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    I am a vegan. What should I eat on hcg diet? Any suggestions?



    Breakfast: Tea or coffee in any quantity. 1 tbsp of cows milk (11 cals.) allowed per day. Stevia (0 cals.) is the only sweetener that will not slow weight loss, and Sweetleaf, KAL, and NOW are the only brands we recommend because there are no additives. Truvia is NOT pure and can slow weight loss.

    Lunch & Dinner: Choose ONE item from each section, preferably different choices for lunch and dinner.

    One serving of Protein:

    MRM 100% Natural Whey (all flavors)

    SunWarrior: Raw Vegan (all flavors) or Warrior Blend (all flavors)
    Jay Robb Whey (all flavors)
    Garden of Life Raw Protein (all flavors)
    Cottage cheese* (1/2 cup no fat) – 75 calories
    One whole egg + 3 egg whites

    Tofu – 1 serving MUST be between 75-140 calories & between 15-21g protein. It should have less than 5g fat, less than 5g carbohydrates.


    Morning Star Farms Grillers
    Morning Star Farms Sausage Patties
    Boca All American Flame Grilled burger
    Boca Original Vegan Burger
    Boca All American Classic made with non-GMO soy

    Protein powder notes: 1 scoop of protein powder = 1 VLCD serving of protein. Other protein powders must be 5 grams of carbs or less per serving and MUST HAVE sweeteners only Stevia or Xylitol.

    One serving of Vegetables: Choose ONLY ONE vegetable per meal, raw or cooked, but NO MIXING. Eat vegetables until you’re full or until you’ve reached 500 calories for the day, including at least both portions of protein. The most common serving sizes are listed below. You will also find the calories per ounce if you prefer to weigh your vegetables.

    Lettuce – any (2 cups raw = 15 cals or 4 cals/oz)
    Spinach (3 cups raw = 21 cals or 6 cals/oz)
    Asparagus (2 cups raw = 54 cals or 6 cals/oz)
    Beet Greens (2 cups raw = 16 cals or 6 cals/oz)
    Radishes (2 cups raw = 40 cals or 4 cals/oz)
    Chard (2 cups raw = 14 cals or 5 cals/oz)
    Onions (1 cup raw = 64 cals or 11 cals/oz)
    Cabbage (2 cups raw = 44 cals or 7 cals/oz)
    Tomatoes (1 cup cherry = 18 cals or 5 cals/oz)
    Tomato (1 med = 22 cals or 5 cals/oz)
    Fennel (1.5 cups raw = 40 cals or 9 cals/oz)
    Celery (2 cups raw = 32 cals or 4 cals/oz)
    Cucumbers (2 cups = 32 cals or 3 cals/oz)
    Chicory (2 cups raw = 15 cals or 6 cals/oz)

    One of the following fruits: Two servings allowed per day, not at the same meal, 4-6 hours apart.

    Grapefruit (1/2 medium) – 52 calories
    Apple (1 medium/3” diameter) – 95 calories
    Strawberries (10 1½-inch) – 40 calories
    Orange (1 medium/3” diameter) – 70 calories

    One grissini breadstick or one melba toast.

    Approved Beverages: Spring water, mineral water, tea, and coffee in any quantity at any given time. Drink no less than 75 ounces of water per day, but aim for one-half your current weight in ounces of water per day.

    The juice of one lemon (12 calories) is allowed per day. Seasonings are allowed except pre-mixed spices as they often contain sugar. You can have Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, mustard (water, mustard seed, vinegar, and turmeric), Frank’s Original Hot sauce, and Spry Xylitol gum or mints (1.2 calories each).

    There are No substitutions for ANY of the foods listed. As Per Dr. Simeons, any food may be eliminated due to lack of hunger. If you aren’t able to eat all 500 calories in a day, first cut out the melba toast/grissini and/or one or more servings of fruit. It is important to eat two 3.5-ounce servings of protein daily.


    1. You can eat the breadstick and fruit as a snack in between meals instead of with your meals.
    2. Do NOT eat fruit by itself for breakfast. If you would like to eat fruit as part of your first meal of the day, pair it with all or part of one of your two daily servings of protein.
    3. No OTC drugs must be taken (with the exception of aspirin).
    4. Use only oil-free cosmetics.
    5. No personal care products that contain food oils
    6. You must eat everything as recommended.
    7. No sodas (diet or regular). Perrier is allowed – only naturally carbonated drinks, not seltzer.
    8. Only Thai massage is allowed. No massages of any other type.

    Healthy Tips

    1. Walk or do yoga for up to an hour as often as possible
    2. Listen to stress-reducing CDs.
    3. Sweat for 20 minutes in a sauna as often as possible.
    4. Get 15-20 minutes of sun daily as it is loaded with vitamin D.

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