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    What are the natural hcg supplements that I can use to boost my hcg level naturally?



    Boost progesterone that helps in increased production of hcg which will help you to be more fertile.

    WHY? Becoz Progesterone is a hormone that signals the lining of the uterus to prepare itself for implantation. It is secreted from the ovary post ovulation and also responsible for maintaining pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur post ovulation, the progesterone levels drop and you will begin to menstruate.

    Apart from this, it also fights anxiety, stress, depression etc.

    Here are few ways to increase progesterone thus boost hcg levels naturally in your body.

    Magnesium – 320 mg per day recommended

    1. Dark leafy greens such as raw Spinach
    2. Nuts and seeds especially Squash and Pumpkin seeds
    3. Fish (Mackerel)
    4. Whole Grains such as Brown Rice
    5. Dark Chocolate

    Vitamin C – 250-500mg per day recommended

    Yellow Peppers
    Dark Green Leafy vegetables such as Kale

    Vitamin B6 – 10mg per day recommended

    1. Sunflower seeds
    2. Pistachio Nuts
    3. Fish (Tuna)
    4. Turkey
    5. Dried fruit (Prunes)

    Zinc – 30 mg for vegetarians (15-25mg per day recommended)

    1. Seafood
    2. Lean beef
    3. Wheat Germ
    4. Pumpkin and Squash Seeds

    L-Arginine – 3-6g per day recommended

    1. Turkey
    2. Chicken
    3. Pumpkin seeds
    4. Peanuts
    5. Chickpeas

    Vitamin E – 100-130mg per day recommended

    1. Nuts (almonds)
    2. Sunflower seeds
    3. Shellfish (shrimp)
    4. Fish (Trout)
    5. Plant Oil (Olive Oil)



    1. Also try natural progesterone creams.
    2. Eat more foods high with fiber
    3. Detox your liver
    4. Maintain healthy weight
    5. Meditate or do yoga


    1. Non-organic and processed foods
    2. Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks
    3. Ditch morning coffee
    4. Reduce stress

    Hope this helps 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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