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HC6 By HCG Drops Direct

HC6 drops and HCG USA are weight loss methods used along with a strict 500 calorie diet. The HC6 drops is an herbal formulation while the HCG USA is a hormone based injection. Both these have been in market for a while and have found success in losing weight among many.

Both of these have only one thing in common, success. Is that enough? Are you only concerned about the result and do not worry about the way? If not, this is what you need to know! When it comes to comparison, the HC6 drops seem to have an edge over the HCG USA. Why is that? That is exactly what we are going to see here.

What is HC6 Drops?

HC6 Drops is a special formulation with some powerful herbal extracts that are capable of burning the fat inside the body. Unlike other HCG drops, there is no trace of the HCG hormone in this. The only thing that is common with the HCG drops is that it needs to have the low calorie HCG diet.

HC6 Drops is made by Four Sail Inc as a dietary supplement for weight loss than any hormone therapy. In a way all HCG products are fit to be labeled as hormone therapy since it has the presence of the hormone in it, real or not.

The basic HC6 Drops weight loss kit contains

  • HCG diet plan explained
  • Revised edition of Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons
  • Recipes to be used all throughout the weight loss program, in different phases
  • Weight trackers
  • Exercise planners to help you get through easily

The inclusions in the kit may also vary with the type of program that you choose.

Benefits of HC6 drops

  • Stamina and energy to fight the low calorie diet and to help with exercises.
  • Appetite suppression: A great boon since you are really going to eat less than you used to.
  • Optimize metabolism: It can adjust the body metabolism to have more fat metabolism and speed up the weight loss. The metabolic changes also helps rid of cholesterol which is not so common with any other HCG drops or shots.
  • Reduction in cholesterol and carbohydrates absorption into the body: The cholesterol is also prevented from getting absorbed.

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Ingredients of HC6 Drops

The active ingredient is the extract of:

  • African mango seed (40mg).
  • There also are extracts taken from Green Tea leaf (30 mg) and white kidney beans (12mg), along with L-ornithine (10mg) and vitamin C (45mg).
  • The non-medicinal ingredients are L-arginine, L-taurine, purified water, potassium sorbate and guar gum.

The dosage recommended is approximately 1 ml, that equals about 20 drops of it and mix it with water or any other kind of juice for consumption.

Irvingia gabonensis – the miracle fat burner?

The pit extract of African mango is found to be effective in treating obesity and has tremendous success. This ingredient has been known as a fat burner, way back from earlier years. The pit of this tasty fruits is what possesses the medicinal value and the weight loss ability. The other benefits are that it can burn fat, eliminate cholesterol, and regulate the blood glucose levels. It can boost the body metabolism that naturally speeds up fat burning. The work mechanism of this extract is given below.

  • Thermogenic fat elimination: The active ingredient in HC6 Drops helps the fat burning by increasing the core body temperature. It helps not to lose the muscle fat and burn the stored fat instead. This kind of weight loss can be achieved with no jittery feel.
  • Appetite suppression: The extract can increase the level of the appetite suppressing hormone leptin. This allows controlling the cravings and being able to stick to the strict diet recommended. Sticking to the diet has severe importance with the HCG diet plan and this active ingredient in HC6 Drops is a great help there.
  • Decrease in cholesterol levels: A good amount of the ‘fat’ in the body is cholesterol. While HCG is focused on fat molecules, HC6 Drops can address the cholesterol as well. If you are a weight loss aspirant with an above average cholesterol level, think no more, and try this HC6 Drops.

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Various HC6 Drops Diet plans

There are 3 kinds of diet plans for the HC6 Drops. The basic plan lasts for 30 days and the others are for 60 days and 120 days respectively. The HC6 Drops kit includes all the basic inclusions plus an extra bottle or 3 as per the chosen weight loss program.

  • 30 day weight loss program comes with a bottle of HC6 drops, diet guide, and other basics. The kit is shipped within 2 days.
  • 60 day weight loss program includes two bottles of HC6 drops. The HCG diet is to be followed that much longer.
  • 120 day weight loss program requires 3 bottles of the HC6 Drops which is included in the package.
    program guide and other inclusions are available as soft copy which would be sending via email.

How is HC6 Drops Better Than HCG USA

HC6 drops are a herbal formulation while the HCG USA is a pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone drops. The latter contains the real HCG hormone that may or may not have side effects. The work mechanism is almost the same but has its differences. Summing up why it is are better than HCG USA.

  • Work mechanism of the HCG USA shots is that it forces the body to find the stored fat and burn it for energy required. It is also the same by burning the fat but without any hormone.
  • Convenience: mixing a few drops of HC6 in water or juice is far easier than having to carefully mix the HCG dry powder with the water given. Not to mention the pain you have to endure every single day for as long as you take the HCG.
  • Hormone factor: The HCG hormone is taken from pregnant women and women who take this pharmaceutical grade HCG from HCG USA are likely to show pregnancy like symptoms. In men, it can cause trouble by having enlarged breast to their embarrassment. It may not happen or all, but what if you are among those? HC6 drops show no such problems and are fairly safe. The only possible side effects are abdominal pain that too only if you have any liver problems earlier or suffer any vitamin deficiency.
  • No prescription: HCG USA requires you to get a prescription to get the product. HC6 is a dietary supplement that needs no consultation or prescription unless you have any diseases or on a prescription medication.
  • Herbal formula is safer than any hormone. You can easily add the drops into your favorite fluid intake and forget that you are taking the medication. Even if you feel dejected having to eat only low calorie diet there are meal replacement options of protein shake to rely on.
  • The cost: Finally it comes to the cost. HCG USA is pure hormone and does cost much higher.  The cost only goes higher for the long term weight loss program but even there you can get a good discount to make it friendly.

Why HC6 drops?

Good question! When there is many other HCG drops available if you are purely looking for convenience why choose HC6 drops itself? The reason why is that, it has higher nutritional value than an ordinary HCG drops. Moreover, the HCG drops would still have traces of HCG hormone and HC6 drops are completely free of hormone. If you among those who think that why take some hormone to shed some pounds, HC6 drops are made for you. its  neither hormone based nor are it any homeopathic drops. It is purely an herbal supplement for the body.

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