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GNC HCG Drops offers you the real hormone HCG Diet drops that will assist you in actual weight loss. There are many products in GNC that has been effective in helping people lose weight without any side effects. Read on to know the prominent hcg solution drops at GNC. You will also find reviews, side effects, ingredients and so on.

What Are The GNC HCG Drops Ingredients?

GNC offers you best HCG drops that contain pure grade HCG hormone. The inclusion of the HCG hormone is what makes the diet successful. The ingredients in the HCG drops play a key role in boosting your weight loss. They are manufactured using the best ingredients in the market that will melt away those pounds. For instance, hcg is often combined with vitamin b12 and other amino acids that help in maintaining the consistency of your energy level without leaving you tired and irritated.

In the GNC HCG drops diet program, you need to consider that you will be eating only 500 calories. Using vitamin b12 will keep your energy levels up and fight any nutritional deficiency that is often seen in the low-calorie diet program.

Homeopathic HCG drops GNC, on the other hand, come with homeopathic ingredients that are natural and safe on the body. They do contain HCG hormone but only in little amounts. However, the amount of weight loss drops at GNC is quite promising, and there are many dieters who have lost weight using GNC HCG Ultra drops.

NOTE: If you want to implement HCG diet, then make sure you are healthy and not under medication. If you are pregnant, nursing or dealing with post-pregnancy obesity, have undergone surgery and planning to take up the diet make sure you consult your medical practitioner.

How Does GNC HCG Drops Work?

There are many who ask if GNC HCG drops work. Yes, HCG drops diet does work if you make sure you are taking the right dosage and following the low-calorie diet. One of the main reasons people mess the diet is because they are unable to survive on the 500 calorie diet. Other reasons include health condition, lack of patience and so on.

Using a low-calorie diet and GNC HCG drops will work wonders on the body. An average person needs 1200-1500 calories a day to run on full energy. While you have to maintain the 500 calorie limit intake, the rest of the calories is provided by the hcg (that converts the fat) in your body.

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Products Of GNC

The hcg diet drops sold by GNC does work. Here are the top rated hcg drops products available at GNC.

HCG Platinum – HCG Drops to lose weight

Platinum HCG drops from GNC promises to help you lose weight within 30 days. It comes with 3 natural amino acids along with high potent ingredient made from USP grade HCG hormone. The GNC HCG platinum x-30 drops speeds up the fat burning process without helping you to lose the muscle mass.

Using hcg as part of your diet will improve the blood flow and prevent unwanted hunger pangs on the body. The best part is you won’t feel any reduced appetite and will rather feel full thanks to the chubby fat that is now feeling like an energy in the body.

The GNC platinum hcg drops are manufactured in FDA registered facility that abides by the GMP guidelines placed by federal law of USA. This means you are getting only the best product in the market.

The product has received mixed reviews from hcg dieters. While a general consensus states the products actually work in losing weight, others claim that HCG platinum is bogus. The product does little to stop the craving and appetite. In fact few users went on to say that it is the low cal diet that sheds your pounds and not the HCG. Here are few of the HCG platinum reviews.

“Don’t waste your money” – Theresa.2580

I could stay on the diet program only for 5 days. The HCG drops did not work in curbing the hunger. I was starving. I did lose 6lbs but who won’t after 500 calories a day. The drops did not help with hunger.

“It works” – Brendab823

The hcg platinum did work for me. The 500 cal per day plan is quite difficult if you are not disciplined and commit much. A friend has started about 4 weeks ahead of me. She started seeing great results. I lose around 18 lbs. I gained again during the holidays but then lost it all again.

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Creative Bioscience HCG 1234 drops to suppress appetite

Creative bioscience hcg 1234 drops is a product that suppresses the appetite and metabolizes the fat. This GNC HCG solution drops comes with diet plans not to mention unlimited support from the company with scrumptious recipes, food charts etc. that will not only help you to satisfy the food cravings but will also maintain the 500 calorie diet.

The GNC HCG drops for sale from Creative Bioscience is completely American made that comes with pure hcg hormone. You can choose the diet plan as per the pounds you want to lose. HCG 1234 from Creative Bioscience is gluten and GMO-free.

Cost of this GNC HCG drops is quite affordable and is eligible for free shipping anywhere in USA. The product also comes with 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see any results.

In fact, creative bioscience is the first company to bring out the 1200 calorie diet with HCG which will help you to lose at least 1 pound a day. However, depending on the person’s body and functionalities, you can lose more than 1-2 pounds a day.

Available only online at GNC stores this HCG dropsHCG 1234 from Creative Bioscience provides 24/7 customer support in case you have any queries during any dietary phase.

The product is suitable for vegetarians as well. Creative Bioscience does claim that few of the users did notice mild side effects from dizziness to a headache. This usually fades away within a week as the body gets adjusted to the new diet. This HCG hormone drop is available at GNC at an affordable rate.

HCG 1234 from creative bioscience has received an immense response from dieters. A group of consumers claims that the diet is fantastic since the company has expanded to 1200-1500 calorie diet than the 500 low cal diet. This not only keeps unwanted hunger off limits but also enhances efficient weight loss which is a rare see in such heavy calorie diet.

For a few downsides, the packaging needs a thorough scrutiny. Few users claimed that the product was received with the bottle and seal broken. This can be a black mark for the company even if the easy HCG drops at GNC are genuine. Packaging matters and the company needs to make sure of that.

“My weight loss on hcg 1234” – Chris27576

I love hcg 1234. I have lost around 35 pounds in a month and have started the second round. It actually works.

“Works for sure” – JesusSavesAll777

I have lost more than 79 pounds of the product. It is a good idea to take multi-vitamin as well for added energy.

“Seriously works” – AwwSNAP4real

When you purchase this HCG drops from GNC make sure you stick to the diet plan. I have used the product and you will see significant results. Just don’t cheat. You can use these HCG drops in GNC with conjunction with the low cal diet. Your body adjusts after 3 days of the low calorie diet. You will notice that you won’t feel as hungry as you do in the beginning. Stick with it or else you are simply wasting your money if you are not serious.

Nigen Biotech The HCG Solution for burning fat

NiGen biotech offers you hcg solution that contains human chorionic gonadotrophin with amino acids. NOTE IT IS a hormone-free product which means the hcg formula is derived from certified grade raw materials. A highly effective product, Nigen Biotech HCG drops in GNC provides evident weight loss within a few weeks.

Key ingredients of this hcg oral drops from GNC include green tea leaf extract, amino acids such as L-arginine, L-cysteine, L-glutamine, L-glycine and so on.

The product works in sync with the low calorie diet that must be mandatorily followed. Any fluctuation these GNC HCG drops and diet can inhibit routine weight loss.

Easy to ingest, add 2 droppers full to one full glass of water. Consume this serving 15 minutes before meals. Do not overdose more than 3 servings in a day. With exercise and diet control you will notice loss of 1-2 lbs everyday.

The product has received interesting reviews from dieters. One group adds that this GNC HCG hcg drops for weight loss works excellently. The quality of the drops is fantastic and the hormone free contents make it even more safe and secure to use without any side effects. It is of course the low cal diet that can trigger mild effects but then it is a commonly symptoms that usually passes away within a week.

Victoria, CA

“The product is really good. This is exactly why I am going order more of this product. I will give this to my friends as a Christmas gift.

Eileen, NY

“The hcg drops purchased in gnc really works. It may not work for everyone. I had ordered it for a friend but it had no effect on her. But it worked for me. The price and shipping was good. Quick delivery.’

Will I Have Any Side Effects With GNC HCG Platinum Drops?

Be it GNC HCG platinum drops or any other above products, you will notice only mild effects. Side effects are part of hcg diet and you can predict mild effects such as nausea, irritative behavior, constipation, depression, dizziness etc. This is because the body is taking time to adjust with the new diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hcg drops purchased in GNC genuine?

Yes, all the hcg drops are manufactured in proper brick and mortar location. You are free to check out the official website that is mentioned with the hcg brand you opt. However, demeaning a product just because there are no headquarters is wrong. Certain brands joint hands with US pharmacies and manufacture HCG drops that are quite genuine and are effective for weight loss.

Do hcg drops from GNC work?

It all comes down to right dosage, pure hcg hormone content and low calorie weight loss that leads to melting the pounds. However, make sure you do not stray away from the diet for optimum weight loss.

What is the price of GNC HCG drops?

The brand you choose determines the price. However, there are discount codes and coupon codes through which you can get the chosen HCG drops at a low price.

What is the best hcg drops GNC carries for 2014-2015?

Currently there are two top hcg products – HCG platinum and HCG1234.

Does GNC sell hcg drops in stores – hcg drops ?

Yes, you can purchase GNC HCG drops over-the-counter with a prescription from your doctor.

How to take GNC HCG drops?

Many brands come with different dosage. Since it is a sublingual formula, you can either mix with water or simply place 2-3 drops under the tongue.

Is GNC HCG drops available at Philippines or Canada?

GNC HCG drops are available at Philippines and Canada but the brands may differ.

Which is the GNC HCG drops that features Carmen Electra?

The product name is HCG Platinum X-30 that is now marketed using Carmen Electra on the packaging.

Does GNC have hcg drops?

Yes, GNC sells hcg drops online such as HCG1234, HCG Platinum etc.

Does GNC HCG drops come with silent recall?

Apparently, users have mentioned in forums that the HCG drops from GNC such as HCG platinum come with silent recall. Few claimed that HC drops available at GNC not longer contained the hcg hormone. However, the claims is still foggy and needs good evidence.

How are the GNC HCG diet drops reviews?

GNC hcg diet drops reviews are quite mixed. Since GNC has different brands, the results vary and so does the opinions.


Weigh all the pros and cons before jumping to the hcg bandwagon. If you are not serious about real hcg drops gnc, then don’t do it. It will only lead to loss of your time, money and health. A good attitude is quite important and it is equally crucial to get the attitude set before trying on any new product. With a bad mindset nothing will work. So make sure to set things right and indulge with HCG. All the best!!!

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