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It’s not very often that you see an aspirant bikini contestant. We all want to lose weight, but a wannabe bikini contestant is far-fetched for most of us. Introducing Gracie. She was 240 Pounds in a 5 feet frame. Not a pretty look and surely not a bikini model material. Well, that was way back in 2014. Check her YouTube channel today and you would wonder if this is even possible.


Gracie was thin 8 years ago. Slim but surely not without effort. She made herself through with strict fad diets and quick fixes. She managed to make herself look pretty and that was surely taking a toll on her. She was thin today and fat a month later. The diets would be over and her weight gain would start again. Her biggest challenge was to lose weight and keep it that way.

Married when she was 18, Gracie was just a bit overweight. But then sooner than later she gave up on her diet and ended up gaining more than her existing weight, Basically doubled her weight over a period of a year. She soon started accepting herself as an overweight person, obese. It may dawn upon us the same circumstance. WE have at times thought that this is what we are. Change is not possible and we cannot move any further than what we are already.


But 6 months into her marriage, she just wanted to get back to the old self and this time she chose the right way. Eat right, Workout and stay that way with a great habit. It may sound hard to most people and trust me, It is. It’s easier to go on a diet for 30 days as opposed to eating right for a life time. You will crave for those cookies. The ice creams will call for you. The doughnuts will be tempting and you will Dream of chocolate muffins. But that’s probably the just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.  With the right mind set and a resolution to not quit, She started off in May 2014 and ended up losing over 40 pounds with just a treadmill and a weights machine. After losing 40 pounds, she hit a plateau. That’s when most people will lose interest. When you see changes in your body, you are motivated to push further, but when you hit a plateau, things turn sour. You lose interest and get back to your old self.


Gracie recognized that she had hit a plateau when she did not make any change in her weight for over 2 months. While most people quit during this time, Gracie made changes. She checked out for a professional coach who could help her move forward. Enter Johny straws. Gracie found his page on Instagram and requested his help training to lose weight. Johny Straws is a professional with experience in the fitness world. Her training started the very day she contacted him and she moved forward to lose 80 more pounds over the due course of time.

Today, Gracie looks fabulous and surely fit enough to be a bikini contestant with a very toned body with the right curves. Check out the YouTube video and see the changes she is going through over the period of time.


Gracie lost over 100 pounds and is healthy. Does this inspire you? Do you think that you still need the HCG complex or HCG 1234 Diet drops to get started on a diet? Personally, I think all it takes is the motivation. A pinch on the right side of the brain. Once the motivation kicks in, In the name of Gracie or Rambo, you don’t need any drops. All it takes is the right Food and the workouts to move you from Fat to fit.


This is the difference between what people with a quick diet and perfect lifestyle changes can achieve. One person who has tried both the quick fix and the Right diet will see you through and help you decide on the right way to lose weight today. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Eat right, Work out hard. Stay fit.