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    How is Nutrimost and hcg diet similar? Can someone explain how exactly they both work?




    The main motive of Nutrimost and HCG seems to be weight loss. Nutrimost is a carefully formulated weight loss program that has been designed by doctors, chiropractors, and many medical professionals to help you lose weight naturally. There are no injections or any other hocus pocus. It’s just plain nutritional diet restricted to 500 calories while combining it with NRF which stands for NutriMost Resonant Frequency. As per the developers, it is a “scientific breakthrough” that allows the body to communicate its needs w/o any guessing.”

    How it works is the technology sends different stimuli to your body and then scrutinizes the galvanic skin response i.e. how your skin reacts to external stimuli – to determine unique biomarkers for your body. These results are then compared to the baseline to correctly determine which parts of the body are imbalanced or weak. In fact, the creators of the technology claim that NRF is “so advanced and specific that it can determine hormone imbalances, organ function weakness, and much more”.

    HCG for weight loss

    hCG on the other hand is a simple yet challenging weight loss plan that offers you various products such as pellets, drops and shots to help you lose weight. You need to restrict yourself with the 500 calorie diet during Phase 2 and 3. hCG is mainly used by people to lose weight rapidly. While hcg promises to lose 0.5-1 lb a day, Nutrimost works on a much slower pace yet promises to lose 1-2 lbs a week.

    Nutrimost Vs HCG

    Both offer weight loss program but on different levels. Nutrimost seems to be an advanced program that offers much more than weight loss. It offers you a complete holistic solution to reset the body. Whilst hcg allows you to stay more in control of your diet showing you the proper way to eat healthy and live a obese-free life.

    Both programs are better in their own way. However, its pretty obvious that Nutrimost is way expensive than hCG diet program. For those who are planning for a quick weight loss, hcg is your best buddy to rely on.

    Happy weight loss!!!

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