Creative Bioscience, product HCG 1234 diet drops, is one of the most successful products of Creative Bioscience that works as a miracle drops for weight loss. With years of research and experience Dr. Albert has jotted down the fact that HCG 1234 diet drops works best with step wise and proper diet plan. So for successful results one has to follow all the instructions mentioned at Creative Bioscience Diet plan, along with HCG 1234 diet drops.

HCG 1234 diet drops, comes with a diet plan that consists of a genuine diet plan, with specific calories count and specific food that can help body to act in a positive manner for fat loss. A complete plan of breakfast, lunch and dinner with stepwise regulation is mentioned, so that one can easily understand the diet and even body can adapt accordingly.

Before one can begin the journey of weight loss, with HCG 1234 diet drops plan, one has to decide upon the calorie they need to opt for, I mean, as per one’s requirement HCG 1234 diet drops has provided the 3 calories plan one is 500 Calorie plan, second is 800 Calorie plan and third is 1200 calorie plan. 500 Calorie plan is for those who want to reduce 1-2 pounds in a day, 800 Calorie plan is for those who want to reduce 1.2 pounds in a day and 1200 calorie plan is for those who want to reduce 1 pound in a day along with some exercise. So any one who is willing to look slim and get new shape have to decide on the HCG 1234 diet calorie plan, as based on calorie plan the days of dieting is decided. The entire three calorie plan is divided into different days of diet plan, as per individual requirement it is measured and pre-decided.

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HCG 1234 diet drops phases

HCG 1234 diet drops are divided into 4 main phases; in short phases titled as Loading Phase, Losing Fats Phase or the Very Low Calorie Diet Phase (VLCD), Stabilizing the Weight Phase and Maintenance Phase. Now discuss the Phase 1 in detail, to understand the HCG 1234 diet plan in a accurate style. When one decides to lose weight with HCG plan, the first and foremost step comes is to begin with Phase 1 of HCG 1234 diet drops i.e. eating plenty. YES PLENTY OF EATING! is the first step of diet plan. Phase 1 is nothing but eating all the food one like to have as much as they like without restriction.

Why Should You Eat More On Phase 1?

PHASE 1 strongly suggests having food rich in fats, food like chocolates, milk, bread-butter, pastries, ice cream and other such food items. Here our body is loaded with all kinds of food we like with lots of calories, so PHASE1 is also known as LOADING PHASE. At Phase 1,  the body is loaded with calories that can help in one during later stages of diet plan to provide enough energy along with losing extra pounds.

During the first two days of HCG 1234 diet drops, one shouldn’t skip the Phase1 and begin Phase 2 dieting phase. This is because if one starts the dieting phase without following Phase 1 plan, then normal hunger cramps will be observed. The underlying reason is that the body doesn’t have enough fat storage or food stored that can move the dieting plan further. If you want to get desired results of weight loss, Dr. Simeons suggests following the Phase 1 thoroughly.

HCG 1234 diet plan Phase 1 plays a vital role in getting the desired result i.e. losing the weight as expected at Phase 2, as it helps in losing the excess fat mainly from the problematic areas with minimum cravings and overcoming huger. With less hunger and few cravings, one can stick to the diet plan easily.

Significance of Nutritional Food – Fats During Phase 1 of HCG 1234 Diet Drops

Talking in scientific terms, Nutrition is an important part of healthy living, body shouldn’t be deprived of essential nutrients, HCG 1234 diet plan taking into consideration scientific terminology has plan to begin diet with first all fat and high calorie foods. High Calorie and high protein food helps one to fight infections and other diseases. Fats are the most powerful source of calories; it helps in increasing energy levels during dieting phase. Fat is a chief nutrient and if consumed in right amount and in correct form, it works best. Human body is dependent on fats for the best results and hence during the initial stages HCG 1234 diet drops suggests having maximum fats rich foods.

It’s scientifically proven that fat acts as energy reserve for day to day activities, it is rightly referred to as primary fuel for low intensity and even in maintaining core body temperature. All food have different amount of calories, calories are found in fats, protein and carbohydrate.  HCG 1234 diet plan have included good calorie food, when it comes to good health, conserves during peak dieting stage. Calories give the body energy which is a vital requirement at all times like while sleeping, for breathing, circulating blood and other bodily functions. So EAT MORE at first phase!