together to bring the weight loss expected. They can work only with each other. The HCG drops cannot work alone without this diet plan.

The suggested meal plan here is to take more protein and vegetables. Avoid sugar and fat and take very less fruits also. Since the fruits contain natural sugar in it they are not to be taken too much.

From now onwards there is no breakfast excerpt for a cup of coffee or tea without milk. Lunch and dinner may be with a protein and vegetable as the main courses followed by a choice of dessert of needed. The allowed food items are listed.

Phase 3- Stabilization

The stabilization period starts 3 days after the HCG 1234 drops have stopped. This phase allows better calorie diet but that should not exceed 1500 calories. The sugars and fats are still off limits. During this period, the body is made used to the new weight it has achieved and it must be allowed to stabilize at this count. This period lasts for 20 days to a month’s time.

Stabilization phase allows re-introduction of many of the food items that were to be avoided in the previous phase. But while adding into the diet, add oly one item per day to allow the body to get used to this. This is the same as introducing the baby to a new food.

Here, continue weighing the body to check if the weight is being maintained or if you are gaining any. Slight weight gain is natural for about 2-3 pounds but anything more than that is not good. So keep track on the body weight to keep up the good work done by the HCG 1234 diet drops.

Phase 4- Maintaining the weight

This phase 4 is the rest of your life. The body has changed not just in appearance but also in internally as well. This new weight or the new body must be maintained. It may not be easy as many people do tend to gain weight. This weight gain happens only when they go back to the older unhealthy diet regime. It can happen with much difficulty since the HCG ca reset the hypothalamus of the body that completely changes the taste preferences and eating habits. Many people no longer like the food which used to be their favorite before the HCG diet.

HCG 1234 Diet Additional Information

HCG 1234 diet drops are medically supervised. So if you have any queries and concerns you can easily discuss it with HCG doctors. Creative biosciences have many support areas where you can easily reach out and discuss your problem areas. One basic fact that remains is each body is unique. Their functionalities their acceptance level of new diet drops are different. So experiences are definitely different. You can freely share your experiences with HCG 1234 diet drops weight loss plan, so that others can get motivated and interested in following the same.

HCG 1234 diet plan demands complete dedication and commitment towards diet plan. First or the second phase doesn’t matter; you need to take the phases seriously. You need to understand the criticality of each phase and how it works in your weight loss program. More you understand about your different phases, more you will know it working and finally you can easily analyze it working.

Finally you can easily monitor your growth in losing weight as per expected standards. If you load yourself with correct amount of food during phase 1 then definitely you can easily pass thru the other stages of HCG 1234 diet plan. Right from Phase-1 prepare your mind and body to altogether different exciting journey of weight loss. Here you can you will feel everyday with new confidence and positivity. A slim and fit fabulous body is no more a dream with HCG 1234 diet drops weight loss plan.

Support from HCG 1234 2 Oz Diet Drops

HCG 1234 Support is free and they are always glad to serve us. All our queries and concern are solved with a proper guidance and support. This unlimited support in diet is guaranteed by HCG. It comes with 100% money back if not satisfied. And the shipping all over US is free. Support

HCG 1234 Diet drops Side effects

With all the controversies going around there are a lot of questions and worries about HCG diet drops. The HCG 1234 diet drops side effects has been of some concern to people who would want to try this product. That said, many people will not buy products with side effects and many will not even consider a product which has rumors of adverse effects. side effects of 1234 diet drops
is nonexistent, period! As a matter of fact there are no side effects to many of the HCG drops or injections. The HCG diet drops which are sold online are surely banned for Sale over the counter.

There are prohibitions because the FDA and the other government agencies do not approve of the fact that HCG is capable of helping people lose weight. The 500 calorie diet is something illogical according to the norms and standards set by the FDA. With that said there isn’t been a single claim of side effects

No Exercise with Creative Bioscience HCG 1234 diet drops

Sounds amazing! Isn’t it? No need of exercise if you follow diet plan with HCG1234 diet drops. Creative bioscience HCG1234 diet drops works in a simple and easy to follow manner. Here you need to select a diet plan. Different plans for different kinds of people and their need are framed by creative bioscience 1234 diet drops. Diet Plans are like some may like to lose more weight, while some may like to lose only few pounds. It’s all about your desire and body needs, which are designed into different packages of weight loss. HCG 1234 diet drops comes with 500, 800 and 1200 calorie plans. HCG 1234 diet plans sole purpose is to help shed excessive fats from the body safely and effectively.

creative bioscience hcg 1234 reviews

Javagirl used the HCG 1234 diet drops 3 times in a period of 6 years and successfully reduced 33 pounds and 20 pounds the first 2 times. She also states that she hardly gained any weight after that.

Another customer got success with HCG 1234 drops and lost nearly 2 pounds a day. He had failed to get any effect with many shots and HCG drops. He recommends this product to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Decker5926 was way overweight and failed to get success with other HCG products. With this she not only lost much needed extra weight and was able to keep it off for longer. She feels great now and advices all to be faithful to the HCG drops and diet to see the real results.

Find more creative bioscience hcg 1234 reviews on the detailed section below.

Which Kind of Foods to include during Phase -1 of HCG 1234 Diet drops – Loading Phase

During Phase 1 you can include foods full of fats and carbohydrates. Food those are rich in calories needs to be consumed. Fatting foods and over eating both this factors are helpful in losing excessive fats during diet plan. Over eating and eating foods will help you in less hunger mode or help in avoiding starving mode of diet plan.

  • Bread with butter, jam and cheese
  • Eggs and Fried Meat
  • Milk, Chocolate, pastries, ice cream
  • Sauce, mayonnaise
  • Cream and heavy milk shakes, some of the examples of food you can consume.

It is absolutely necessary for you be fit and fine, before you start the HCG 1234 diet plan. If you are not well or if you are suffering from any of physical problems wait till you are cured completely. It’s always good and safe to start diet with good health conditions.

Is it Normal, Gained Weight during Phase-1 of HCG 1234 Diet Drops Creative Bioscience

It is very normal and obvious fact that your gain weight during phase 1 of creative bioscience. During phase 1 you are allowed to eat more food, full of fats and calories. So unsurprisingly you will gain more weight during those 2 days. Don’t panic! It is accepted and expected. During your weight loss cycle it is normal that you gain more weight.

Dr. Simeons mentioned that on normal case, if you are following HCG1234 diet drops, weight loss plan then 2 days are sufficient for you to start with Phase-1 of diet plan. Normal case means your health is in good condition and you haven’t been on any find of low calorie diet. So within 2 days your body can store good amount of fats and calories that lasts during second and third phase of creative bioscience HCG1234 diet plan.
of Contents

If you are overweight and you are conscious about your diet. Then probably you must be counting on your calories since long time. This is not a normal scenario for HCG 1234 diet drops plan. Your body is already lack adequate fats. Here Dr. Simeons suggests you to spend some more time at Phase-1 of HCG 1234 diet drops. In a way, take a week time to move from Phase1 to Phase2. It is important that your body should have vital fats required to give you energy during your later stages of dieting. If your body is missing those fats storage then probably you won’t get expecting results out of diet plan. So it is advisable to spend a week time, where you can eat your favorite food and drinks, as much as you like. Enjoy your food at the fullest.

Is it Normal to Lose Weight during Phase-1 of HCG 1234 Diet Drops Weight Loss Plan of Creative Bioscience

Honestly, it’s not normal that you lose weight during your Phase-1 cycle of HCG 1234 diet drops. Very few percentages of people get this effect. Normally, when you eat more food, then you are expected to gain more weight. But incase if you are losing weight, stick to your diet. Continue eating more food and more calories. Remember it’s important to get maximum results at the end of the diet plan.

Normally, when you start your day 1 with HCG 1234 diet drops, it will take on an average 2 to 3 days for your body system to get acquainted with HCG 1234 diet drops. You need to give enough time for HCG drops to integrate into your system during loading phase. You just keep moving with the plan of storing fats into the body. And let HCG 1234 diet plan get dissolved into your body. Even body will get familiarized with HCG 1234 diet drops. So the by the time you move to next Phase, HCG is all ready to burn excessive fats from the body.

Having Trouble Eating More than Usual during Phase -1 of HCG 1234 Diet drops Weight Loss plan of Creative Bioscience

If you are overweight or suffering from obesity, then it is very normal that you have tendency to eat limited calories. You are not accustomed to eat more than specific amount of food. As you are afraid of gaining more weight rather than losing!

So when you step into HCG 1234 diet drops Phase-1 of weight loss plan, then probably you will find it difficult and different of consuming more food than normal accustomed one. If you are facing trouble in eating more food as planned by HCG 1234 diet drops, then you can slowly and gradually make practice of eating at specific intervals. Eat food with specific time intervals, this way you can easily consume more food. Think food all time during Phase-1.

Go for your favorite food. Chocolates, ice-creams, Mayonnaise, and lot more options are there that can make you feel hungry anytime. Try eating your favorite items frequently, it is surely allowed during loading Phase of HCG 1234 diet drops. Grab the opportunity to opt for your delicious food. Cook your favorite dishes pasta, breads and lot more. Pick food that will make you hungry. Most importantly it’s the fat storage and the feeling of you that matters the most. You should feel content, happy, satisfied, and fulfilled by the end of Phase-1. You should feel full and overstuffed. That’s the sole purpose of having more and more food intake.

Do you need exercises during HCG 1234 Diet Plan?

Well, it’s not compulsory. During HCG 1234 weight loss diet plan, it is not compulsory to follow workouts. Light exercise and low level workouts are encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the List of hcg1234 allowed foods : The foods for the HCG1234 Diet program is the same as that of all HCG diets. ITs 500 Calorie per day and the program strictly adheres to it. The food list contains nothing different from the traditional HCG program. Low fat, No sugar and moderate calories are still the practice.
  • Where can i read Genuine creative bioscience 1234 reviews : People love amazon for a reason. The reviews are genuine from people who have purchased it. The Creative bioscience Reviews on Amazon are genuine and come from real buyers of the product who have used it. You will see negative reviews too and they are just as genuine!
  • Where can i get hcg 1234 diet recipes? The recipes are the same for most of the hcg program. You are looking at a recipe which will restrict calories. A 500 calorie per day recipe can be hard to come by but there are plenty of sites like the hcg chica who deliver excellent recipes. Other sources include forums. You can also get a readymade pack from our shop section.
  • Is the 1234 hcg diet effective : The 1234 hcg diet is one of the oldest programs and the only one on amazon. Diet drops are not looked upon lightly by people and there have been criticisms through out. Amazingly, the 1234 hcg diet has kept a good stand with great reviews. The testimonials speak for the product.
  • hcg drops 1234 vs HCGinjections : Injections are very effective, but come with a range of inconvenience. The needles spook some people off and many prefer a drops or pills to the injections. hcg drops 1234 is just as effective as the injections and the results are clearly seen too!