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Green hcg diet drops is a homeopathic product that promises to deliver optimum weight loss without any side effects. A product manufactured right in USA, Greenhcg is currently one of the topmost homeopathic drops that is creating a sensation among many hcg dieters who want to lose their weight naturally without any side effects. Read on to know more about the green hcg ingredients, reviews, side effects and so on.

What Is Green Hcg Drops?

If you are here, it means you want to lose weight using natural method without any side effects. Green hcg drops is the right product that will support you in shedding those excess pounds without triggering any adverse reactions. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is found in women who are pregnant. Though hcg and cell salts were the ingredients of green hcg drops, during recent times, they have gone hormone free and have completely changed their ingredients.

How Does Green hcg diet drops Work?

Green hcg diet drops come with unique blend of proprietary ingredients that are manufactured under FDA registered facility that abides with GMP regulations.

You can choose the package from a 15 day supply to a full two month supply. A two month supply is best advised as it will give you the liberty to try the entire hcg diet program and achieve best results. Unlike hcg shots, Green hcg drops are easily easily ingested so that it quickly enters the bloodstream which within seconds starts melting the rigid fat. These rigid fats are converted to metabolism that will help you to maintain good energy levels throughout the day.

Combine 500 calorie diet with green hcg and you will lose 1 lb a day. An average person requires 1500-2000 calories a day. With the 500 calorie diet and the energy levels delivered by the hcg diet, you will be able to achieve optimum weight loss.

You will be provided with an instruction guide online and a booklet along with the product that comes with do’s and dont’s when on hcg program.

Ingredients Of Green Hcg Drops

The key ingredients are basically amino acids that are the building blocks of the body. Amino acids play a crucial role when it comes to weight loss. For instance, here are few of the features of amino acids and their role in cutting off chubby fat from main areas.

  • Vit b12 – is the happy hormone that is very much important in keeping your energy levels peak. It also cuts down hunger pangs, overeating and increases the serotonin production.
  • Ornithine – promotes a healthy liver function that has a great responsibility when it comes to metabolizing the fat. Not to mention getting rid of toxins that is released when the fat is burned.
  • Arginine – increases the blood flow. Not many are aware but lack of blood flow is the reason flabby area exists. While men find it hard to lose weight in the belly area, women find it difficult to get rid of thigh and hips area. L-arginine can improve the blood circulation and help in transportation of the fat to the liver to be burnt efficiently.
  • GABA – a chemical that is found in brain, ingestion of GABA can alleviate the mood levels and helps you to focus. It is also essential in burning fat while maintaining the muscle growth.

A hormone free product, the other ingredients of green hcg equally stands all through the hcg diet program not only to assist losing that shabby pounds but prevent nutrition deficiency as well.

Dosage & Administration Green HCG Drops

The right kind of hcg diet program often depends on the number of pounds you are planning to lose. Green hcg drops offers you FREE HCG CONSULTATION through which you can determine which is the best hcg diet plan for you. All you need to do is punch in the height, weight and sex. Based on this BMI will you be recommended the best plan. With each round of green hcg drops you can upto 40 pounds.

Dosage of hcg

The advised dosage of Green hcg drops is .5 cc i.e. 10 drops thrice everyday. A bottle of 1 oz. Green hcg will last for around 15 days if you are taking it three times a day. If you are going to use it for 44 days (which is one round of hcg diet), you need to order three one ounce bottles for a person doing one complete round.






10 drops three times a day

1500-2000 calories



10 drops thrice a day

500 calories



No drops needed

Calorie intake need to be raised upto 800 (in women) and 1000 (in men). Do not consume starch or sugary foods






Note that the maintenance phase i.e. the very low calorie diet period is not limited to 21 days and can be extended to 40 days.

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Things To Note On The Green HCG Drops

  • Consult with your healthcare provider regarding exactly how many weight you need to lose. Only then order your green hcg drops. Don’t get excited in ordering many bottles as it will only leave you confused.
  • Green hcg drops are pre-mixed so do not mix the sublingual drops. This takes away the pain of mixing powder with sterile water and other errands.
  • Take the necessary amount and administer it rightly under your tongue. Hold the drops for a few minutes and slowly let it absorb in your bloodstream.
  • Take 10 drops three times daily in a single attempt. While the 500 calorie diet is mandatory, it is also essential that you keep yourself hydrated. So make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes after ingesting the hcg drops.

How Is The Taste Of Green Hcg Drops?

Being of homeopathic nature, green hcg is basically tasteless. However, they do have some smoothness. Few users report that it tastes like vitamin b12 or water droplets but the benefits are astounding.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Green Hcg Drops?

There are harsh side effects of green hcg. Since the product is all natural, you need not worry about any adverse reactions in the body.

There are mild to none side effects noted such as tired feeling, irritative mood, frustration, hunger pangs etc. Note that this is part of the low calorie diet phase and is seen during the initial 2-3 days. They usually fade away within a week as the body gets adjusted with the diet program. Over a period of time, you will feel more in control of your appetite and become to follow a healthy dietary lifestyle thereon.

Green Hcg Drops Warnings And Safety Indications

Note that with any hcg diet, the 500 calorie dietary limit stays. This means that if you are suffering from any health issue such as heart condition, blood pressure, diabetes etc. and if you are taking any medication, it is wise to consult your medical practitioner before implementing the hcg diet.

For those who are pregnant, nursing or dealing with post pregnancy weight gain, consult your healthcare provider before trying on the green hcg diet program.

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Green Hcg Drops Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews around the web were generally positive. People have noted weight loss after using this product. Nevertheless there was only one complaint. The half ounce of bottle given away for free by greenhcg do not give a week of supply. Though it is a complimentary copy and is meant to get a few pounds off you, it should not be seen as a downside.

The price of green hcg is economical and if you are ordering in bulk, greenhcg gives you the best deal for your price.

While the original version of Green hcg contained hcg hormone, recently the company completely changed the ingredients and the product is now hormone free. This means there is no hcg. In such cases people raise their eyebrows as to will the product deliver weight loss without the content of hcg? Not to mention how safe it would be?

Though there are not much reviews so far about greenhcg, there are load of consumer reviews about hormone free hcg products. HCG dieters are of the opinion that hormone-free products work just as well as the hcg product and delivers good amount of energy levels with vitamin b12 and other contents. This seems to push hormone free products such as greenhcg attain a good spot among various hcg brands because if not hcg they deliver the energy levels and happy behavior throughout the hcg phase helping them to attain weight loss aptly.

The fact remains unsolved whether the users lost weight due to the low cal diet or because of the efficiency of the product.

Why Should You Buy Green Hcg Drops – Benefits Of Ordering From Green Hcg

Keeping aside the aforementioned point in the review section, here are few good reasons about the company’s genuineness and supports the customer for losing weight.

  • No alcohol – The product does not contain any alcohol ingredient though works as a preservative won’t help for recovering alcoholics who are trying to lose weight.
  • No harsh side effects – Being homeopathic in nature, greenhcg does not come without any harsh reactions on the body. Though dizziness, hunger pangs etc. are part of the side effect note that they are only temporary and your body will get adjusted to the low cal diet within a week.
  • Natural ingredients – green hcg comes with only ingredients that are naturally found in the body. For instance, amino acids, GABA that are produced by the body everyday.
  • Return Policy – Green hcg diet drops come with 60 day money back guarantee as a satisfaction policy.
  • Best deals – While green hcg drops when purchased in bulk is available at a best wholesale price, you will also be provided with HCG info pack the moment you order your hcg diet drops. The hcg info pack are ebooks that is sent to your mail. It consists of ways to lose your weight fat, recipes during the hcg diet program, tracking sheet, calorie sheet and many more.
  • Easy shipping – Green hcg is available not only for US customers but is shipped worldwide as well.

Green Hcg Drops Money Back Guarantee & Shipping

Green hcg has so much faith in their products that they are giving away a 60 day money back guarantee or return policy. If at any time you feel that the product does not meet your standards, simply send back the unopened and original seal intact bottles within 60 days from the date of receipt of the product. You will be fully reimbursed (minus the shipping and handling charges). Note you need to have the RMA number while returning.

Give green hcg and the whole hcg diet program your best effort without any cheat if you want to melt away those pounds. It is important that you follow all the instructions as mentioned for optimum results.

Green Hcg Drops Discount Coupon Codes

Promo codes and discount coupon codes function as an added advantage to save some extra shillings on your pocket. All you have to do is punch in the coupon code and avail of the respective offer you desire. Make sure to check the expiry date of the coupon code for efficient performance.

Green Hcg Drops FAQs


Does green hcg work on hcg test strips?

No, as the ingredients of green hcg has been changed, there is no question of using the test strips. However, other homeopathic hcg may (or may not) show positive on hcg test strips because of the dilution process that the ingredients have undergone.

Is green hcg drops available in Canada?

Yes, green hcg drops can be purchased from online if you are living in Canada, Australia or any other country.

Does green hcg really work for weight loss?

Though there are only handful of users, people report that the product works just fine like other hcg products and is efficient in melting away those pounds.

Are green beans allowed on the hcg diet (Phase 2 or Phase 3)?

As per the Dr. Simeons hcg protocol, green beans or peas are not approved list of the hcg diet. The approved foods contain lot of water and lot of fiber which is one of the main reasons, Dr. Simeons gave a positive nod for the veggies. Though there is no explanation as to why certain food such as beans or peas are excluded, it is probably because of the high starch content and low water content. Hence it is wise to exclude these two foods from hcg diet program.

Is green tea approved in green hcg diet?

Yes, organic green tea comes with lime and other lemon flavors that helps with metabolism. It also helps in balancing the glucose levels of your body and helps in suppressing the hunger. You can drink 3-5 cups of green tea every day on your hcg diet.

Is it okay to have green apples with green hcg drops hcg diet?

This is a commonly asked question by many hcg dieters since default chosen apple is the red one. Websites such as claim that you can snack on green apple for breakfast while red apple for lunch/dinner.

Are green smoothies allowed on the hcg diet?

Yes, since green smoothies are usually low on calories, there are many websites that come with many hcg diet smoothie recipes for those on the diet program.

What is the official website of green hcg drops?

The official website name is

Which Is Better – Green Hcg Or Green Coffee Bean Extract?

<td”>Green coffee bean shot to fame after Dr. Oz recommended it. The product is designed for weight loss and has the ability of getting rid of 18 pounds within 6 weeks. There are no diet restrictions however you need to keep in control of starch, sugar, spicy foods if you want to lose weight optimally.180-200 mg per day 6 capsules everydayHunger pangs, constipationSince it is a relatively new products, the reviews are only to be awaited.


Designed for



Side effects


Green HCG

Weight loss

The product has been used from years since Dr. Simeons’ weight loss invention. HCG along with 500 calorie restircted diet promises to lose 7-8 pounds a week.

10 drops 3 times a day

Slight headache, nausea, irritative mood

There are thousands of reviews available when it comes to weight loss with hcg.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Weight loss

To sum it up, green hcg diet seems like the better option. The dietary regulations are only to put you in a control over what you are eating. Over a period of time, you will notice that the dietary regulations will stick and you will have lesser hunger pangs and improved weight loss.


Green hcg drops seems really concerned about the customer’s health. They are quite diligent about mentioning the ingredients in the green hcg and are not afraid to hide anything from the customers. This gives the customers an edge of making their choice when it comes to opting for a quality hcg products.

The ingredients of green hcg are made out of quality product and are manufactured in a FDA registered facility that complies with all the GMP guidelines. To sum it up, green hcg is a hormone free product that offers you natural ingredients for proportionate weight loss. For those who want to understand how the hcg program this is a great product to kickstart. You will get all the information kit that will “enlighten” you how hcg works. If you are a wizard of hcg diet program, you won’t mind the assistance anyway. Greenhcg is a product that will work for everyone.

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